Monica’s Life-Writing course helps people to begin writing about their life. Frequently asked questions include:  Where do I start?  How much do I write?  How do I remember?  These questions & more are explored in a non-threatening & supportive environment. Short lectures, group discussions, in-class life-writing exercises, meditations, & voluntary readings & critiques are part of this exciting endeavor.

Life-Writing is spirit centred writing.  It emanates from our hearts & souls onto the paper.  It is a healing tool as well as an exciting journey of reflection & self-discovery.

Monica created & facilitated the Life-Writing programme at the Monterey Centre in Victoria, British Columbia for 8 years & has helped hundreds of people with their books and articles.  Monica has also published articles on modalities such as yoga, aromatherapy & life writing.


  • 10 private sessions (of one hour each) = $300
  • 10 group sessions (of 1½ hr each) = $200
  • 1 day workshop = $100 per (max 4 people)
  • Editing & Proof-Reading $30 per hour



“I have enjoyed this Life Writing group as much as, probably more than, any other class that I have taken… Monica has given us sage advice and guidance and then let us have free reign.”
Alice McLaggan, Victoria, B.C.

“The variety of the group is wonderful, and the contact is not superficial – it is real.”
Pamela Odgers, Victoria, B.C.

“Monica has the gift of being a teacher who is very non-judgmental and supportive. As an attentive listener she creates an environment of acceptance of the varying talents and approaches of each of us in the class, and this atmosphere gives me the courage to write about difficult episodes from my personal history which I otherwise would hesitate to share.”
Catherine Bacon, Victoria, B.C.

“Life Writing course participants have commented on Monica’s supportive and non-judgmental approach. Participants are encouraged to write and then listen to each other in an environment that accepts and supports the talents of each member of the group. Monica has assisted course participants to write and publish their memoirs.”
J.R., Victoria, B.C.

“Monica, with her combined qualifications of post-graduate degrees together with her career as an R.N. is exceptionally qualified to support all the participants during these uneasy journeys of MEMORY.  We’ve all observed her tremendous kindness, patience and skillful handling of such situations and my personal admiration is unbounded.”
Romany M., Victoria, B.C.

“It has been fascinating to hear such a wide variation of life experiences, from places lived all over the world, written in so many different styles, including wonderfully written pieces on life here in all parts of Canada.  I sense, too, that for some participants at least, the course has a good deal of therapeutic value; for me certainly that is the case.”
Peg B., Victoria, B.C.

“This class has been some firsts for me – reading Braille aloud, writing of my life and being brave enough to share it with new acquaintances.  You have provided an environment of total support and acceptance.  Writing has been something of a dream which I did not think I would be bold enough to attempt.  Now because of you and our class members I plan to continue.  I want you to know in these past few weeks I have gained a greater sense of confidence.”
L.S., Victoria, B.C.

“The atmosphere of the class is very agreeable; there is never a harsh word, and the general attitude is one of encouragement.  This seems to bring out the best in everyone, to write in a clear and interesting way.”
Graham O., Victoria, B.C.

“I’ve learned from the readings that others have had some sad times and that makes my own a bit more tolerable.”
Larry P., Victoria, B.C.