“Intuition offers a direct line to your life force, and also, as I experience it, to a divine intelligence. It’s the language of energy. You need to speak it to thrive, though our techno-crazed society doesn’t recognize this essential fact. At best it equates intuition with a woman’s trait (try telling that to native American male shamans!). At worst, it’s considered a magic trick or fluff. No surprise there’s an epidemic of worn-down, confused people out there.”   Judy Orloff, M.D.

“…toxic thought patterns, which generate inharmonious energy streams, disrupt the output and flow of soma.”   Patricia Cori


When we heal our toxic thoughts we look up and then we lift up others. Toxic thoughts can lead to toxic words. Words hold tremendous power. Words affect our relationships with others as well as creating the world around us.

Many ancient cultures understood the power of words and understood them as being powerful tools in transforming energy. Because these societies understood the power of words, they treated words with great respect. The Navajo people have a saying: “May you walk in beauty.” Research shows that what this phrase essentially means is – don’t say anything to another person unless it will create beauty in his or her life.

As a Yoga teacher I am aware that Sanskrit is what is called a “vibrational language.” In Sanskrit it is believed that when you say a word, the vibration from that word goes up into the universe and comes back down as a physical manifestation. One Hindu creation story says that the world sprang forth from the skulls of the goddess Kali’s necklace. Each skull was a letter in the Sanskrit language.

Often, a creation story of a particular culture will teach that the world was created with a sound or a word. For example, Genesis says that God created the world with the words “let there be light.” And, the New Testament says, “In the beginning was the Word.” Even the old nursery school incantation that many of us used as kids, abracadabra, is a word of power that comes from the Aramaic language. The original spelling is abraq ad habra which translated into English means “I will create as I speak.”

What are you creating as you speak? If you are what some are now calling “conscious-capable” (awakened) then you are aware that you are creating your world.

Sometimes, in our North American culture, we do not look at the power behind and within our words. We do not ponder what we are planting in our own psyche or that of another. As a Law of Attraction coach I help my clients examine the words that they are planting in their own psyches and that of others around them. Are you planting words to lift yourself and others up or to put yourself and others down? We are all ONE so let us employ our words to plant the seeds of love rather than fear. When we are not coming from a place of love (Higher Self), then we are coming from a place of fear (ego).

Shamans have mastered the power of words. A shamanic healing practice that I am aware of is called “word doctoring.” Shamans are incredibly skilled at telling stories that open up a person’s imagination to the possibility of healing. Our ability to change our world is in direct relation to our capacity and willingness to employ our imagination to ‘dream into being’ the world that we wish to create.

We are waking up to the fact that we are very powerful energetic beings and that we can all perceive energy. For example, ask yourself right now. Who lights up a room when they walk in? Who sucks the life right out of you?

As lightworkers waking up to our divinity we realize that our physical body is one large antennae when we do not numb it with alcohol, chemicals and other unhealthy substances. If you are reading this in a safe space – why not talk to your body right now. Remain seated with good posture. Do not cross your arms or legs and begin to take in a few nice deep breaths without straining in any way. Nice and slow. Take your time because there is no time. Now, breathe into your body. Breathe into your chest. Stomach. Now your legs. Look for places where your body is speaking to you and talk to your body. Is there any discomfort or pain anywhere?

Pain is a message. What is it telling you? Is it perhaps a wake-up call?  How so?  Are you perhaps harbouring a pivot memory? Breathe into that painful area to dis-cover that pivot memory that has locked an emotional feeling into your body and mind.

We are here to be Beings of Love. In other words, our authentic selves. Accepting our humanness is  the key to continually opening up to our spirituality, our divinity, and dis-covering our own powers. We can all communicate with Angels and we can ask Them to help us to have faith in ourselves. To trust ourselves. Everything we will ever need is within. Ask the Angels to help you to use your words to uplift yourself and others. Archangel Jophiel is the Angel that will help you to beautify your words. (I have written a blog on Her).

This week I suggest you sit in your sacred space and write a list of the words that have the energy that you wish to manifest in your life. Say them out loud.  What words make you feel joyful? Then, pick a day and use them frequently. Observe how using these words out loud  helps to make you feel more positive and creative. You will note during the day that an inspirational statement shifts the energy in the room. Abracadabra!

Think up. Look up. Lift up!

Love & Light,   Monica     www.monicahemstock.ca


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  1. Gillian October 26, 2017 at 2:26 pm Reply

    Wow, I’ll have to start using abracadabra more often and with intention. Great post!

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