“We have an obsession with problems, not solutions” Dr. Joe Vitale

The Law of Attraction is the golden key that unlocks the jigsaw puzzle of your life and places you on your individual path to lasting joy and abundance providing you learn, practice and master the principles. Have you seen the 2006 movie The Secret? This movie explains the Law of Attraction very well and in an entertaining way. I am certified by one of this movie’s stars, Joe Vitale (metaphysician) as an Advanced Practitioner. Another one of my teachers, Esther Hicks, is also in this movie. If you have not seen The Secret and wish to it is on Youtube and is labelled “The Secret Full Movie.” I am an enthusiastic Law of Attraction practitioner, teacher and coach because I know from my own life and that of my clients that it works!

Understanding the Law of Attraction is the key to creating the life of your dreams. It can unlock the gate to the future you envision and lead you down the path of greater happiness, prosperity and abundance. The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and just like gravity – it is always in effect. It is working in your life even as you read this.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. We are creating our reality in every moment of our day through our thoughts, emotions and actions whether we are conscious of this or not. We are always in a state of creation because the Law of Attraction never stops working. We attract into our lives whatever we give our energy and attention to. Whatever we focus on. Therefore, if we stay focused on the good and positive things in our lives we will automatically attract more of the same. If we are focused upon negativity and lack then this is what we will attract into our lives. When we do not understand this fundamental natural law then it is the missing piece in our success puzzle. Understanding this law allows us to choose to create a life for ourselves that is aligned with our authentic self and Source and which in turn puts us on the path of infinite possibilities and infinite joy.

The Law of Attraction is not magical and it can be used by anyone who is willing and able to understand and properly apply its principles. It is the natural law that allows people to achieve their own definition of abundance; however, unlike gravity, the Law of Attraction will work for you only if you know how it works.

I have been studying and working consciously with the Law of Attraction for the past ten years because I became inspired by Esther Hicks while attending a conference where she channeled the non-physical collective, Abraham. If you have been in a room while Esther channels Abraham then you know why I was inspired! Abraham very effectively and with an engaging sense of humour delineated the gradual process from powerlessness to empowerment . We were encouraged to “give up the struggle – put our boat in the river and let go of the oars” so that we can go downstream with the flow. Everything we want is in the stream. Abraham taught us to stop “beating the drums of negativity” and to stop focusing on what is and focus on what is desired. That is a big difference because the universe responds to our thoughts.

The Law of Attraction responds to the vibrational essence of Source Energy. One of the many services I provide is helping my clients to raise their vibrational frequency to the level of that which they wish to attract. I also employ over one hundred tips taught to me by one of my amazing psychic teachers called Grace, to aid my clients to achieve the life of which they dream. We are all as unique as snowflakes and so our idea of happiness and abundance is very individual.

I employ a full range of tools for living the Law of Attraction and I share these with my clients as I coach them to success. These tools include, but are not limited to, meditation, prayer, attitude, appreciation, affirmations, visualizations, faith, purging negativity, identifying desires, attaining clarity and focus, recognizing the inner saboteur, aligning with values, defusing ‘hot buttons’, forgiveness and unleashing the past, clearing obstacles, allowing, and guided inspired action.

I will work with you to dis-cover where you are now on your path and where you want to be. We will examine your personal values and look at your thought processes to see where you may be holding limiting beliefs and/or engaged in self-sabotage and discuss any harmful patterns or assumptions that could be inhibiting your self-development, growth and joy.

Do you wish to gain or lose weight? Attract the ideal job? Soul-mate? Satisfying new friendships? Inner peace? Confidence? Money? Do you wish to enhance your intuitive abilities? Your health? We will explore together the various areas of your life such as relationships, finances, recreation, career, health, family and friends and by clarifying your personal goals and identifying societal structures I can assist you to stop attracting unwanted things and negative people and negative situations.

As your personal Law of Attraction coach I will use my forty-five years of experience in the health and wellness field to teach you to understand and implement the principles of the Law in order to shift your mindset and open your heart to the place where you can consciously attract positive results in your life. So, if you just need a ‘refresher’ or if your life feels as though it has taken on the qualities of a bad soap opera then it is time to discover and utilize the Law of Attraction in order to eliminate the unwanted negativity and drama and replace it with peace, energy, abundance and joy.

My ‘dream’ client loves herself (or is willing to) and realizes that change, continuity and joy are not mutually exclusive. She is willing to invest time, energy and money to become the ‘star’ of her own life without sacrificing her personal values and integrity.

To be connected with many FREE resources and a community regarding the Law of Attraction you may go to www.tryary.com.

Pricing For Sessions:

Basic 2 hours (includes weekly email support for one month) $140
V.I.P. Full Day Private Coaching (includes light lunch& weekly email support for three months) $500
Platinum Full Six Months Intensive (includes 24 hours of coaching& weekly email support) $1500
*If you live outside the Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal Corridor Skype Sessions are available