Monica is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  Dr. Virtue is a psychotherapist, an Internationally acclaimed teacher and author  and creator of the Angel Therapy® Practitioner’s course.  Dr. Virtue’s Angel Therapy® Practitioner’s certification allows Monica to provide Angel Readings, spiritual counseling and to use healing techniques as taught to her by Dr. Virtue in Laguna Beach, California.

If you would like help and instruction regarding receiving some Divine guidance in your life, Monica will channel messages  for you from your angels, the Archangels, guides and Ascended Masters.  These messages are specifically for you and you can ask any question you may have that you are wanting Heaven to assist you with.

Angel Readings frequently validate guidance you’ve already received through your intuition. A reading often begins the process of you learning to communicate with the angels yourself.  Angels help everyone whether we practice any form of religion or not.  They are non-denominational in purpose; however, the Law of Free Will necessitates that we ask for their help.

For further information about Doreen Virtue and her teachings, please see www.angeltherapy.com.

When I do an Angel Reading I begin with a short oracle session to determine if there is a specific Archangel or Ascended Master that I should call in for your reading to be there alongside your own guides and guardian angels.  Then, I use oracle cards, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance to receive your important life messages and relay them to you either in person or by telephone reading.  Depending on your own needs a reading might also include etheric cord cutting, psychic vacuuming and/or chakra scanning and balancing.

Spiritual counseling often includes advice on ways to protect yourself with psychic shielding and how to release negative energy.  I am also able to access the Akashic Records.

Angel Healing Sessions are not a substitute for psychotherapy or traditional medicine.


  • 60 mins. = $100
  • 30 mins. = $60
  • 15 mins. = $35
  • Telephone, Skype and email Readings are pre-paid by E-Transfer, moneygram or snail mail.

Monica Hemstock | The Morning Show, May 14, 2018

Is it Possible to Speak with Angels?



“Oh my goodness Monica!!! You’ve no idea how grateful I am to have met you!! Which I know was already written but still… I have grown so much since 2012! Just understanding what’s been happening and shifting from my old insecure self… Emerging into my true self.”

“Wow! The Angel reading you gave me was amazing.  Thank you.”

“How else to describe Monica, except for a chance meeting with a kindred spirit. After avoiding every aggressive attempt  of clairvoyants offering to read my future for any price and often free, down she sat in a chair next to me on a crowded train ride, and spent the next three hours convincing me that I had all the answers already. I honestly can’t remember what we talked about on that trip, but I remember being friends by the time we parted. There is a wonderful dancing white light that surrounds Monica each and every time I see her. A healing, balancing, equalizer that is so badly lacking in our lives. Monica spent the first part of her life healing the physical as a nurse, it is only logical that she has now evolved this gift into healing the spirit. Thank you, as always, for making the colours in my life much more vibrant.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Monica through my best friend who has a large energetic aura about her; they first met randomly but not accidentally on a train… A few months later, when I was visiting from overseas, we decided to take another 6 hours train ride for an angel’s reading together. The meeting revealed much about my life, amazingly channeled through a special person who is truly a great translator between our protector angels and us.

I strongly recommend the experience to anyone that is striving to feel more connected to their inner self and at the same time interested in learning more about themselves now and in the future, so that they can be protected even in the smallest ways.

My experience with Monica was extremely pleasant and revealing; I also had an unmatched and uplifting feeling afterwards knowing who my angels are and how I can call on them for advice and strength in my daily life.”
A.J.G., Spain

“A traumatic life experience led me to seek the guidance of the angels through Monica. Her gentle energy and strong connection with the angels has helped me to overcome my experience and see that starting over does not have to be scary. After a reading, Monica and the angel’s guidance leave me feeling optimistic. I am very excited about where my future is leading me.”
Brandy,   Kingston, Ontario.

“I have consulted Monica over concerns about family members – how to cope with some and how to help others. In each case things have got better – I began coping with one in a healthier way and the other, beloved, person has become happier and more productive. I have a great deal of trust in Monica and have always been impressed with her compassion and diligence. She is an important resource for me in times of uncertainty.”
P.R.  Kingston, Ontario

“I enjoyed the Messages From Your Angels Workshop. Because Monica has extensively studied the meanings of angels and how to use them in your life, she was able to pass on her knowledge to the participants in a clear and concise manner. I highly recommend her workshop. Since the workshop I have enjoyed asking angels for help and feel like it has opened up a new world for me.  Thanks Monica.”
Andrea, Kingston, Ontario

“I took Monica’s Angel Workshop last summer. It taught me about the different types of angels, who specifically to ask for guidance, and how to receive messages from my angels more clearly. I was going through a lot of change during the time I took the workshop and the material taught in this course helped greatly to put my mind at ease and reduce stress.”
A.J.A., Ontario

“I have always consulted the I Ching when confused and needing help about a decision but my angel reading with Monica – while seeming to not even be responding to my question as asked-proved, not too long after, to be not only accurate but of great significance.  I recommend her.”
Gil L., Ontario

“Monica gave me a reading very soon after completing the Angels Course here in California.  The answers I received to my questions were accurate, comprehensive and filled me with a sense of hope and relief.  I have been suffering for some years now with chronic pain starting in my legs but progressed to my hips.  (Initially I sought the advice/treatment of a medical doctor who only told me to take a pain killer/which obviously was not a cure and didn’t alleviate my symptoms anyway).  I have been seeing a chiropractor for over three years and whilst I am better than I was at the beginning, still experience pain and could not walk too far without resting to allow the pain to subside.  I felt that I was going to be in pain upon walking for the rest of my life.  Monica assured me,  through her Angels reading on me, that this was not the case and that there were other things that I could do to be free of the pain. There were four simple things that she told me I should do and after following these suggestions, I find that I am greatly relieved of the chronic pain that I have been living with.”
Andrea L., California

Monica and I met in Yoga Teachers College in 1985 and we quickly became good friends, knowing there was a special connection between us.  Once when we took a workshop together someone commented on how our auras seemed to be connected.  Our friendship has remained even though I moved to America in 1990 and Monica moved to Vancouver Island shortly after.  Angels have always fascinated me … I am fascinated reading about Angels & how they help us in our lives if we invite them to. When Monica told me that she was taking classes with Doreen Virtue PhD … she quickly became my source on how to get in touch with my Angels.  When I feel like I need confirmation on the information that I receive I always e-mail Monica.  After connecting with her guides and Angels she will then email me back with confirmation and even more information, the information I get always feels right and has been helpful.  I am excited to see what will follow in her work down the road.  I know it will be exciting.”
Christine Bennett, N.C., U.S.A.