“There are those who have reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits and remembering their own Identity perfectly. These might be called the Teachers of teachers because, although they’re no longer visible, their image can yet be called upon. And they will appear when and where it’s helpful for them to do so. To those to whom such appearances would be frightening, they give their ideas. No one can call on them in vain. Nor is there anyone of whom they’re unaware. All needs are known to them, and all mistakes are recognized and overlooked by them. The time will come when this is understood. And meanwhile, they give all their gifts to the teachers of God who look to them for help…”   (Manual for Teachers of  A Course in Miracles)

As lightworkers we are here to give our support to others in what ever ways we are able and guided to. Often, this support is given by listening carefully to what a person is saying – not jumping to conclusions or thinking that they –  like perhaps you? are operating from an old pattern. Although, sometimes that is the case. Listening is important. At Awakening Spirit, it is crucial that I listen with my many different ears. The ears of the Registered Nurse that I used to be in my early years, the ears of the English Lit major trained in critical analysis, listening for imagery and metaphor, the ears of the Jungian student, the ears of the Yoga Teacher, the Reiki Master and also the listening of an Angel Therapy(R) Practitioner who is trained to listen with the ears of the Angels.  When I listen to a client I listen, simultaneously, to their ego and their Spirit. So that I can call in the help that is most efficacious for the particular situation. Sometimes, the support comes from an Ascended Master, however, support always comes from Angels.

We are living right now in a time of heightened fear across the world. I was guided today to talk a little about how to move out of our egos and into our Spirit which immediately calms us because, as we know, the Spirit is immortal. Eternal. The virus can elicit fear when we are in our egos; however, it is powerless against our Spirit. So, it is important to be able to identify when we are sitting in our egos so that we can move into our Spirit and work with the Angels to create solutions for the Highest Good of everyone involved.

Moving out of and away from an ego-based frequency and vibration to a Spirit-centered one is how I perform all of my work at Awakening Spirit. The ego is 100 per cent not psychic!  If I was unable to do this, I would be unable to receive the Angelic messages for my clients through my intuition and Divine insight. I have been teaching people how to move out of their egos for the past 15 years. This has resulted in them gaining access to their own guidance as well as learning how to obtain messages and healing for others. It has allowed my clients to learn what is also available to them through A Course in Miracles which is that the veil between us and our happiness is the ego (Edging God Out).

Some ancient traditions suggest immolating the ego. Some suggest loving it and introducing it to the Higher Self. Some say it must merge with the Higher Self. However, if you know when you are in your ego – you don’t need to accomplish any of the foregoing. Which means expanded choice. I am always for expanded choice providing it does not interfere with the rights of others.

Our ego is in operation in our lives when we do not recognize the people who are our bedrocks of daily existence. Covid is helping us to see the folks whose work we depend upon to stay safe and secure and grounded. We move out of our ego and into Spirit when we thank and appreciate those who keep things going such as health care, education, transport, groceries, and such. When we move into Spirit we especially acknowledge those who work with grace, tirelessly, without recognition and awards, and we take the time to notice and say “Thank You!”  Those in ego see only what is missing in their lives. That brings more of what is missing. Ask Archangel Jophiel to beautify your thoughts so they reflect appreciation and the joy of receiving.

Besides grinding you down with fear the ego will often bog you down with various arrangements of self-denial, anxiety and boredom. This is a sign that you need to call your Spirit back!  Spirit likes a clean and uncluttered space and body. Declutter your house and detox your body.  Now that our homes have become our work spaces as well as our relaxation spaces we can use help to Feng Shui our bodies and homes.  Ask Archangel Raphael (top healing Angel) to direct you to the best way to detox for your Highest health and ask Archangel Metatron to help you with organization and orderliness.  Light a candle, say a prayer and call your Spirit home.

