“The wound is where the light enters.”   Rumi

“You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.”   C.S. Lewis

“We cannot have someone else’s spiritual experience. We must have our own.”   Kyle Gray


I have been helping my clients heal with the Angels for more than a decade. I was called to the work by an Angel. As regular readers you know my story, for those of you just joining me today, please read the “About” section on my web-site for my background & my awakening story. A person who has heard the call is a lightworker. A person who chooses to respond is a light warrior. A light warrior, I believe, as does Scotland’s well-known Angel communicator, Kyle Gray, is a completely authentic person. A person of integrity who aligns with the highest vibrations and practices working with the Law of Attraction for the highest good of everyone around them.

The divine Law of Attraction concerns the quality of our consciousness. It concerns the conscious or unconscious energy we put out into the world. Like attracts like. It is the operational cause and effect situation that is inextricably interconnected with the Law of Free Will God/Source gave us to create our lives. For example, if we are mean-spirited, cold-hearted, self-serving and jealous of others then what we are expressing outwardly into the world will be severely out of alignment with divine Truth and divine Love – in other words – unenlightened. This results in an energy vibration that holds a very low, slow, dense and heavy frequency.

I practice Angel Medicine with my clients, as guided by the Angelic Realm, to gently help them to become aware that they are energetically responsible for everything that happens in their lives and to assist them to ask for and allow divine correction from the Angels. The Angels, who only see our Higher Selves, encourage us to do our utmost to think, speak, and act in alignment with the Truth of who we are. We are divine beings. That is why I chose the motto “True Self is a Divine Being” for my practice called Awakening Spirit. When we ‘awaken’ to the fact that we are divine, we behave divinely.

I practice multiple forms of Angel Medicine as guided by the Archangels I work with on a daily basis. Although new Angels are being created, currently, I work mostly with the 15 traditional Archangels of which you are likely aware, although since 2016 I have also been working with some Angels that we might call New Age for lack of a better word. At present I work with those Angels mostly on the inner planes. It is totally through my intuition that I know how to proceed with each client on a moment-by-moment basis. No two clients are alike and also no two Angel sessions are alike – even if they are with the same client. If we are growing – we are changing. I am guided by the Angels and powered by the Angels as to the medicine (divine correction) needed within Divine Timing, Divine Order & Divine Will.

Before a client comes to my doorstep (or connects for their Skype appointment) I have been given a heads-up regarding any particular ascended master to invoke for the client or any particular oracle decks to bring out or whether to use Runes and all sorts of other information that is pertinent. Sometimes the Angels will give me a word or phrase to use during the reading that was already pre-selected between them and the client that lets the client know that I was chosen as their Angel Therapist(R) by their Angels. I am not given any information regarding a client who is going to cancel at the last minute. This is because I am given information on a need-to-know basis. I am not given any information about a client that is not at least willing to listen to their divine guidance. Angel Therapy(R) is not mere fortune forecasting. What I am attempting to convey to you is that the Angels do not give me any information that I am unable to use to help someone. It is also worth mentioning here that as a psychic-medium I never ‘read’ a person without their permission. This would not only be completely unethical (and bring karmic consequences) but it is also of no interest to me nor is it a wise use of my time and energy. In other words – I do not do what some call ‘attack’ readings. Those psychics are not working with Angels.

There is no language that I can use to adequately convey what I do – because I do nothing on my own. I ‘tap into’ my Higher Self (she has a name) and merge that energy with the energy of the Archangels and the result might be called Archangel Alchemy. Some might call it Celestial Alchemy. Or, just channeling Angels. What I actually do is always keep my channels as clean and clear as possible which requires living a consistently disciplined lifestyle. Angels have the Highest frequency, bar none. I have to greatly raise my frequency & they have to greatly lower Theirs – so we can communicate. All miracles are performed by the Angels. It is always through me, not by me.

So, before I proceed to give you some examples of Angel Medicine there are a few basics that you need to know about Angels. Angels are not parents or relatives who have crossed over – you may call them angels – and they may have very well been lightworkers and may perhaps be a spirit guide and/or are watching over you. However, they are not celestial Angels. Celestial Angels are not human. When Angels appear, as they do to me, with wings and halos, they do look human. Although much taller than most humans! However, they are not, although they can take any shape or form they choose. They shape shift. Sometimes they take a human form to ‘save’ you and then disappear. They have no ego and no free will in the sense that God’s Will is Their Will. Angels do not wish to be worshipped. All praise goes to God/Source. Angels will help anyone who asks. They cannot help you without your permission due to the third-dimensional Law of Free Will. Angels are non-denominational & they help people of all religions or no religion and all spiritual beliefs and no spiritual beliefs. God’s Love is unconditional and therefore the Angel’s love you unconditionally. The only time an Angel can swoop in and save you without your asking for help is if your life is threatened before your time. I have had this quite a number of times. Looking back I believe that I was saved because I was destined to help my future clients fulfill their spiritual potential and to live their best version of themselves.

