Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice. Yoga means “union” and the word Hatha derives from two roots:  ha means “sun” and tha means “moon”.  So Hatha Yoga means to unite the sun and moon energies in our bodies and create balance and harmony.

Hatha Yoga includes asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), cleansing and diet.  All practices of Hatha Yoga promote purification. They all remove impurities from the body and cleanse the bloodstream.

The primary purpose of the asanas is the reconditioning of the system, body and mind, to effect the highest possible standard of muscular tone, mental health and organic vigour. All asanas are intended directly or indirectly to quieten the mind. The postures are adopted and held.  They are done purposely slowly and without straining to achieve a pose someone beside you is doing. Yoga is non-competitive.Pranayama increases vital capacity and energizes the lungs while it exercises the respiratory muscles, oxygenates and purifies the bloodstream, removes phlegm and leads to healthful breathing habits.

Yoga is the art and science of self-discovery. Although strictly speaking Yoga is Indian and Hindu – it is not a religion but rather a natural way of life that works toward balancing the negative and positive forces, achieving harmony or perfect health.

Ultimately, Yoga is an attitude toward life. And, the goal and means of attaining it are the same:  to learn through our own experience to become a whole, balanced, creative person, and to live a life of peace, love, and harmony with the world around us.

Private Sessions: 
$30 (1 hour) $45 (1½ hours)
Group Sessions:  Session = As arranged
Meditation Instruction: $30 (30 minutes)

Monica is a member of the Federation of Ontario Yoga Teachers (FOYT)


“My experience with Monica has been amazing since the first time I contacted her. I was 5 months pregnant and my husband and I began to take yoga classes & breathing techniques in order to get prepared for the big day. All we learnt with her was absolutely useful and extremely helpful, having as a result a perfect labour with no pain, no medicines, and no stress, just joy! Also, during my pregnancy and after I received some Reiki sessions from Monica that helped me to balance my energy in synchrony with the baby and it was a total experience because I could feel my baby girl very deeply. These sessions allowed me to build ties with my baby in a new way and to develop a special connection with her. Monica is a great person, very caring and lots of fun. I am truly thankful to her for all the light she has brought to my life.”
P.N.,   Kingston, Ontario.

“We are thoroughly enjoying our weekly yoga sessions with Monica. Being new to yoga, we were looking for a comprehensive introduction to the basics in a comfortable setting with no pressure. We found that with Monica. She is very patient, extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga and has made our beginner experience more rewarding and fun than we ever imagined. We look forward to sessions and can feel the benefits already. We would highly recommend Monica – she has hooked us on yoga for life!”
Janet & Jess, Kingston, Ontario

“Relaxation begins immediately when you enter Monica’s yoga workout area. The surroundings are comfortable and Monica is always happy and bubbly and makes me feel this is my time for relaxation and there is no competition as I have experienced at previous Yoga groups. The feeling is exceptional as this is a one on one Yoga class and it is my time to relax and enjoy. – Breathing techniques and warm-ups before starting exercise are a very important part of Monica’s program. Breathing properly, relaxing and feeling safe and secure is the greatest experience you can achieve before beginning with the stretches.

This class is not just exercise but learning and information regarding the creation of Yoga. Monica is very knowledgeable and is able to answer when you have questions regarding meditation or certain stretches and what they do for your body and mind. This makes the class more interesting and when you leave you feel you have a great friend also.  You have accomplished your goal:  Relaxation, Meditation, Exercise and Knowledge.”
B.K.K., Kingston, Ontario

“Monica is a clear communicator and effectively demonstrates the various yoga positions. She is responsible in outlining the health cautions associated with individual asanas. She is ‘gentle’ in her feedback, providing group corrections and watchouts so individuals don’t feel embarrassed…  Monica provides an encouraging, fun environment for the class so that everyone, regardless of skill-level, is compelled to try their best and achieves some sense of accomplishment.”
Susan Barclay, Victoria, B.C.

“I became a first-timer to Yoga and I am enjoying it immensely. I find that your instruction is easy to follow because it is clear and concise. You are encouraging, have a very soothing voice and the class flows along nicely. I’m always surprised when it’s over!”
Suzanne Murray, Victoria, B.C.

“We have participated in Hatha Yoga classes conducted by Monica for more than two years. We enjoy her warm, cheerful and sensitive style and her ability to relate to a wide variety of participants and their individual needs… We are pleased to recommend her as an instructor to anyone considering making yoga a part of their healthy lifestyle.”
Sylvia Orenchuk & Kathi Williams, Victoria, B.C.

“I just want to thank you for your superior instruction … I had taken yoga before but not with such an enthusiastic and informative instructor as yourself.  Your expertise, gentleness, wisdom and empowering classes, … have led me to sign up for more! … people who give 100% all the time are a rare find. Monica, you are a rare find and a true angel.  Our class feels spoiled indeed.  I feel blessed to have met you.”.
Susan D., Victoria, B.C.

“I am an admirer of Monica’s!  I enjoy her yoga program (Hatha Yoga) and appreciate her instructional methods … Monica is clearly an expert in her field as attested by her extensive yoga background and sound presentation skills. She is very good at inspiring others to enjoy the benefits of yoga.”
Norma R., Victoria, B.C.

“I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy your yoga classes.  You provide excellent instruction.  You make us feel very comfortable with our limitations, yet are always helping us to move forward as we are able … You have a delightful voice, and make the classes fun and informative.”
Kay M., Victoria, B.C.,

“I have enrolled in Monica’s yoga classes on a regular basis for the past six years.  Monica is a knowledgeable and dedicated yoga instructor.   Her classes are informative, beneficial, and enjoyable … Yoga is part of my daily life style due to Monica’s well-explained and sequenced instruction on how to incorporate yoga into a daily routine.”
Alice C., Victoria, B.C.

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