“There are many myths of a magical time and place in which there were no boundaries between humans and animals. Humans were at peace with the animals and spoke their language. It reflected a time of mingling between divine and human. Wild and tame had no meaning. Animals and humans could speak together, sometimes humans learning the animal tongue and sometimes animals learning the human tongue.”   Ted Andrews

When we learn to speak with the animals, to listen with animal ears and to see through animal eyes, we experience the phenomena, the power, and the potential of the human essence, and it is then that the animals are no longer our subordinates. They become our teachers, our friends, and our companions. They show us the majesty of life itself. They restore our forgotten childlike wonder at the world, and they reawaken our lost belief in magic, dreams and possibilities.”   Ted Andrews


By 2020 scientists declare that one-third of the planet’s animals will be extinct. We need to begin communicating with other species so we can understand them. People fear what they do not understand. Pea Horsley, U.K. animal communicator says, for example, that sharks are some of the most misunderstood, sensitive creatures. Peter Benchley, American writer of Jaws, now wishes he had never written it! He now knows that there is no such thing as a rogue shark which develops a taste for human flesh and he says no one appreciates how vulnerable they are to destruction. I have learned from Diana Cooper that sharks originate from Nigellay, the higher aspect of Mars and that they patrol the oceans. They are spiritual warriors who bring discipline and order to creatures of the seas. (THE ARCHANGEL GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT & MASTERY) When we lived in Atlantis we honoured and revered all sentient beings and we knew that animals were special souls who had incarnated on Earth from all parts of the universes. Co-operation between species was taught from an early age and children were taught how to honour and respect all life-forms. As we know, St. Francis of Assisi offered love and harmlessness to all animals and his aura was so clear and so calm that every animal who approached him felt totally safe and therefore would never harm him. “If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears one destroys.”   (Chief Dan George)

Animals that cross our path or are in our life in any way are here for a reason. They are here to help us to evolve on a conscious level. For example, if you currently have an animal companion living with you then it is due to a pre-birth agreement between the animal’s soul and yours. Expert animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon says, “your soul goes to the animal soul and says to the animal soul “hey, in this upcoming lifetime I have to work on believing myself or finding love or being successful – will you help with that?” The animal soul and your soul agrees to work together and it is a bit bumpy as to how it happens and plays out; however, that animal soul is helping you with enlightenment – your evolvement toward happiness and peace and freedom.”

Danielle says that when her pet dog was sick she went to a pet psychic to find out why. The pet psychic told her that her dog was sick because she and her husband had been fighting about her mother. I learned in my own life from an animal communicator I know that animals ‘take on’ the negative energy to help us and often end up with a variety of illnesses, however, they do this out of great love. The animal companion is helping you with your soul contract and you are helping the animal with their soul contract. It is a partnership and when you learn how to communicate with your companion and are able to then take better care of it – you become a less anxious person and are then able to also give the pet a better life as well.

If you currently have an animal companion – what is the soul contract between you? If you had animal companions in the past – what were those soul contracts about?  Why not journal this week and see what you dis-cover!  It is never too late to communicate with your pet – it can be done after they have crossed over if you wish. You can go to an animal communicator or you can learn to do it yourself. Experts in the subject assure us that anyone can learn to do animal communication. Reading your own pet can be more difficult, but if you have the desire to do so – you can do it.

2006 is a year that I remember as absolutely horrible – and then in retrospect – astoundingly transformational. Every member of my family was in their own crisis. My 35 year marriage was in meltdown. My dear dog, Laura, ( a rescue) was now old for a dog (almost 15). I realized she was fading as her legs kept collapsing and she was so very, very tired and I knew her time was coming but I did not know what was best for her at the time and so I called an animal communicator to visit with her. I left them alone. When the communicator, Catherine, came out after talking to Laura she said that Laura’s time had come; however, she had been hanging on for me – she was keeping going for me. She needed to know that I was going to be O.K. before she would cross. I told Catherine to please tell Laura that I would be O.K. and I wanted whatever was her own wish. The last act that my husband and I did together as a married couple was to assist Laura’s passing as the vet euthanized her while she lay on a special blanket on my lap and took her final breath. I let her go – and of course I can’t remember sobbing as much in my life as I did then – and everyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved animal will have tears in their eyes now.

I am not sure of the earthly time frame anymore, but, it was weeks I think – and I was sitting quietly in the computer room emailing, no one in the house, when suddenly I heard the old familiar sound of Laura’s pace and rhythm of her paws, the tapping of her nails, walking down the hallway wooden floor. She let me know she had crossed safely over the Rainbow Bridge. I smiled and relaxed and smiles and relaxation were few and far between in those dark days – Laura and I had completed our contract, hadn’t we? And, it was not easy, Laura, but thanks to you – we did it!

Every animal is special in their own way. Their love is pure and unconditional. Psychic medium John Holland’s dog, Kodo, has taught him to slow down. John admits to being an anxious person and Kodo gets ill when John gets ill so John looks after himself. He has slowed down and says he would never have met his neighbours if not for walking Kodo. Danielle tells us that “not everything is a sign from your animal.” It is like the old joke eh? Two psychiatrists walk past each other and one says hello and the other wonders – what did he mean by that? However your animal does reflect back to you. Your anxiety goes down the leash. If you want to know what is going through you – the energy at the time – watch your cat, dog, horse and calm down. Breathe.

If your dog is aggressive usually (not always) you will find the aggression in yourself.  What about if your animal keeps running away or getting lost?  Danielle provides some possible answers to ponder:

(1) It can be a sign that your soul contract is fulfilled. The response to this from some is – “then I don’t want to fulfill my contract because I want to keep my pet.”