I intend to now give you some examples of my work here with Angel Medicine at Awakening Spirit. I was planning to give examples of my work with all 15 of the traditional Archangels; however, I have reluctantly shortened my list to eight in order that none of us are sitting at a computer overly long. Angels tell me that their messages “come in on the molecules of oxygen” so we need to get frequent fresh air and exercise! My examples are in no particular order. Had I stayed with my original plan it would have been alphabetical. All the Archangels have their (many)specialties. Archangels are the supervisors of the Angels.

Archangel Michael, whom I loving call Archangel Mike, is the Angel that I work with most frequently.  His name means “He who is like God.” His aura is royal purple and he heals fear, nervousness & clears energy. If you see him then you know he is amazingly beautiful (women of all ages have been known to swoon!) and he often carries a sword which He employs to release us from the trap of fear. Although I have seen Mike a number of times in all his glory, I usually see the Angel trails and lights – as do many of my clients. When I invoke Michael at a session – there are flashes of electric-blue purple lights and many folks ‘feel’ his fiery energy. Michael’s specialties are too numerous to list; however, every client of mine has received his protection and been the beneficiary of his loving warrior-like energy. When we ask Michael to be our body-guard, we need no other.

Archangel Raphael as the top healing Angel is at every session of mine. His name means, “He Who Heals.” His aura is emerald green and he often carries a green healing orb which I ask him to employ over my clients experiencing physical issues. Those receiving Raphael’s help heal quickly. However, what many people do not realize is that because the Angels cannot interfere with a person’s free will – if an ailing individual refuses spiritual treatment, it cannot be forced. I work frequently with this top healing Angel during both my in-person sessions and my distant-healing sessions. As you are likely aware Archangels Michael & Raphael work frequently together to exorcise negative energies & escort them away from both people and places. Michael works with a group of Angels called the Band of Mercy. In The Testament of Solomon we have the description of how Raphael bought the magical ring to King Solomon, inscribed with the powerful six-pointed star. Solomon used the ring and its symbol to subdue demons. Therefore, part of Raphael’s healing work involves spirit-releasement and space clearing. So – called “demons” are just expressions of fear and torment and so what some people call demons is just negative energy that has grown and grown (and yes, it can look very ugly). I, personally, do not believe in demons, therefore, I never encounter any. However, I have helped people who do believe in demons and therefore have frequently worked with the Angels to dispel that dark energy from clients and their homes. Not all of these dark energies are produced by clients or relatives themselves. There can be dark energies left-over in a place – imprints – but there is no level of difficulty in removing them for the Angels. I have done quite a few home cleansings by distance. I have been told, “light flashes across the room and everything suddenly becomes quiet and peaceful and still.” Don’t believe the Hollywood-hype about “demons.” It makes for a financially lucrative horror story, but, it is all just energy. Don’t give it power by fuelling the drama.

Archangel Ariel’s name means “Lioness of God.” Ariel’s aura is pale pink and I sometimes ‘see’ her as a lion walking down my hallway. Ariel’s specialty is healing and helping wild animals and the environment. One of my clients, an artist, Shelby, (not her real name)  came to Awakening Spirit to receive help from the Angels. Shelby had diagnosed herself as suffering from deep depression. Shelby, a woman in her late 50s, looked very tired and very sad when she arrived. She was also suffering from many aches and pains that doctors had not been able to explain. Bothering her the most was the unforgiveness of an adult son for whom she had done everything she could think of doing. Shelby said her son would not forgive her for what he perceived as her inadequacies as a mother. I invoked Archangel Michael and with Shelby’s permission & also the permission of her son’s Higher Self (which I tuned into and received the OK), we cut all etheric cords in all directions of time that were attached to any dark and negative energies between Shelby and her adult child. Light began to return to Shelby’s lifeless eyes. Then, Archangel Michael and I, with permission from both mother and son, gave them each a psychic vacuuming and filled them with the light of Holy Spirit. Archangel Ariel joined us at a certain point in the session and guided Shelby to explore her passion for animals as a way of completing her healing and her purpose on Earth. Today, Shelby has a sparkle in her eyes, a spring in her step and runs a wildlife sanctuary.