What kind of words does the ego use?  What kind of words does Spirit use?  Maybe write in your journal which words decrease your vibration (ego) and which raise your vibration (Spirit). The words we use affects our lives in ways we often fail to recognize and signal where we are at. Whether we are in ego vs Spirit. A few words from Spirit can heal. Be an ambassador of peace. Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you to use loving words when you speak. Chamuel helps with world peace.

If you are living in the past, you are in ego.  Time only exists in ego state. In the Divine realm, there is no such thing as time. Sonia Choquette says: “The Spirit rises and shines and lives in present time. It’s free from all that has transpired before. So rise with the present and shine your Spirit for all to enjoy… especially you.” Ask the Angels of Time to help you move forward. For ‘time-warping’ call upon Merlin.

Projecting, defending, reacting, and over-compensating come from ego. If you are like a hamster on a wheel with your runaway fear – it is time to stop, take some deep breaths and ask Spirit to calm you NOW!  Usually, there is no genuine emergency. You have time to take a time out. Doing nothing does not mean that nothing is happening. Ask Archangel Michael to clear and balance all your chakras and ask Mother Mary, who is called Queen of the Angels, to fill you with calming energy. Always remember to say thank you!

It  might seem ironic for some, however, befriending your body is one of the best ways to move into Spirit.  Your body is the Spirit’s temple. Love it as it is NOW and if you feel that you may have underutilized it or given it toxic fuel  – begin today to honour and care for it. Do not use self-shaming which is of the ego. Make it into a temple of peace. Call in Krishna to bless and purify your food. Ask for the Angels to help you to love yourself.

Spirit trusts in Divine Order and Divine Timing. Ego doesn’t.

When we are in Spirit we apologize for our mistakes. We understand our impact on others. The ego is too busy defending itself from real and imagined happenings, past and present, to apologize. Spirit forgives. Archangel Zadkiel is happy to help you with forgiveness as is Jesus. (Forgiveness, just to be clear, doesn’t equate to remaining in an abusive relationship)

Basically, the ego is always in a state of fear and Spirit is always in a state of love. Moving from 3D to 5D we are embracing our human (3D) and moving it and merging it into Spirit (5D). This allows us to experience something very different! It moves us out of the rut that the ego tells us that we are in. When we are in Spirit we know that we are here to create. That is our primary purpose.  To create is both our power and our joy! If you lack confidence in your abilities, call in Archangel Michael and borrow his confidence. Creating anything new, no matter how seemingly small – will add excitement and fun to your life and really raise your vibration. Why not write a poem? Create a new recipe? Create a new look for yourself?  We are on the path to a new world and it begins with the small creations and then enlarges according to Divine Will and Divine Order. The ego thinks it is in control so doesn’t recognize Divine Timing, Divine Will and Divine Order, but, your Spirit does! And your Angelic support will never let you down. The Angels do not see our egos, they only see our Higher Selves and except for Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon they have never had a human life – they are celestial beings – a phylum of their own.

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian October 24, 2020 at 5:11 pm Reply

    The phylum “Angel” how cool is that? Would love to hear more about Sandalphon which is a name I’ve probably heard (from you) but had completely forgotten.

    • Monica November 6, 2020 at 7:47 pm Reply

      Gillian, yes, you have heard of Archangel Sandalphon from me! Sandalphon is one of only two Archangels whose name doesn’t end in el (which means God in Hebrew). Snadalphon’s name means “brother” in Greek and is a reference to his twin brother, Archangel Metatron – whom you know well! These twins are the only Archangels in Heaven who were originally mortal men. They were Enoch (Metatron) and Elijah (Sandalphon). All the other Angels are celestial beings who have never had a human life and are a different phylum. Sandalphon’s main role is to carry human prayers to God. His other primary association is with music. Before the pandemic, when I could go to my singing lessons, I would call in Sandalphon to help me at my lessons. I was a much stronger singer with Sandalphon’s help – of course!!

  2. Tenay Ava marshall November 2, 2020 at 7:59 pm Reply

    Beautiful article! Really resonated with me

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