“Fears and phobias that have no basis in this lifetime may be carryovers from a past life time. The best way to discern your past lives is to know yourself in this one.”   James Van Praagh

The Akashics is a name derived from the Sanskrit word Akasha and refers to the base substance of the Universe, the substance by which the Universe is made, the Akasha retains a record of all that has ever occurred to everything that has ever existed. Scientists in a variety of fields are beginning to find evidence that confirms the existence of the Akasha and are beginning to see it as a ‘field’ as omnipresent as the electromagnetic field. Currently, in scientific circles, the Akasha is discussed as the ‘in-formation’ field that underpins everything and is the force that holds all things together.

I began to consciously access the Akashic Records for myself and my clients in 2008 when a psychic mentor I respected told me that I was “meant to be” an Akashic Reader. I was surprised, even though I had been consciously remembering snippets of my past lives for many decades and had been experiencing the effects of them in numerous ways including welts, rashes and wound marks from ages past that appeared on my body regularly for about 15 years if memory serves me. I was raising a young daughter at the time while teaching 6-9 Yoga classes a week and did not have the desire or time to focus on past lives had I wished to! However, this got my attention! It is hard not to notice the physical evidence of past tortures.

Even though scientific studies are confirming the Akashics, indigenous cultures everywhere have always known of its existence. Medicine men and women, shamans, mystics, druids, gurus and all manner of holy people spent resources and time in an effort to reach them consciously and to channel the energy and information experienced there and to bring back the wisdom. These holy people brought wisdom, insight and healing to those willing to seek it.

In the past, the knowledge contained in the Akashics was considered available for use by a few; however, in the 21st century we know that it is getting easier and easier to access them as the veil thins. In fact, while some individuals are Akashic Readers, the Akashic Records are now available to anyone who sincerely seeks to find the answers to their questions with a genuine desire to act on what they find.  They are not entertainment – even though our North American culture right now seems intent on turning everything into that. Some mystics tell us that these records have always been available to us all because we all naturally access them in our dreams.  I believe this to be true. Do you?  It was only last week that I experienced a very vivid dream where I was discussing things with a woman I knew well in my dream who was dressed in clothes of times gone by (she looked like Joan of Arc) and part of me while living the dream was also saying “where do I know her from? “I clearly had known her well in a past life. We live in a multiverse and are multidimensional and are only just beginning to grasp even a tiny thread of what we can do. If you have a dream like the one I had last week and the dream is more coherent and real than others and you are talking to someone you know well and don’t recognize their face, that is the Akashics! You were there. Remember that dream where you were in that special place where the world is perfect and you are at your happiest? That is you in the Akashics.  What about the dream where you wake up with the solution to a problem you have slept on? Yup!  You were there and came back with the answer. It is a natural ability we all share.

The Akashics is a multifaceted realm where the records of all things are stored. In that realm is the Library where the records of all things are kept including the personal Soul Book of every individual. This book is the history of everything your soul has ever done including the plans you intended for this lifetime. Some of us read the Akashics for ourselves so we can have a greater understanding of ourselves and our life purpose and others such as myself read them as part of the metaphysical and spiritual work we do. The most renowned Akashic Record reader I can think of as I write this is Edgar Cayce whose life has always fascinated me since my years as a teen onwards.

It is in the Akashics that in our dreams or through astral travel we can be introduced to the guides which aid us in our embodied lives. There are souls residing in the Akashics that are currently not embodied and we can communicate directly with them and learn how they can communicate with us. We are always unconsciously in communication with “All That Is”.  Our lives take on so many new meanings and opportunities when we ‘wake up’ and begin to consciously communicate with “All That Is” as it becomes reflected in how we live in the world. We are in an eternal conversation. Unconsciously or consciously.  Our souls are very large. Only a small part of our soul resides in our body, and the rest remains, as the Higher Self on the spiritual plane that includes the Akashics.

Of course as with every topic I can only begin to scratch the surface with this blog, however, it behooves me to attempt to tell you what the Akashics are not, having attempted to tell you what they are.  They are not a means to see your future although they do help you to create it. Because each of us has our Source-given Free Will, the future cannot be created by anyone other than us. We have the right to choose every action we take or do not take and this makes our future a woven fabric that we weave on a daily and moment to moment basis. Nothing is absolutely set in stone, so to speak, and so when I do an Angel reading for a client, while I do receive significant amounts of information about their futures, down to romantic partners, their future children , the sex of those children, etc. etc. it is not because this is set in stone but rather I am reading the energies of them at present and if they carry on with that same energy they will create what I am ‘seeing.’ I do not predict the future because it is predestined but rather I predict the future because I read energy. We construct our futures on an everyday basis and that is why I am invested in educating people as to how to create the life they wish to live – because it is a choice. However, that said, our karma plays a role in our lives – not as punishment –  but as the law of cause and effect.