Archangel Haniel’s name means “Glory of God.” Haniel’s aura colour is pale lilac and her related crystal is moonstone. Haniel helps us to recover the lost secrets of natural healing remedies, especially those involving the harnessing of the moon’s energy in powders, potions & crystals. She helps us to understand our sensitivity and intuition and to realize that these are gifts not curses. One of my clients, Lola, (not her name) was greatly assisted to start a new life with Haniel’s divine guidance. Before Lola arrived the Angels told me she had great psychic powers and resonated with the archetype of the Moon Goddess.  She was not using these skills. I was also guided to invoke the ascended master Sanat Kumara to be with Lola and myself throughout her session. I realized, then, that some dark energies were going to be dealt with. Lola reluctantly told me that, in her youthful past, she had been drugged and initiated into a dark cult. She fell in love with one of the cult members and stayed in it when she felt she might have been able to escape its clutches. Lola had been left with a very decreased sense of self-esteem and self-confidence having been left humiliated and ashamed – even though she was now living a life that had many satisfying elements to it. However, as a woman in her 40s, she came to the Angels because she knew she wanted to stop surviving and start thriving. After Archangel Michael & Raphael did the Angel treatments and Sanat Kumara did his own form of exorcism (he’s a bit like a witch-doctor vibe) light was restored to Lola’s eyes. I then had a beautiful clairvoyant vision of a little girl in a white dress out under the moon – she was putting crystals out under the moonlight to clear them. I described my vision to Lola and asked if this meant anything to her? She burst into tears. Lola told me it was her as a child, she said she had an affinity for crystals and worked with them and always felt drawn to the moon. She loved to dance under the stars and moon. Today, Lola is dancing under the stars and the moon having moved into Moon Goddess energy, thanks to Archangel Haniel. Lola is helping others as a crystal healer.

Archangel Raziel’s name means “Secrets of God.” His aura is sometimes rainbow-striped (like Reiki energy) and some people see it as golden. Raziel helps us to heal our spiritual and psychic blocks and helps us to understand the spiritual laws. Raziel is like a Divine wizard. Invoke him to help you to open up your psychic abilities so that you can see, hear, know and feel your Angel’s guidance. Raziel also helps us to understand the principles of manifestation, sacred geometry, quantum physics and all manner of high-level information. As one would expect, his messages are profound, because he holds the Divine secrets of the Universe. His energy is extremely loving and also extremely subtle. You will need to invoke him for a period of time in order to sense his energy. I invoked Raziel to help me with my client, Ray, (not his name) over a decade ago. Ray came to dis-cover a secret about a UFO. As an only child he had been left in an intellectual limbo of sorts – because his parents had died without finishing a true story they had told him about their encounter with a UFO and a hidden object that proved its existence. Raziel provided Ray with the missing pieces of this puzzle. Although I had seen a UFO years before this client came to me, I did not understand most of the info Raziel was giving Ray. However, to my amazement, Ray did! It satisfied Ray’s insatiable curiosity and gave him peace. He sent me a manila envelope that I still have in my filing cabinet ( I think I should get it out in the new year and look at it as I have now had an Arcturian visitor) with diagrams, physics stuff, diagrams of ships and things I never really finished reading. Divine Timing?

Archangel Uriel’s name means “God is Light.”  Uriel’s aura is yellow. Uriel assists us with joy, energy and problem-solving. I always experience his energy like that of a loving, very wise and powerful grandfather. Some say he feels like a loving Uncle! He is regarded as one of the wisest Archangels. Uriel has an affinity with weather having warned Noah about the impending flood. He will help us, if asked, with natural disasters. By the way, when my cottage flooded this past year, I had not asked for help! Many years ago now, one of my clients, Amber (name changed) asked me if I could deliver good weather for her outdoor wedding? Amber was getting married in a place known for cool weather and lots of rain at the time of year she was to marry. I said, “I can’t, but Archangel Uriel can so I will ask on your behalf.” I told Archangel Uriel that I really wanted Amber to have a lovely wedding day because, as my client, I knew she had been through a lot in her life and deserved the best of everything. So, you guessed it! Amber’s wedding day was beautiful. Sunny, no rain. This was so unusual that it was mentioned on the national news, as every other adjoining town and city was deluged with rain. It was like an oasis for Amber’s day.

