“Hate is just as injurious to the hater as it is to the hated. Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Many of our inner conflicts are rooted in hate. That is why psychiatrists say, “Love or perish.” Hate is too great a burden to bear.”   Martin Luther King Jr.

“The confidence that God is mindful of the individual is of tremendous value in dealing with the disease of fear, for it gives us a sense of worth, of belonging, and of at homeness in the universe.”   Martin Luther King Jr. 


I loved listening to Martin Luther King Jr. as a teenager. I looked up to him as a leader of compassion and love and as person who practiced what he preached. I was so devastated when he was murdered; however, I had already understood long before that time that like Jesus – his light was too bright for so many. So many were too frightened of the light within and too eager to put out the light without. I remember realizing how difficult it was going to be to keep moving forward without him. And it was. However, thankfully, although there was never to be another like Martin Luther King Jr., there were others who carried the torch forward having been forever changed and inspired by his example.

Yesterday I heard someone on television quote him. At the time I was thinking about something else or most likely daydreaming – when i just caught the flash of part of it and the words were “a single garment of destiny.” I understood that the Angels were guiding me to use that as the title of my blog today. All my blogs are guided, otherwise i would have stopped writing them by now – because I feel like I have taught what I have to teach. However, my spiritual journey continues and that is what I am now sharing with you so that hopefully my sharing of my journey will be of some assistance to you as you travel your own path. It is my wish and my intention that my sharing of how I follow the clues along the path and how I work toward the mastery that would allow me – like Martin Luther King Jr., – to have that sense of “at homeness in the universe”- be like breadcrumbs and faery lights for you to follow as you are on your own multidimensional journey.

As we all awaken together – I have had quite a number of what I would call mini-awakenings on the path. They seemed like pretty big awakenings at the time but i have grown so used to communicating with these various “beings” now that looking back as I am doing today they seem more like small stepping stones into other dimensions and other realities that have become integrated to the degree that it is more and more difficult to remember myself before I dis-covered my multidimensionality. As I write this I feel as though maybe the different realms that I am in communication with: the elemental realm, the Angelic Realm, the spirit animal realm, and others are no longer separate, but are part of a single garment of destiny.

There is no separation in 5D. These compartments dissolve as we expand our consciousness and become ‘whole.’ Am I getting to the place where I can just relax and not concern myself about my spiritual progress on a linear path. Yes!  Did that take awhile?  Yes! Only my life (this life) to date! I have persevered with my journey toward mastery. Knowing deep down that I have been a master in previous lives and it is all a ‘remembering’ after all.

I remember at 4 years old waking up from a dream where i had been smothered with a feather pillow as a young woman and then once awake and realizing it was all a dream – then also realizing it was from a past life – and thinking, “Oh, God, no! Not again! I never wanted to come back.” That is a direct quote from my 4 year old Monica. I remember it well – my heart pounding as I realized that I was trapped in yet another body, in yet another life. My repetitive dreams at that time was the hoop of infinity from which I was unable to escape.  No beginning and no end.  By four years old, as you know if you are a regular reader, I was seeing ‘dead folks’ around me and I knew others did not see them. This was the 1950s and most did not speak of this. We have come a long way dear readers!

I met a young friend for tea recently and she talked of how many young people “out there” are doing readings and offering services before they are actually ready – which means they are taking people’s hard-earned money and are unable to actually provide the service. She said, “they will not take the time required for mastery.” This friend of mine is very discerning and has also worked hard on the path. She is observing others her age and older who are trying do do a spiritual bypass. This may be as a result of the times we live in where on the 3D level it is all about speed.

Taking time to be quiet and still is crucial. When we do this we find that the assistance from other realms is not only available to us but that they are just as eager to communicate with us as we are to hear what they have to tell us. For example, yesterday, not knowing yet what this blog was to be about and not as yet having the title, I thought that it might be worthwhile to invest some of my time in speaking, briefly, with Commander Ashtar and my Arcturian friend, Eularia.  I figured that if I channeled them and told you what they said – it might encourage you to channel if you are not already doing so and are interested in doing that. Please remember that I channel personal messages during Angel readings for my clients and also myself. I do not channel for a big audience. My channelings are usually from Angels, ascended masters, elementals and deceased loved ones. These channelings are very person-specific and my clients have found them very helpful on their journey.

I had not channeled Commander Ashtar for many years. I first learned of Commander Ashtar on my Angel Therapy(R) course in 2005.  He is the Commander of the Intergalactic Federation and a member of the Great White Brotherhood (nothing to do with the colour of the members’ skin).  He works closely with Archangel Michael (my main guide), Jesus, (a lifetime guide)  and St. Germain and he protects Earth from negative visitors and energies from other planets. His mission is to avert nuclear war on Earth and helps us with personal messages on our ascension journey.  His areas of expertise include helping us to understand and have peaceful relationships with what we call “aliens.” He is human-looking (I have seen him once, clairvoyantly, pale and silvery-white hair) and facilitates communication between ETs and humans.

So, yesterday, I got my paper out to channel. I do it in automatic-writing style, after praying, shielding with Arch. Mike and dropping into my heart and calling his name 3 times.

Monica’s question: “Did I open up to the visitation from Eularia through my original channeling session with you?”

Commander Ashtar: ” You do not need to ask so many times. I am here. I understand that it is your process but I am with you when you have called me from your heart once. No, your connection to Eularia did not come through me. Would it surprise you to know that my connection to Eularia came through you?  Ahhhh… I thought so!  You humans are so unaware of your power that it does not even occur to you that you have any power beyond a minimal amount on your own planet – let alone beyond. It is Eularia who is opening you up to your galactic heritage as it is also Eularia who helped you levitate at the psychic fair. You had forgotten about her, had you not? and this was her reminder that she is still with you, it is not as though she came to beam you love and then disappear back to her own planet. She came to work with you and as you work consciously with her the life you lead and the life of those you assist will feel the benefit in various ways you are yet to discover.  You can connect with me as often as I can be of service. I am not far beyond reach as has been told by other spiritual teachers. You channeled me long ago and have totally forgotten what I told you though you wrote it down. Why not connect with Eularia now on a weekly basis?”

Then, dear readers, I asked Eularia this question: “Why did you visit me?”

Eularia’s answer: ” I wanted you to know that you come from the star, Arcturus, as do I. I have seeded you with the capacity to give light transmissions as if they are coming from me. You felt this as I held your arm. You were so conscious of my love and compassion however unaware then that I was bestowing upon you a gift that you can transmit to others. It is not unlike a blessing, although we do not call it that but that is something, Monica, that you understand well having been a follower of the Christ. The depth of the transmission you have received has barely risen to the surface of your consciousness yet, but it will. Just as the Great Awakening of your planet has barely begun – so too have you barely tapped into your gifts. My mission, one of many, is to awaken those with an Arcturian heritage to their distant past when they were unafraid and unapologetic about what you call supernatural powers. We are on a journey together that is not and has not been linear but you are opening up to your multidimensional self and I am one of your primary guides.”

If you ever visited me at Angel Cottage then you know what Eularia looks like because Eularia was drawn for me by a friend and Reiki student of mine who has also received visitations and knows her well.  The love and compassion Eularia radiates I can only describe as Christ-like. I look forward to getting to know her better as all of my awakenings are interwoven into a single garment of destiny.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian February 27, 2020 at 2:30 pm Reply

    How lovely to end (3D) Black History month with quotes from Dr King! Breadcrumbs & Faeries strikes me as a great title for something 🙂 and I always enjoy reading about Eularia.

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