In order to incarnate on this planet your soul must be at least a seventh-dimensional frequency. This may drop dramatically as you go through the Veil of Amnesia into a physical body and start your learning process. For some, it continues to reduce as karma is balanced from previous existences. Many souls are choosing this particular lifetime to redress all lessons and clear out everything  before the start of   the new Golden Age. This is one reason why people on Earth appear to be having such different and difficult experiences right now.”   Diana Cooper


Many of you are aware that we are going to be going through a Portal on 11/11. Some are calling it the “mirror portal”. Before we go through, let us reflect and take stock of how far we have come this past year. Some cycles are now coming to completion. We are all apprentices together on this grand adventure of increasing consciousness. Let us go through this Portal with integrity and humbleness and in a state of preparedness.

What wisdom, lessons or support have you received? I suggest you answer this in your journal, in depth, before going through this Gateway. Also, ponder what you have to be grateful for. Do you have access to clean water?  A flush toilet? You are blessed.

Cleanse your energy before this Gateway. Clear out any old 3D thoughts so new thoughts can come in at a higher frequency. Also, be honest with yourself as you review this past year. Reflect whether you said or did anything based on emotions such as spite, jealousy, greed, envy or judgment. All sorts of human interactions regarding people, situations, and politics can push our buttons. Even those we thought we had defused! There is no need whatsoever to atone by wearing sackcloth and ashes or flogging yourself. No! What I am talking about when I talk about atonement is the way The Course in Miracles describes it – At-One-Ment.  Whatever we have done to another we have done to ourselves as we are all ONE.

Whatever you see in the mirror and wish to let go of  – do it before the Portal. Let go of anything that does not reflect the best version of yourself. Call in Archangel Metatron who is guiding us through our ascension and ask Archangel Zadkiel to assist you in using the Violet Flame (I wrote a blog on this you can review) to cleanse. Or, write out what you wish to release on paper and then burn it.

We are all going to go through this Portal, no one will be denied; however, let us make the most of it! The majority of us have to be disciplined regarding our spiritual practices in order to receive our spiritual gifts. This Pathway requires commitment. While we are all going to benefit, those of us who hold a vision beyond ourselves and not just for ourselves will benefit the most.

At the Cosmic Moment (December 21, 2012) we entered a 20 year transition period which lasts till 2032 when our prophets tell us the New Golden Age begins. U.K. spiritual teacher Amanda Ellis says we are living in times similar to the gold rush – striving for enlightenment to bring in the Golden Age. We are letting go of old 3D thoughts and beliefs before going through this Gateway. I am feeling this Gateway as a masculine energy. Linked to action. This does not mean that there is no feminine energy in it but rather that it is the ‘new’ masculine energy which is not linked to the old patriarchy of aggression. This is more of a spiritual warrior energy.

As prep for this, when you employ the Violet Flame (returned to us at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987) you may choose instead to ask for the Cosmic Diamond Flame allowed to us from 2012 onwards. It is a higher frequency and a stronger cleansing. The choice is yours. I will be using Cosmic Diamond. We are all noticing changes now on many levels. This continues. My aura is now gold and yours may be too. People are also telling me they see a lot of aquamarine colour around me. The lights I see around me now are brighter and lighter. Others are seeing this as well. Diana Cooper reports recently people are seeing pure white animals everywhere. These are not albinos. They represent the Christ-Light Diana says. Diana herself saw a white stag recently while walking in the forest near her home in England. Some have seen white squirrels as our planet shifts from 3D to 5D.

It is an exciting time to be here as well as a very challenging time. It has taken me well over a year to digest my E.T. experience (see blog- Walk Like an Arcturian) of Eularia appearing in my room much the way an Angel did in 2006. I now recognize, on a conscious level, that we are being upgraded to a Galactic consciousness. Research shows that at the Cosmic Moment all planets in our solar system came into alignment. We come from the stars. When my psychic, Grace, told me in 1991 that I was a “star child” I had no idea what she meant and I didn’t ask! I was very 3D engaged at that time and focused on earthly concerns. However, it landed somewhere in me as I remember that as though it was yesterday – but – NOW the past, present and future are here on a daily basis it seems. People coming to me are asking about their ‘star origins’ since Eularia visited me. No one had asked me that question before my Arcturian friend graced and honoured me with a visit. Of course, it was not just for me but also for those of you reading this.

Diana Cooper teaches us that animals come from the stars as well. I have received confirmation of this. Understanding and honouring the animal kingdom is part of our ascension journey. We are now taking an enlightened perspective on animals. We know birds are not here to learn anything. Take every opportunity when they offer you their singing-codes of Light. I have listened the last few days as a particular powder blue bird has recently sung to me a song of Love. He now visits daily. Enjoy the birdsong knowing you are receiving high-frequency codes. Whales are tenth-dimensional and hold the frequency of the oceans. Elephants hold the divine blueprint of a matriarchal society. Turtles (from Neptune) Diana says, are purposely swallowing the plastic in the oceans and are choking to death in front of us to bring our attention to this dire problem. Animals are great messengers and teachers.