Your Akashic guides and Angels can review your Soul Book with you if you so wish and help you lay out your opportunities and options but, although this can be aggravating to our egos, they will never state definitively what our choice should be. They cannot, due to God’s Decree of Free Will.  While this does frustrate us, we can use the information in the Akashic Records to make wise decisions and when we remember our past lives it brings clarity. You can now understand why the Akashics are such a place of amazing personal growth and healing opportunities. For example, they can help you understand a relationship or your tendency to keep picking a certain type of partner. It is not a place to try and interfere or influence the path of another. Never attempt that. You will not be allowed to read anyone else’s book or to leave them messages or to interact with them without their permission. You will also not be given any information that would not be for your soul’s path at this time.

If you wish to experience the Hall of Records – then my advice would be to begin by meditating – if you are not regularly meditating then become familiar with meditation as a first step. As I have already reminded you – you visit the Akashics in your sleep anyway, so you have been there before and there is nothing to fear – although I take Archangel Michael with me everywhere I go so I always feel safe. If you do not feel safe you will block the experience unconsciously. So, I will describe the Hall of Records for you so you can write/create your own meditation to visit there when you wish to.  It is a massive Romanesque-style building with a domed roof and many huge columns surrounding the entire perimeter. The corridors seem endless, as do shelves and storage areas and there is every type of scroll, book, tape, disk, chip including high tech devices that have not yet been invented on Earth (downloaded!).  When you walk into the Hall, having been there before, you will immediately feel comfortable and automatically know exactly where to go.   If you wish at some point to explore a past life, let’s say you have a feeling you have lived in Bath, England, during the Victorian age, well then you can ask your guardian angel/s which lever to push and it will take you there if the information is for your Highest Good at present. Ask while there what life is most affecting your current life ? and then be willing to receive the information in whatever way it comes whether through feelings or images or a voice. ….   when you return from this journey, remember to bring back with you the feeling of continuity and Grace you are left with.

Recently I have been visiting the Halls of Amenti.  I asked Archangel Metatron if the Halls of Amenti are just an expanded version of the Akashic Records and received an affirmative reply. This is what I had felt. Since Archangel Metatron guides our ascension, I always check that what I am doing is for my Highest Good. I enjoyed my short visit to the Halls of Amenti.  I will visit again. With Archangels Michael and Metatron beside me I found myself easily entering the gates and was welcomed in by Archangel Christiel whom is relatively new to me. The sentinels of Anubis are there – you will likely recognize them from somewhere in your past. I was escorted down a tunnel of gold lit with golden torches from the ‘old days’ and that felt so familiar.  Sacred symbols were on the walls. Some familiar and others not so much! Once in a room I knew was there I asked for a ‘gift’ to help me on my ascension pathway. I received it. We only need ask. The way that the Halls of Amenti differ from the Akashic records is that they are used to log and store the records of those incarnating on Earth and as a vast cosmic Library record the spiritual achievements of all known universes so you can imagine the high frequency of love and light. I think I am still feeling the after-glow of this new experience.

Never allow yourself to either wallow in or become obsessed with a past life.If you are healing one, then always take breaks and reality checks by focusing on your current life and take care of your pressing responsibilities. This creates a ‘balance’ as you slowly heal from repressed emotions from other lifetimes. Your soul, as you know, is immortal and was created eons ago so you’ve had many, many lifetimes and do not need to try to explore them all, however, often when folks explore their past lives they are able to heal negative patterns and health conditions  rooted in the past. This is the value of such soul exploration, not entertainment – though it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy what there is to enjoy as we are here, ultimately, to enjoy and to live in joy. Bringing Heaven to Earth.

I believe we grow stronger and wiser each lifetime and when we learn our lessons we do not have to repeat them. Amen to that!

Namaste,  Monica

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  1. Gillian December 8, 2016 at 6:28 pm Reply

    Curiously, I was in Bath, England, back in the late 70s and briefly experienced the powerful sensation that I’d been there before. Doo doo doo doo. Did any of Monica’s readers hear last night’s Ideas program on CBC Radio? It was about NDEs (near death experiences). Thanks, Monica, for this latest.

  2. Ayanna August 19, 2019 at 11:37 am Reply

    Dear Monica,

    Thank you very much for sharing your descriptive Journey through The Halls of Amenti.

    This helps me profoundly right now as I was guided in this direction.

    The light shines through your words.

    Many Blessings to you.


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