Archangel Azrael’s name means “Whom God Helps.”  Some know Azrael as the “Angel of Death” and are afraid. No need to be afraid at all. Azrael is a loving, gentle Angel who helps us with our major changes (including our own physical death) and Azrael also consoles us when our loved ones cross over. There is no grief like the grief of losing a loved one.  It feels like falling into a never-ending dark pit. Azrael escorts our loved one to the Other Side. His aura is white.  I asked Josephine, my Spirit Guide, about physical death and what it feels like and she said it is “like taking off a very tight pair of shoes.”  As a psychic-medium I work frequently with Azrael, mostly to help people with their major transformations but also because Azrael helps me with my mediumship with regard to what we mistakenly refer to as “dead people.”  Since I have seen spirits since the age of 4, I have known since then that we carry on in another form. I have two ways that I do mediumship with “dead folks”. One is a relay system with the Angels and the other is a method taught me by Dr. Doreen Virtue – where I invite that Soul into my heart. Both work well if the “dead person” is willing. And, usually, they are!  One of my clients, Maggie (not her name) came to me a year or so after the sudden tragic death of her best friend, Bernadette, (name changed).  With the help of ascended master, El Morya, and Archangel Azrael, I was able to connect with Bernadette who told me stories that I was able to pass directly on to Maggie during our session. These were stories of their adventurous childhood together and mostly took place at a secret cabin in the woods. A few stories involved Bernadette’s animal totem, fox, which no one knew about except for Maggie. Of course, during the entire session Maggie cried and laughed simultaneously as no one could have known these episodes except the two of them. There were tears that still needed to be shed – and surrounded by Bernadette and the Angels they were released. Tears have a natural opiate which soothes. Naturally, Maggie will always miss Bernadette’s physical being, but, when she left Awakening Spirit, she knew her best friend lives on. That is comforting.

Archangel Gabriel’s name means “Messenger of God.” Her aura is copper coloured. Gabriel helps us to speak our truth and also helps with motherhood issues. Gabriel helped my client of a decade ago, Jake, (not his name) speak his truth and Archangel Michael helped him dis-cover his courage so he could, eventually, live it. (As you can tell by now, my clients are very intuitive, sensitive, creative and also very courageous) Jake was a loving, gentle, sensitive soul who was a people-pleaser. He had great difficulty disappointing anyone and was definitely a lightworker. Every person around him was making demands on his time and energy and Jake was struggling to meet them while also undergoing a major transformation. His chosen job was a helping position. He was also helping aging parents, an ex-wife and a troubled adult child. His only sibling disapproved of him and Jake was always trying to receive love and attention where it was not available. His friends counted on Jake as well to help with their problems. Jake came to the Angels for help, for himself and his family &  he followed their divine guidance, and over the course of a year, Jake emerged at our last appointment as Crystal (not her name) and with a brand new wardrobe! Archangel Gabriel had helped Jake not only to speak his truth but to live his truth. Crystal is now helping many others live theirs.

My passion, as I expect you can tell, is working and playing with Angels. When you go to a professional psychic – remember to ask them who they work with. If they are not working with Angels then you should be aware of that. They should be able to tell you whom they invite into their sessions. Angels have the Highest frequency.  There are other high frequencies, however, you need to be discerning. Angels may caution you but will never, ever frighten you or advise you to do any harm to yourself or anyone else.  They will also never force anything upon you –  but rather lovingly, gently nudge you toward your Highest Good.

This blog today is my special gift to you and I hope you will receive it as one. Obviously, whenever you experience health issues, you should always consult your family doctor. Angel Medicine is not a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have already developed a relationship with your Angels it will help you to deepen it and if you haven’t yet begun, on a conscious level, I hope this inspires you in ways that make your every dream come true and gives you peace.

I will be back on-line with a new blog, January 4th! Four is the Angel number. Let’s all call in the Angels and make 2018 a year to remember!!

Love & Light,   Monica    www.monichemstock.ca












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  1. Gillian December 22, 2017 at 12:36 am Reply

    I’m re-reading Rumi at the moment–what a coincidence ;)–and it’s great to see your opening quote which is so often attributed solely to Leonard Cohen. Thanks for this succinct reference guide to these 8 angels.

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