I am back from doing Angel readings and Angel Matrix sessions  with Galaxy Psychic Fairs who were on tour in Ottawa this past week-end.  I hope you are holding positive affirmations for 2019 as we continue to evolve and are starting to really move into our multidimensional selves and to look at more than one side of every issue. This occurs as we leave some of the energy of duality behind and begin to recognize that there is never just one answer in a multidimensional universe.

The energy of 2019 includes frequent doses of star light. Many of us have been seeing the electric blue colour of lightning.  Not that long ago you may have heard that the skies over New York City were lit up with blue. Many thought ETs were going to land because it was so unusual. The eventual explanation given was a transformer exploded. Perhaps on one level that was true; however, I believe that on another level it is also a message that we are being helped by highly evolved aliens. I have been visited by one, so, it is a no-brainer for me to believe this! Others of us just know they are with us and around us without a visitation. Why otherwise would so many people in NYC be so convinced there was to be “an alien invasion.” It is quite possible that a transformer did explode and also that the amazing star light over NYC was not only light from our 3D world, but also, from 5D, 7D and beyond. Interestingly, the Blue Ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world – as internationally known colour therapist Amanda Ellis of the U.K. often tells us.  Synchronistically, around the time the skies were lighting up over NYC, Gatwick airport had to close completely for a number of days due to the sighting of “drones” for which they had no definitive explanation. Other places in the world were also reporting star light and apparent drone-activity for which there was not a conventional answer.

Besides purification, Archangel Michael comes in on the Blue Ray. During the NYC transformer explosion event 911 was completely down. No one was harmed – because Archangel Michael’s energy was involved and therefore help was around each and every person. Some felt that the star light jolted a lot of people awake. Quite possibly. We are aware of the awakening effect of lightning. Having been struck by lightning myself decades ago, and blown across a room by the force of it, I can attest to its power. So what’s the message? We are being awakened by forces above as well as below us. And from forces within.

In 2019 we will continue the cleansing and shadow work we did in 2018 and take it to a whole new level of awareness. Duality now does start to give way to multidimensional experiences. Star light is opening up our throat chakras so we are better able to speak our truth. The colour of the throat chakra is blue, communication becomes clearer. As our throat chakra opens to a greater degree, some of us may begin to speak “light language”. This light language some are speaking is similar to the old “speaking in tongues” which you likely remember was described as a gift from Holy Spirit. Have you ever heard anyone speaking in tongues? I have, although I was a teenager then. It is not something I could ever forget. Have you ever heard someone speak light language? I have received activation through light language from a few spiritual teachers on-line whose work the Angels approved for me to receive. Always be discerning. You are responsible for everything you agree to ingest.

Many of us this year will become more aware of our voice as an instrument of change. I asked Archangel Sandalphon to upgrade my voice so I can help more people to hear my messages that are relayed from the Angels. Amanda Ellis suggests asking Holy Spirit to upgrade your voice.

More of us this year will become aware of ETs. There are a multitude of galaxies and some are watching from afar and some visit us. The two visitations that I have experienced were very different. Both very positive experiences. With Archangel Michael by your side you can be sure that nothing harmful will slip past your body guard! But, always remember to ask.

Be open to expansion this year from star light. More truth will surface, so ask for help expressing your own truth. As things surface – there will be emotions. Energy in motion. Open your mind. Be willing to explore. As light workers we are part of the grid of light, however, remember that the whole planet is encircled  with light & protection. Accept the light & love.

Angel Blessings,   Monica

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  1. Gillian January 13, 2019 at 2:14 pm Reply

    As a fan of Star Trek — original series –especially — you can imagine I loved this blog! When and where can we find you at the next fair?

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