“I trust the messages I receive from my heart.”   Denise Linn

My heart is open.”   Denise Linn

I listened recently to Christina Lopez who calls herself the “heart alchemist.” I always find her discussions and You Tube videos to be very interesting. She clarified some terms for us regarding the ascension path. She defines the ascension process as one “in which you begin to embody more light.” She defines LQ (Light Quotient) as “the amount of light your body and cells can hold.” She calls the age we are entering into the Age of the Heart.

We all have heard of the term the heart awakening. Some use that term to describe a spiritual awakening in general. Christina, as the heart alchemist, puts the ascension process into very simple and easy to understand terms so that it is easy to grasp. Christina outlines the three basic steps of ascension. (1) The trigger or on-switch: this is when it starts which can be a special event or following a lot of pain and suffering. (2) Purge or release: the body begins releasing density, karma, past lives etc. This is an active process that gets right down to the cells of our bodies. The cells are cleaned out making space for light. (3) LQ goes up: Cells have let go of all that old energy  and now there is room to embody more light.

Ascension symptoms are intense right now. I have written about these symptoms in the past so you can always review a previous blog regarding ascension to get a list of general ascension symptoms which are wide-ranging. I will mention here the ones most of us are finding to be challenging currently. Christina discussed them. She talked about the “Herculean effort on the part of the body” to handle the increased influx of light and the accelerated energy.

Some of us are exhausted right now. Tired to the bones. In fact, there are some telling Christina that they can barely walk up a small flight of stairs!  Others are experiencing water retention, swelling and weight gain. This is all temporary. Water conducts and circulates  energy. It processes density. Nervous system issues are now common as the nervous system is translating the quantum world into physicality. Our nervous system is now more sensitized. This means we can start mingling in the spirit world. However, some are having issues of anxiety, panic attacks and restlessness. Immune system issues are also occurring. The immune system is heavily affected especially by all the purging work and is therefore over-worked to the degree that some could be diagnosed with an immune disorder that goes away down the road. We are likely to experience temporary bouts of inflammation and achy joints. Disconnection is a common symptom as our energy system unplugs from a grid that previously matched our frequency but no longer does. Remember we are always plugged into a grid on Earth or we would no longer be here – however – when our LQ goes up – we no longer resonate with that grid and we disconnect and re-plug, so to speak, into another. Sometimes when this happens a person’s friends can disappear out of their lives. Christina had this happen. This can be traumatizing. Another symptom is disorientation and confusion. Indecisiveness. Life may seem surreal and you might feel that you do not know who you are anymore.  I have assisted most of my clients through this phase as it is challenging. Grief and sorrow are deep and related to disconnection. You have unplugged from the old grid which you might have been previously plugged into for your entire life to date!  It can actually feel like you are dying. However, you are not physically dying but rather you are ‘dying to your old life.’  I have had numerous clients who experienced much relief when I said to them, “you feel like you are dying don’t you? But, you are not,” and then explained what is occurring. Some people experiencing this deep sorrow and grief will attribute it to a break-up or something that happened two years or so ago, but, it is not that. This is a very deep grief related to disconnection.

The symptom that I myself am currently experiencing is heart chakra expansion. I connect my heart to my client’s heart during Angel readings so my heart is always open; however, it is now way, way, open due to ascension expansion. This is happening to many of us and therefore Christina calls this symptom unique to this time as we enter the Age of the Heart. As a heart alchemist she knows of what she speaks. Our hearts have been cleansed and although this is very beautiful it can cause issues. The heart can feel like it is engulfing all the other chakras. This can result in palpitations and tachycardia and a really increased awareness of the beating of your own heart which can be very uncomfortable and can produce actual heart signs. I handle it by giving myself Reiki (as you likely know I am a Reiki Master) and by calling in Archangel Raphael to enter my heart and create harmony. The benefit of this symptom is increased tenderness and compassion for yourself and others.

There are a couple of “collective symptoms” that Christina mentioned that we see going on in the outer world. These are instability and polarization. As the Earth is bombarded with light more and more people are waking up, purging and doing their “shadow work” without which we do not transform. This feels unstable. And, we know that this polarization happens until like a pendulum – things go back and forth until we finally rest in the center. This we see currently in the extremist movements around the world, the rise in fascist energies and everyone asking “where have the centrists gone?” In time things will harmonize.

Meanwhile, Christina reminds us how to work with the ascension energies. Grounding: I ground with Yoga and walking and Reiki drumming. Others employ Tai Chi, Qi Gong, dancing, deep breathing, and any slow, conscious movement. Being in Nature, especially with trees works. Trees are wonderful for helping you to ground. Today the Coast Redwood has a message for you about your growth. “Have the courage to be the person you know yourself to be.” (The Wisdom of Trees Oracle, Jane Struthers) Heart Work: I have written a blog on Ho’oponopono which is a miracle type of practice for the heart. It is easy and simple to practice and is known to create miracles for those who employ it. You can look up the HeartMath Institute which is widely known. They have a very effective heart coherence guided meditation you can use. Many of us have a heart mindfulness practice. No need to freak out says Christina! Community: Seek others going through ascension.  We are a community here at Awakening Spirit, and there are so many on-line but be discerning. Take Care of Your Body: Extraordinary self-care is recommended. Decrease if not eliminate meat from your diet. No processed foods. Plenty of water. Lots of rest and good sleep. Exercise according to your own well-being, do not over tax yourself.  Body care is not optional. It is crucial.

Your heart knows what your mind cannot. Trust the messages that you are receiving from your heart. Become still, listen to the sweet whispers of the Angels. When your mind and your heart differ, follow your heart and the path will open up and signs will appear. Where in your life right now are you needing to begin listening to your heart rather than your mind? If you were to become aware of a secret message today from your Angels and your Creator – what would it be?

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian November 21, 2020 at 12:57 pm Reply

    Coincidentally 😉 I’m dealing with digestive issues, “achy joints” and weird sensations in my teeth/jaws that I did get checked at the dentist who (post-X-ray) suggested it might be tension, so I’m sure this is a timely blog for lots of us. Thanks!

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