“There is a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will.”   William Shakespeare

“- I believe we are free, within limits, and yet there is an unseen hand, a guiding angel, that somehow, like a submerged propeller, drives us on.”   Rabindranath Tagore

If you are a regular reader then you know the story of my Angelic awakening on November 15, 2005. While I was reading, for the fourth time, Deepak Chopra’s book How to Know God I fell asleep and at 3 a.m. was awakened by the sound of what I thought was a huge flock of birds landing in my room. When I opened my eyes and blinked repeatedly to make sure I was wide awake and not dreaming – there was a tall (to the ceiling) Angel in the corner looking at me and He radiated pure unconditional Love and the gentlest and strongest power I had ever felt. I did not know it then, strangely, but life as I knew it would never be the same again. How could it be?

Many months later, an old friend who had once been a chaplain said to me, “weren’t you scared?” His eyes were wide and he was clearly indicating by his body language that he would have been afraid had that happened to him. I told him the truth. No. How could you be afraid of the most loving Being you have ever encountered – especially when you know that Angels are the messengers of God? However, this wonderful friend had grown up in the Catholic church and became a priest and was taught in childhood and early adulthood in his religious studies that God is a vengeful punisher. Like humans. Nothing could be further from the Truth.

It has taken me many years (12) to digest my Angelic awakening. Why did this happen to me? It was a miracle and I had experienced many miracles before that one; however, I realized that I was looking for a complex answer and the answer is so simple. I asked, by my reading of Chopra’s book, how to know God? The answer was – through knowing God’s Angels. Angels are pure Beings of Divine light. The word Angel means “messenger.” Angels carry messages between the Creator and the created. The Angels (like God/Source) love us unconditionally and they look past our surface and see the divinity within all of us. All the Angels see is our potential, not our ‘faults’. Therefore, the Angels are not judgmental (like humans) and only bring Love into our lives. You are always completely safe with Angels and can trust them completely. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a believer, because the Angels believe in you! They want to help you with everything in your life but due to the Law of Free Will – you must ask. I asked.

You do not have to be saint-like or engaged in religion to communicate with Angels and it does not require special training. The Angels help everyone who calls upon them. Angels will protect you, help you find things, help you with all of your relationships, help you heal mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and also help you to dis-cover your life’s purpose. You work as a team with them. You cultivate relationship/s. They help all of us simultaneously as they can be everywhere at the same time and there are an infinite number and God is creating new Angels as we speak. Last year I clairvoyantly saw my first ‘New Age’ Angel. He had pink hair and a nose ring! It made me laugh. I usually work with the Archangels who we know from the Bible, Torah and other religious books. Angels shape shift and can take any form. Angels are not human beings – they are celestial beings. They are God’s pure Love.

I have always believed in Angels, although, until my Angelic awakening I had not physically seen an Angel. However, I live my life by the saying, “Everything I have seen teaches me to believe in everything I have not seen.” This serves me well. We do not need to see Angels, either physically or clairvoyantly to know they are with us. Our guardian Angel/s never leave our side. We may experience them as a feeling, colour, sound, whisper, beautiful scent  – all sorts of ways. There are all sorts of knowing. Develop and trust your intuition. Intuition means “into the soul.” In order to see an Angel, be an angel! An earth angel.

Angels have the Highest vibration there is except for the Creator. Therefore, raising your frequency is what you need to do to communicate, because they lower Theirs and you raise yours.  A consistent gratitude practice will raise your frequency. Every day when you wake up, think of 10 things you are grateful for before you begin your day. Every day I am grateful for those of you in my on-line community who read these blogs. I send you love. Do this every day. Develop a meditation practice. You don’t have to sit like Buddha, unless you wish to, you can meditate while folding laundry, dancing, painting, doing dishes.  I do both active meditation (Hatha Yoga) as well as passive – sitting.

Knowing your Angels begins with integrity and honesty. Your Angels take a step back if you do not listen to your Divine guidance. However, that being said, they will repeat that guidance for you many times. False guidance disappears when ignored but Divine guidance will be repeated many times. Although the Angels may sometimes take a step back (They never, under any circumstances, withdraw Love) They will come forward again when you listen. The thing is – due to God’s Laws – they can whisper and gently nudge but they can’t push. We have Free Will in the 3rd dimension. In the fifth dimension we do not need Free Will because we recognize ourselves as divine beings and ONE.

So, when the Angel landed in my room in full Glory from God, I followed my Divine guidance and went out to California to train with Dr. Doreen Virtue and to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner(R) because that is what I was guided to do. I had never heard of Doreen.  My life, as I knew it, was over. I had no idea at the time that you could become certified (on an earthly level!) to communicate and work with Angels but 12 years has gone by and Angels are part of my life every day. I can no longer imagine life without them (although they were always there ) nor would I want to.

Since I trained with Doreen, Doreen has joined a conventional church and works now only with Jesus and the Angels. This is her current path – and she is getting just as judged for that, I hear, as she was when she was communicating with a massive variety of Light Beings. People feel disappointed. I do not. Doreen follows her own intuition and light.  That is integrity. We all change and we don’t always know where those changes will take us and I believe only God/Source/Universe knows the Absolute Truth. We are each responsible for our own choices and our own spiritual paths. None of us can ever truly know what the path of another is and why they choose to walk that path. If it was not for Doreen Virtue I would not have the amazing relationship with the Angels and the ascended masters that I currently enjoy.  So, I am grateful for Doreen Virtue every day!

After these 12 years of working with Angels I have found life to be much simpler. Not always easy – even with all the Angelic help – but much more fun and simpler. When all is said and done I learned from Doreen and the Angels that there are only two states of being. Fear and Love. When you are in a state of fear – it is very difficult to communicate with Angels. Fear is a very low frequency. I help my clients & students to feel safe with the Angels and to move out of the state of fear and into a state of love which makes communication much simpler. My classes @ Metaphysics (127 Princess ) beginning tomorrow and going till early June will focus on helping participants to overcome their obstacles such as doubts and fears so that they can begin to raise their frequency and communicate with their Angels. When you communicate with Angels you realize that nothing in life is mundane. It is all sacred.

Once we have had an Angelic awakening we begin to work with the full tapestry of life. We also realize that we must be of service. Service may be very simple – like mine is – a local spiritual teacher/healer/writer/coach in my community. Basically, my focus is to help others to awaken to their own divinity, claim their gifts and to live their best life.  If I help one person dis-cover their divinity, heal themselves or learn to communicate with Angels I feel happy!  “We are in human form and can accomplish much for humanity…and we must humble ourselves to realize that being awakened may not mean to be a world-renowned guru or multi-millionaire – it may simply be to smile at every person we serve in the coffee shop we work at. Many of the fully realized souls on the planet are not famous. They are the ones who know exactly who they are – whether it be a social worker, a postal worker or a CEO.” (The Spiritual Awakening Guide by Mary Mueller Shutan).

Love is always the answer to every problem and the Angels are God’s thoughts of Love. Simplify your life (and have more fun!) by learning to engage with these celestial Beings of Light.

Namaste,   Monica  p.s    I hope to see you & your friends @ Metaphysics tomorrow evening. Remember that if you want more metaphysical courses and soul-oriented stores in your local communities – you need to support the ones that are currently operating!



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