“Let me tell you something: the first thing you’re going to see in the next two generations is change regarding things you thought would never change… for what we are speaking of is a change in basic human nature. How do you treat each other? What do you think about one another? What do you think is correct and right? What’s the first reaction to challenge? Drama, jealousy? There will be a tempering of the things that are inappropriate in life. These items represent duality, and that duality is changing. There will come a day within two generations when things won’t be what they are today.”   Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll)

How does it feel, dear ones, to be a bridge to the new dawn that is coming? There are great highs and lows, are there not? Finding balance is crucial so that we stay out of dis-ease.

I am just back from another Psychic Fair, this one in Barrie, where my services as a psychic medium kept me glued to a chair for the greater part of three days. Spending so much time in the land of No-Time resulted in me being so far removed from our earthly density that I could not even find the curtains on my hotel window. Dropping density. A fellow psychic said the same. She could not find her furniture!

Dropping density is, of course, what all of us are doing – albeit over a longer linear time on Earth. Our changes are here and coming on all levels. I was not surprised at the Fair at the number of people who understood what I meant when I asked if they knew about the changes occurring as we become fifth-dimensional.

My teaching at the Fair had to be more curtailed than usual due to sessions limited by time to 30 minutes per reading, about 10 people per day, however, a priority of mine is showing people how to create the future of which they dream. I discuss with them, amongst so many other things, the energies of the present and where those are taking them so that if they do not like that future, then they can ditch the feelings of worry and desperation and use their intention and energies to create a different future. This is empowerment and the Angels guide me to chunk down the steps and lay them out before them. I also have a guide who writes short answers on a blackboard behind each client so I can simultaneously provide them with a bird’s eye view of what they are manifesting.

The changes we are all going through require us to become more flexible than ever and to be able and willing to open up our psychic gifts because using them intelligently is part of what this time on Earth is all about. If we are to move forward from the suffering and the struggle of the third dimension into the ease and grace of the fifth dimension – we need to acknowledge the suffering first in order to overcome it. Remember that everything that you do for yourself, you are also doing for others. We all benefit from your ability to raise your vibrations and to conduct and receive energy.

If you turned off your intuition in the past, now is the time to turn it back on. Here are the 4 steps: (1) be open to it (2) Expect it to broadcast (3) Trust it (saying it aloud helps)  Name it, claim it, record it (journal)(4) Act on it!  The fourth step is where many people falter. So, start small, and act on your intuition for things that are not monumental choices. Don’t ask your mind or intellect because those were both formed by external influences.

Start practicing using your body as your barometer of truth. I was teaching people at the Fair this – because – the body does not lie. Often we humans lie to ourselves. Practice doing a combination of body scan and vibe check. Scan your body for a tense area right now. If there is one, ask yourself, “who is that?”. Your first answer is correct. Then, “what is this about?” The first situation coming rapidly into your mind is it. Maybe today you feel exhausted, so, you ask, “who is that?” and “what’s that about?” So many people today are living in overwhelm and finding it difficult to slow down. I hear them say that in pre-techno times there was much more quiet time. Technology can hijack us. There needs to be time for walks in nature, meditation (which is a time out from external focus) and time to tune into our hearts.

Decreasing our anxiety is so important. I have a quick and beautiful way of easing anxiety from spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette. It is a great tool. “Open your jaw until you hear a click in your ear. Inhale deeply. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and exhale like you are blowing out a birthday candle.”

Our intuition is natural. Intuition speaks to what is truth not what is right. Re-prioritize so that your soul organizes your life, not your ego, and you will find that your life takes a turn in a magical direction. You will find that what appears as an obstacle turns out to be an invitation. Our intuition helps us to get beyond ourselves and to live in the moment which merges with the quantum field.  Dr. Joe Dispenza reminds us that the quantum field is the realm of nonsense – no senses – a realm of pure consciousness, a realm of no pain and no identity. The void is where the magic happens.

One of the many services I provide with the Angels is to help people to learn ways to get over their addiction to drama. Some people are addicted to stress hormones. People caught up in drama and addicted to the stress hormones become victims of the third dimension.  When people previously addicted to drama work on themselves with the help of their Angels, their energy changes and they begin to feel whole. Then, they can prepare themselves to manifest their best lives. It is like priming the pump for water to flow through when that addiction is cleared. We ask ourselves, like Dr. Dispenza does, “what is the greatest expression of myself that I am going to present to the world today?” This is part of teaching ourselves, emotionally, what our future feels like.

As fifth dimensional beings we are learning that we can all change our brains, heal ourselves and create something out of nothing. I met folks at the Psychic Fair who knew this was possible and just needed some direction from their guardian Angels to create their best future and needed compassion expressed for their past tragedies. I acknowledged their past suffering and attempted to guide them in the direction of what we all know intuitively – which is that a miraculous life is a life where our faith in love is stronger than our faith in fear. When we are feeling the presence of fear it is a sure sign that we are relying on our own strength. Rely on the strength of the Angels and you move out of fear into love.

From that place of love we are supercharging our intuition – and our intuition is way beyond the third dimensional world. We are all bridges to pave the way for the Golden Age on the horizon. As bridges we are finding that when we are in 3D we are often selfish and focused on our own needs, in 4D we are opening our hearts and in 5D we are looking for the Highest Good in ourselves and all others.

Archangel Metatron is in charge of the ascension process for this planet and also for the universe. As an extraordinary Archangel of golden orange he is like our personal sun, helping us to move forward in a way that we never have before. This is an amazing and challenging time. The challenges are largely from a lack of clearing – so keep handing over your issues to the Angels and raise your frequency to levels above your problems.

Ask yourself in meditation. “What is my next step?” Breathe grace and ease into your heart space. This is about you at this moment. It is about dropping density, not about competition. The veils or star gates are open.

Love & Light,   Monica





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