“The magic key is finding what makes us passionate.”   Iona Flores 

Watch for trickster energy, backhanded compliments, passive aggressive comments.”   Amanda Ellis 


Spiritual teacher, Amanda Ellis, points out to us that this portal today 10/10 is bringing through Galactic energy. I feel some new things are afoot for us and my guides told me that my clients, readers and myself are at a crossroads period right now. So, for today, I have decided to pull a Rune for you. I invoked the Angels of the Runes and asked what my readers needed to know today and pulled out of the pouch the Rune Ansuz.

Ansuz is a messenger Rune. It is also the first of the thirteen Runes that make up the Cycle of Initiation. The Cycle of Initiation Runes focus directly upon the mechanism of self-change – and as such, addresses our need to integrate unconscious motive with conscious intent.

The keynote with Ansuz is receiving messages, signals and gifts. Ansuz also reminds us that receiving a timely warning is considered to be a gift. The message may be that of a new life unfolding. It reminds us that new lives begin with new connections, surprising linkages that direct you onto new pathways. We are asked to take care now to be especially aware during meetings, visits, chance encounters, particularly with persons wiser than ourselves. When this Rune brings sacred knowledge we are blessed indeed.

This Rune is also associated with Loki, the ancient trickster from the pantheon of Norse gods. Loki can be a mocking shadow of the creator god as well as the bringer of benefits to humankind. Loki reminds us that even scoundrels can be the bearer of wisdom.

When we draw Ansuz a connection with the Divine is at hand. It asks us to explore the depths  and very foundations of life and to mine the divine within ourselves. Simultaneously we are reminded that without nourishing ourselves it is difficult to provide nourishment to others. Also, this particular Rune has a sense of a renewed family solidarity about it.

“When you draw this Rune, expect the unexpected: The message is always a call to a new life.” (THE BOOK OF RUNES, R.H. Blum)

As we know, everything around us and within us is crumbling on various levels as new life is also beginning to send out its shoots. It is a time of anxiety for many of us. Change usually brings at least some level of anxiety to the ego-personality side of us. However, can you begin to see your anxiety as awareness and honour it as such? How would that feel? Would that not move you perhaps from victimhood to empowerment?  After all, there are 3D times when no anxiety at all could be more of a concern! Some anxiety (not the neurotic kind) arises from what some call “wisdom fear.” Worth a ponder.

I am at a crossroads with my blog. I love writing these blogs and they are my FREE service. Although Gillian is usually the only one who comments on them each time  (Thanks again Gillian!) – a number of you have told me they are valuable to you and you look forward to getting them in your mailbox every Thursday for the past six years or so.  That makes me feel happy and blessed. However, for the past while – someone has been tampering/hacking with the subscription component and every time that occurs I have to get my webmaster to do a technological fix for which, of course, I am charged each time. I assumed the person doing this was an internet troll of which there are seemingly so many.  However, I was shocked to dis-cover, from my guides, that it is one of my own clients doing this. Hopefully this is just a result of the “trickster energy”  but I have decided to not pay for any more “fixes” to the subscription component – so – if in future you cannot comment on my blog and/or you do not get my blog in your mailbox and you are still interested in reading it – you will just need to go to my website and click onto the blog section and it will be there – mostly on a Thursday but sometimes on a weekend.  I will continue to post but you may need to do a few more clicks to get it! I feel it is worth that – I hope you do too.

Future topics are to be mostly guided by my Angels and spirit guides – I have said anything I have to say for the time being. I am getting hints that I often will not have any idea what i will be writing about until I sit down @ the computer although sometimes I am given a ‘heads-up’ if there is research of some sort involved. However, I sense future blogs will be more 5D and beyond.  Sometimes pulling an oracle card for you and topics more about going quantum, the Mandela effect, various dimensions, Galactic energies and changes to our DNA, our upgraded crystalline bodies, and I most likely will start to blog my own channeled information and experiences of activations. And other metaphysical ‘stuff ‘.

Ansuz has confirmed that we are being called to a new life.  Part of my new life is a deeper understanding and faith in the Angels that those who need and/or want my services and blogs will find me and will slow down enough to do a few more clicks in this age of  anxiety and acceleration.

Angel Blessings,   Monica

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  1. Gillian October 11, 2019 at 9:12 pm Reply

    Hope we can continue to receive notice of your blog but if not will certainly look for it each week!

  2. Joan October 15, 2019 at 11:15 pm Reply

    Thank You — well worth a few extra clicks if necessary.

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