(2) It could indicate that you are someone who needs to work on control issues or attachment or guilt.  A lot of us humans make decisions around guilt so the animal comes into our life to incite guilt and give us the chance to deal with it.

Sometimes the animal will come back, but, not always.

Animals, as Catherine taught me, will sacrifice themselves and their well-being and comfort in order to get the message to their human as to whatever it is that the human needs to work on. For example, Danielle worked with a pet bird who kept pulling out its feathers and when she communicated with the bird it conveyed it was because the bird’s human companion was not looking after herself. She was in a relationship that was not serving her – she was not caring for herself – so the bird showed her what that looks like. The bird said when the woman started caring for herself she would stop pulling out her feathers. In fact, Danielle says all the dis-ease and challenges you run into with an animal can usually be traced back to the soul contract. If your dog has eczema /hot spots, who are you scratching at? Who is getting under your skin?  Much like Louise Hay’s book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. When there are a lot of symptoms coming up with your animal – it is helping you learn to manage chaos.

How can you tell when a soul contract is active? There is emotional connection, emotional disconnection, emotional activation and emotional reaction. It is sometimes a friend’s dog that always runs up to you and puts his paws on your lap and you just feel wow! Who are you? You feel a connection, an activation. This can also happen in the negative as well when, for example, you are bequeathed a cat – why do I have to look after this cat? Active soul contract. And, don’t discount a spiritual connection with a mouse, ferret, fish or insect. I once had a wonderful connection with a goldfish that jumped up out of the water to say hello every time I approached its bowl and called its name.

An animal will go to great lengths to honour the contract. They live and work every day on a much deeper level than we do. They are teaching us! One of the ways they teach us is going to the bathroom in the wrong place. Danielle tells the story of a dog she communicated with called Jesus. Jesus’s human, a woman, consulted her as to why Jesus, a tiny Chihuahua, kept peeing in the plant in the kitchen. So, Danielle says to Jesus, “what’s up? Why are you doing this?” Jesus says, “I’m only doing it at certain times, I am doing it when things get really difficult and violent in the kitchen.” The woman was being abused, there was domestic violence in the house – usually in the kitchen. When the violence was going on then Jesus would pee in the plant to draw the attention to himself – thereby risking his own safety in order to ‘call out’ a moment – “pull yourself out of this!” Time to do things differently. As the woman was not ready to heed the message – Jesus kept it up. This turned out not to be a behavior or training issue that the woman expected to hear from Danielle – and since she was not ready to hear – Danielle told her “the energy in the kitchen is too strong, too sharp and dense.” The woman was not ready to see this as abuse and so Jesus kept peeing in the plant risking his life to save hers. I think she gave him the correct name. What say you?

As humans, it is so much easier to stay in our 3D world of logic (and push away our God-given emotions and intuition) because our North American culture teaches us that this is what keeps us safe and creates happiness and success. We need to connect to the souls of animals – some of whom have reincarnated with us. I experienced this in Angel Cottage when an abandoned cat, I named her Salome, (turned out it was the name I gave her when we were together in Egypt) survived a few years as a ‘feral’ cat and literally did not give up until I took her in, fed her, nursed her back to health and found her a home with a woman who is a devoted cat-lover. Long story – maybe for another time  -but Salome was “beyond the beyond.” I will be forever grateful for everything she taught me.

Some of our animals still help us from beyond. They can continue to work with you from the Other Side. If your animals are still here with you –  experts advise that you not become overly dependent on them for support as they can get ill when we do that. Also, always be authentic with them and be in integrity. You can’t fake anything with your animals. They do understand your words and they know if your words go against the feelings that you have. Your energy, emotions and intentions need to be in alignment. Often an animal will be helping us with a main theme which is learning to love ourselves and others unconditionally. In fact, when we trace our challenge back and back to its core – it is mostly always the aforementioned theme. However, the soul contract will be “a layer up from this underlying theme because it is easier to deal with” says Danielle. Animals have mastered unconditional love and although they are in service to humans – that does not mean they are servants.

Listening to your animal companions (and all God’s creatures) can lead to deep, deep happiness. Yours and theirs. If your animal is ill – always consult a veterinarian and provide the appropriate medical care. However, there are times in your life and your animal companion’s when you may wish to consult an animal communicator and sometimes it is as I did with Laura – because you are so close to the animal – and want to honour her/his wishes – which may conflict with your own – such as when to say good-bye. Genevieve, a golden lab, communicates from the Other Side her advice, via Danielle: “Focus on the joy, rather than the loss.”  Morgan, (Danielle’s beagle) says: “death is where life begins again. It’s not the end it’s perceived. It’s the changing of the guard – a changing role, the energy becomes pure, it becomes its purest form again – back to where it started.”

Use your passion about animals to spread the word that animals are sentient beings and that life can be transformed through the recognition of this and through learning about animal communication. Develop your own super -powers and never, ever, stop being a student of life. The planet depends upon that.

The animals await your enlightenment, with unconditional love.

Blessings,   Monica


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  1. Gillian September 28, 2017 at 2:52 pm Reply

    I have such strong memories of my mother abusing (what a soft word–beating and kicking) our pets that I know dogs are here to teach us unconditional love. I recommend that everyone try to see a documentary called Antarctica (1983) about a dog team left chained there. When two of the guilt-ridden men returned a whole year later to search for the dogs only two survived. Did they shun the men? Did they scream, “Where were you? We were hungry and freezing?” No, they ran to them with their tails wagging! I think of that movie a lot. Good blog.

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