During this time of our Ascension (Light is streaming in!) it is so important to remember to ask your angels for help.  I have.  Have you?  So much is occurring now, below the level of appearances, and for many of us, everything is shifting.  Slow down, take a few deep breaths, and call your angels and ask for help.

If you have not asked  angels for help before, then, I highly recommend that you begin NOW.  You do not need any special skills or talents to do this.  Because, even if you are a skeptic who doesn’t believe in angels – your angels believe in YOU.  They love you (and everyone) unconditionally and focus only on your potential & Divinity.  They do not judge you, their assistance is FREE, & they respond 24/7.  However, you must ask!  The Law of Free Will is such that God/Source & your angels do not intervene without your permission.  Do not worry that you may be pulling them away from people who need them more urgently.  Angels are unlimited and non-denominational & can help everyone simultaneously.  We only need ask.

There are so many ways to ask the angels for help and to summon them to your side.  All of these ways are equally effective.  So, see what resonates for you:

(1) VISUALIZE: Hold a visual image of the angels surrounding yourself, your loved ones, or whatever situation needs help.

(2) AFFIRM: Thank the angels for resolving a situation or issue.

(3) SAY IT ALOUD: Say your request aloud – either to the angels or to God/Source.  (God & the angels are ONE)

(4) WRITE IT OUT: Write a letter to your angels or to God.  (I then put mine under my pillow)

(5) THINK IT: The angels hear your thoughts.  So, mentally ask your angels for help.  (this is good to do when asking aloud looks weird to some folks!)

A new angel is created every time God thinks of LOVE; therefore, an infinite number of angels are always available for us all.  Our peace is important to them.

At this time of Ascension and assessment , I believe it is as crucial as it ever has been, to ask for angelic assistance.  I feel things speeding up.  Do you?  As the Light streams in, causing shifts on so many levels, sometimes it feels as if we are on a moving sidewalk like those at large airports.  At these times it is especially important to take excellent care of ourselves.  Plenty of fresh water, proper nutrition, rest, exercise, prayer and play go a long way toward helping us to stay balanced and grounded during challenging times.  We are questioning EVERYTHING as these shifts occur.  Responding to signs from our Higher Selves & our Angels, we are finding that our ‘new’ way of Being is becoming more about expressing our ‘essence’ regardless of  HOW we do this.  Our Being more important than our doing.  While unfamiliar, at first, as we relax into this we feel freedom as we let go of our fears and hand them to our angels.  As Kara ( writer of the Ascension Notes) states: “Ascension does not have to be complicated… where are you along the continuum between love and fear?”

Allow your angels to help.  If you are not asking for help, then become your own detective as to why you do not ask?  Do you think you are unworthy?  Or, do you feel that you can’t have what you want or that you won’t be supported?  If you answer yes to even one of these questions, it is my recommendation that you read Louise Hay’s  international bestseller YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE.  Louise will take you on a journey of self-discovery and healing.  When you love yourself completely, just as you are, you are likely to accept the angelic assistance always there for you.

As you call upon your angels more frequently, your life will change in the direction of your Highest Good.  Try to let go of how this will ‘look’ to yourself and others.  Have faith that ALL is in Divine Order.  Share EVERYTHING with your angels. Your dreams as well as your disappointments and fears.  Your personal relationship with your angels will grow and deepen as you communicate with them on a regular basis.  If you wish to know them better – ask them to tell you their names during your next meditation session.  Whatever thought, feeling, vision or sound comes to you is your answer.  Write them down in your journal.  Don’t worry if you do not receive names immediately.  Maybe you are trying too hard.  Try again when you are more relaxed.  No hurry!  Ask the angels to help you to relax so you can hear their names.  Everything you need in order to communicate with angels is within you.  As time goes on and your communication deepens, you will learn to ask for signs (best not to specify, usually) and receive and follow guidance. I know from reports back to me from my one day class called “Messages From Your Angels” that participants are surprised how quickly they learn to communicate with their angels once they make the clear decision to do so.

Always remember to break off ANY communication immediately that is not coming from a place of LOVE.  If it is not coming from a place of pure love – then you are NOT communicating with angels.

Many of us are receiving new guides now.  We only accept those of the Light.  Staying in the state of LOVE at all times is total protection.  Nevertheless, I still ask Archangel Michael (even though he is one of my guardian angels and is with me always) to be by my side when I am doing readings, healings, meditating, astral travelling or being introduced to new guides.  Then, I can feel 100% secure that I am surrounded by beings of Light.  And, so it is.

The changes are happening rapidly now.  We are all feeling them in one way or another.  Do not let yourself become overwhelmed.  Seek help if you need it.  Talk with other highly conscious people.  Begin or deepen your communication with your angels.  They wish to communicate with YOU.  They want you to know how deeply you are loved.  Reach out to them!

“When you see that your career, relationships or global constructs are disintegrating, let it be.  All is in Divine Order.”  (Kara, Ascension Notes, July, 2014.)

As I am writing this, the guides are telling me to say: “Help is here.  And help is coming.”

Keep the faith.  Call in the angels and ask them to help you to let go of anything that is not Love.

Angel Blessings,           Monica

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  1. Hayley July 24, 2014 at 3:38 pm Reply

    Thank you! As usual you translate complex spiritual processes into easily ‘do-able’ steps for those that may need extra help embarking on this journey while the language also resonates with those that have been on this path for years — inspired and inspirational!

  2. Janet July 25, 2014 at 1:19 pm Reply

    Ever since you introduced me to my angels at an Angel Reading a few years back, Monica, I have spoken to my angels regularly. They have given me such strength and I truly feel that they are watching over me. I am so grateful to have them!

  3. Christine July 25, 2014 at 3:12 pm Reply

    Speaking to the Angels usually via mind is so natural to me now,that I forget sometimes that everyone does not think so. 😉 Interestingly though, when I suggest to my clients to ask for the Angels help in matters that is so important that they don’t know where to turn for help… they all respond, of course ! All Religions embrace Angels, they might call them differently, but Angels are loved in all areas of the World.
    You Monica is definitely a beautiful Earth Angel.

  4. Christine July 25, 2014 at 3:14 pm Reply

    You are an Earth Angel <3

  5. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 3:10 pm Reply

    Hello, Janet and Hayley, isn’t it great to be able to respond to Monica’s blogs again? I bought You Can Heal Your Life at Monica’s first Faery Festival in Kingston years ago and it has been a helpful presence in my life.

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