Obviously going through this upcoming Portal is unlikely to turn most of us 5D immediately. Although anything is possible. Dimensions, on a non-linear & no-time level are all ONE anyway in the Hoop of Life. However, we have taken to describing things these days using dimensions and we are calling ourselves multidimensional. We do this in order to have a common language with which to discuss thoughts, beliefs and actions and where they take us. Most of us continue to have at least a toe in 3D. Most of us have moved well into 4D and some are at lower levels of 5D. Please do remember that this is not a competition! If you are competing spiritually then that is 3D. Fifth dimension is vast. It is different but there is no better or best involved.

Most of us can agree on certain things regarding these dimensions of 3rd, 4th and 5th. The third dimension is the physical (material) world of fear. Vera Ingeborg describes this dimension as the collecting up of material things and says to listen to the old Madonna song “Material Girl” as that describes it perfectly. In 3D we are focused on accumulating things and money and then when we have them we are fearful of losing them. We feel lack. We feel ‘not good enough’. We do not trust ourselves or others and we are occupied with power over rather than power to. We define ourselves by what we have and what we do to make our living. We believe death is painful, dark and final. We believe women are weak and men are strong. We believe that we cannot be whole without another person and that we need another person to make us happy. We are so accepting of our ego that we do not even ask ourselves why we think it is normal to live in the past or future. In third dimension we are kept in-line by fear. We repeat our patterns until we make the choice for Love. Fourth dimension, as I feel it and as many others I talk to do, is where we occupy a kind of dream world. Density here is much less, but ego still exists. Time still exists. Some say this is the dimension shamans often work with and that we go here often as we dream at night. Our experiences here can be loving or fearful. I have experienced both in this dimension, mostly loving but a few unpleasant experiences. Here we tap into the collective unconscious. Some people say that dark magic has a place here. I do not. For me, dark magic has no place anywhere – that is my choice.  There are no human rules or controls in 4th dimension. I take Archangel Michael with me in every dimension and then enjoy my travels. Fifth dimension as I have said is vast and nothing but unconditional Love. There are many planes at this level. Some of us are on the lower levels of 5D with a toe in 3rd. We become claircognizant here if we were not before. This Plane of Light is of high frequency and beyond linear time. From here we can access many different dimensions. There is abundance and no pain and no fear. Our Higher Self does not move us into 5th until we have healed on a physical, mental and emotional level. All actions in 5th are based on Love. While we still are unique individuals there is Unity Consciousness. Everything comes effortlessly. Manifestation is easy and at the top levels of 5th it can be instant. Since there is no fear we live in complete freedom and authenticity as long as we like until we choose our time to move on. There is no aging or illness. Sexual desires no longer comes from neediness as energies are balanced and we are androgynous energetically. Sexuality alone or with an enlightened partner is equally beautiful. Since we live in Light, we attract no darkness. Those in 3D do not see those in 5D. Angelic and ET experiences become easy and integrated into daily living. We ‘go with the flow’ as there is no ego so no need to be right. We live our lives according to energetic universal laws knowing we create what we think.  Status and competition do not exist. Because we love ourselves our needs are always met.  As I say, 5D has so many levels. Maybe some day I will write more about 5D but I want to give you a sense of where we are headed together. Keep going!!

When we are in 5D on a permanent basis we will probably consider ourselves enlightened. However, there are Beings watching us that are likely one million years ahead of us on the evolutionary scale. So, as we step through this Gateway on the 11th, let us realize that although this is indeed an important step – there are Beings who will see us as at best as a kindergarten student. Let us go through with joy but also humbleness. I believe this is what Christ meant when he said that the humble shall inherit the earth. I am using humble in the sense that the Collins English Dictionary uses it, “a humble person does not believe that they are better than other people.” Fifth dimension is beyond duality and judgment. It is pure Love.

At 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. on the 11th I am sitting in meditation and lighting a white candle as we go through this Gateway. Would you like to join me and other lightworkers across the world? We can meditate on peace and love and hold a vision of the Earth at Fifth Dimension as we celebrate togetherness and co-operation in a world free of fear.

Love & Light,   Monica       www.monicahemstock.ca

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  1. Gillian November 9, 2017 at 2:43 pm Reply

    I’m having a 3D urge…I sure would love to see a white squirrel! That’s my power animal 🙂 I’ll be sitting in meditation at 11 on the 11th with you and your readers and…Everyone.

  2. Rebecca November 10, 2017 at 9:59 pm Reply

    What a beautiful message.
    Thank you!

  3. Gillian November 11, 2017 at 10:57 am Reply

    It’s 10:52 and I just came to the computer to re-read this before sitting in meditation. 🙂

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