The Faery Realm is a part of God’s/Source’s awesome creation. Faeries are nature angels and their purpose is to look after animals, plants and planet Earth. I have been aware of faeries around me since I was a child. I see and speak with faeries. However, it was in 2007 that the faeries communicated to me that they wanted me to take a public role in helping them. I was asked to participate in the First Annual World Fairy Festival (AWFF) begun by one of my teachers, Dr. Doreen Virtue. I also began offering Faery Workshops for interested groups.

I present a Faery Workshop every year in early May in conjunction with the Festival. Ten percent of all profits go to an animal &/or children’s charity.  Workshops are held throughout the year on an as-requested basis.

If you wish to purchase a ticket to the Festival, please do so in early April as spaces may be limited.


“The Faery Festival is a celebration of life, perception and the natural world. You learn the history and lore of Faeries, who they are and how they work. You learn their significance in the world, how to meditate on them and how to perceive them.

Faeries interact with plants and animals. It is easy to see that anyone who has an interest in the natural world should also have an interest in the Faery World.

The Festival is a perfect mixture of theory and praxis. Like any good learning experience it begins with explanation and analysis. Once you understand the nature and purpose of Faeries, you learn the practical application of that knowledge: how to invoke their help and how to see them.

The serious nature of the Faery World is seriously presented. However, since Faeries are droll beings, learning about them also has its humourous side. Expect to have fun at the Festival. You may even hear a comical story or two about Gnomes.”
Dr. Blair Hemstock, Fort McMurray, Alberta

“I had the honor of working with Monica on the World Faery Festival. Going to an event like this could make some people feel nervous, but Monica makes sure everyone feels welcome and relaxed. She has a way that makes you want to participate in all the events. Events such as calling in of the fairies, dancing, and meditation that takes you to warm, exciting places as well as games and not to mention an abundance of information that at the end of the day leaves you wanting more. You leave looking at the world a little differently and you are happier for it. You are at peace.”
Catherine Pokrywa, Sheba’s Haven Rescue, Ontario

“I thoroughly enjoyed and had a fascinating time at the Faery Festival. Monica is very enthusiastic and made it such a magical and unique experience for everyone, there was a lot of excitement in the air. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I can’t wait for the next one!  Thanks Monica.”
Jodi, Ontario

“The faerie festival was a place where intuitive friends could meet and mingle. It was a safe environment for me to explore parts of myself that I had been hiding for a long time. There was a tingly and fun energy surrounding us all day. I have never giggled so much with strangers. All the participants had a genuine care for the world; they were lightworkers. And our meeting truly uplifted me and I have remained in a vertical rise toward true spirituality since then. I encourage everyone, every soul, to journey this way, and the faerie festival is a wonderful easy-going place to start.”
C.L., Kingston, Ontario

“I must admit – I was skeptical. If fairies did exist – it would be in Ireland – not in Canada. I didn’t realize that this is another dimension that surrounds us in our everyday life.

I first met Monica through Yoga and she was excited about hosting the First Annual World Fairy Festival. So, I thought that I would go just to see what it was all about. I had my doubts that I would ever have an encounter myself. I thought that only happened to gifted people.

When the day began I felt kind of awkward or out of place among the true believers. But, Monica’s bubbly personality soon eased all my nervousness. I learned that all the stories that I had read or heard about as a child were based on truth. It was very enlightening.

As the day progressed you couldn’t help but feel the energy. The day was well planned and entertaining as well as informative. It was uplifting to be included with all these intuitive people.

Although I didn’t experience the presence of a fairy that day, I was able to use the information to build my own Fairy Garden and within a few weeks actually saw a ‘Fairy Ring.’ It was the most amazing feeling.

I attended the Second Annual World Fairy Festival to help reinforce what I had learned and I hope to attend many more.”
Lynda G.,  Kingston, Ontario