Awakening Spirit
is the web-site of  Monica Coral Hemstock, M.A.

I am a Certified Yoga Teacher, an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, a Reiki Master and a Life-Writing Facilitator. I began my early career as a Registered Nurse and have since studied English Literature, Humanities, Instructional Yoga, Usui Reiki and Healing with Angels, Indian Head Massage, as well as a variety of metaphysical studies. I have taught thousands of people Yoga over the past 25 years and have assisted hundreds of people with their Life-Writing. I enjoy and am passionate about my work and use a myriad of complementary modalities to aid clients with their healing and transformation. I also provide Messages From Your Angels Workshops, Faery Workshops, Life-Writing Workshops, Reiki Wheel/Vision Board Workshops, Goddess Workshops, Choose Joy Workshops (Law of Attraction), Meet Your Animal Totem Workshops, Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshops, Pendulum Workshops, and Oracle Card Introduction Workshops. I am also a special subject guest lecturer.

I am an internationally trained (Canada, U.S. & U.K.) Wholistic Therapist, Spiritual Counsellor, Teacher, Healer and Writer currently living in Bath, Ontario.

Early childhood traumatic and frequent near death experiences opened  up my capacity to sense and see spirits. As a child of the 50’s and early 60’s I was very aware that these ‘gifts’ were not to be discussed; however, I used them to great effect, for my family life, during my career as an RN and more frequently as a Yoga teacher.

In the late 90’s many years of practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga resulted in a profoundly sacred experience during an advanced class I was teaching and this was shortly followed by a Kundalini event whereby I was able to percieve more acutely and began to ‘see’ faeries. I was always aware of the presence of faeries around me; however, my clairvoyance was greatly expanded. By the year 2005 I had been seeing angel lights for over five years. In 2006, my Spirit Guide, Josephine, presented herself to me and gave me a gift wrapped in white. I knew that my life was about to change. A week later I was awoken out of a deep sleep by the rustling of feathers as though a huge flock of birds had landed in my room. I opened my eyes and standing before me was Archangel Raphael in all his visible magnificence. He called my name, tapped me gently on the shoulder and revealed to me my new life’s mission: to help myself and my clients by working with the angels and channelling their Divine messages.

I was guided to travel to Laguna Beach, California, to take the Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner’s Course with Dr. Doreen Virtue.

Following the course and multiple life changes, I began to ‘go public’ with my psychic capabilities and gifts and opened Awakening Spirit in June 2007. I have channelled and recieved personal messages for myself, my family, friends and clients from over 75 different Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters, and Divinities. I am deeply grateful and honored to learn from their messages on a daily basis.

I am also thankful to have attended courses, classes and lectures with many highly gifted and very respected, wonderful teachers that include: Dr. Doreen Virtue, Dr. Steven Farmer, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Master Robert Peng, Nischala Joy Devi, Sylvia Browne, Cheryl Richardson, Reid Tracy, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Marianne Williamson, Colette Baron-Reid and Barry Goldstein. These teachers have inspired me tremendously.

My most recent international training (2011) occurred in the UK. While there, in Bath, England, a former vision of mine from twenty years prior was fulfilled as I took the healing waters in the Cross Bath. After 90 minutes, alone, in this ancient bath, I emerged a ‘new’ person having realized my most recent transformation had been completed. I enjoy helping others transform into the person they desire to be.