This past week Archangel Ariel has been gracing me with her presence.  I am especially honoured because I did not invoke her.  Even though we have communicated in the past.  As an angel communicator, I know angels are around me everywhere; however, I do not ‘tune-in’ 24/7 to them and so I am always wonderfully surprised when they seek my attention without my intention.  Usually I am invoking their help for myself, family, friends or clients.  Angels are the wonderful constant in my life at Angel Cottage.  I am blessed.

Would you like to know how Archangel Ariel got my attention?  Because if she is contacting me it is certainly not for me alone.  It is for us.  Through these pieces that I am writing you are learning to open up to your angels and your Higher Self and others of you are deepening an already established connection.  One night recently I was sitting up in bed reading a very interesting book on metaphysics.  Ironically, (or perhaps not!) I kept being distracted by a gentle breeze wafting over me.  My window was closed and my bedroom door was shut.  The night before had been 80 degrees F. and those of us in Bath were sweltering and now it was 64 degrees.  So, I was feeling the drop in temperature & had closed the windows.  So, feeling the wind on me felt a bit odd.  Oh well, houses do have drafts I thought to myself and kept reading.  Aren’t you relieved to know that even though I have had spirits around me and been aware of them since I was a child, that I still think horse rather than unicorn?  (even though I have seen a number of unicorns)  The book recaptured my interest and so I immersed myself once more.  I felt the breeze turn into wind and become stronger.  And stronger. So, I knew there was a presence in my room, but, that is not unusual at all for me so I kept reading.  I consider myself ‘off-duty’ at night as a general rule.  When I woke up in the morning I was in a fog for awhile as my astral travelling had left me feeling groggy.  So, the clairvoyant vision of a lion that I had immediately on wakening did not make more than a passing impression on me.  However, had I not been so exhausted from my astral travels, I would have realized, at this point, that a message was being delivered by Archangel Ariel, because her name means “lion or lioness of God.”  However, since March my interest in the animal kingdom and animal spirit guides has deepened and therefore my mind took me to thoughts of lion as animal totem.  I resolved to refresh my memory on the meaning of lion as an emerging animal totem by looking it up in ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews, a book on my shelf that has been a constant reference for me for the past 9 years.  Without opening Ted’s book, I knew that lion meant I was moving deeper into my feminine powers. There has been another ‘shift.’  However, at this moment in the morning, I was not aware of Archangel Ariel trying to get my attention!  After my morning routine of spiritual practices I was not surprised, but certainly interested, to ‘see’ a lion walk down the hall and disappear.  O.K. Now you have my attention!  After doing angel readings for the two clients that I had in the afternoon I spent the evening immersed in ANIMAL SPEAK.  Everything that Ted Andrews writes interests me and has for many years so this was an evening well spent.  When I went to get ready for bed – I reached up to put ANIMAL SPEAK on the shelf and a book suddenly fell from the shelf to the floor.  I picked it up.  Yes, dear readers, your intuition is correct!  There was the face of a lion on the cover.  It is a book I have yet to read that suddenly fell off a shelf in a bookstore in Kingston after I was ‘called’ to this work by Archangel Raphael’s sudden appearance in my room, in full form, in 2005.  Raphael’s ‘call’ to me I heeded immediately and I was directed to travel to California and to study with Dr. Doreen Virtue whom, at that point, I had never heard of.  So, Archangel Ariel is calling to at least one of you.  Are you going to heed the call?

As I have taught you – when you receive three signs – pay attention!  I had the strong winds blowing through my room.  I did not remember that night that Ariel is historically connected with King Solomon – who believed that Ariel ruled the winds.  Therefore, Ariel gave me 3 signs in the form of lions.  Yes, to inform me of my increasing power, and to ‘call’ us into service to come to the aid of our ailing planet.  Ariel helps with environmental causes and the care and healing of animals.  I do not pass a wounded creature without stopping and offering whatever assistance I can.  I am sure you are the same.  This calls Ariel to our side.  She notices.  Pay attention to signs.  It behooves us to become a detective on our own behalf and on behalf of those we help & serve.  Do not be surprised after reading this piece to hear people speaking about lions, hear about lions, see a lion on tv or have a vision of a lion.  Archangel Ariel is now on my radar.  She needs to be on yours too.  We all need to awaken to our own purpose.  Part of my purpose is to work with the faeries and others in the elemental realm.  Since Ariel oversees the elemental kingdom I have received her assistance in the past.  If you are interested in working with the faeries so that you can help with environmental causes such as cleaning up the lakes and oceans or protecting the quality of the air – invoke Ariel and she will respond immediately.  Time is of the essence.  Your help is needed NOW.  Do not worry that you will be given an assignment that you can’t handle.  Don’t worry if you do not have a certificate or diploma on your wall that says that you are an environmentalist.  You KNOW who you are if this refers to you.  Your help is much appreciated and you will be assigned, should you feel guided to heed this call, to tasks or projects that make you feel fulfilled and joyous and allow you use your natural talents and gifts to help heal the planet.

If you are unsure as to whether you are being called to this work at this time, meditation is a great way to find out.  Slow down, become still, near water if possible.  Turn off all electronic gadgets.  Connect to your breath – taking plenty of time to breathe deeply and easily.  Then, drop into your heart.  Invoke Ariel in any way that you wish – you do not need a formal invocation.  Only connect.  A sincere heart-felt question always initiates a response.  Therefore, listen and observe.  It may not be immediate, but, you will receive an answer.  When we stop ‘broadcasting’ we can move into the zone to ‘receive’ with greater ease than we can imagine!  If this call is not for you at present – it may be in your future.  Somewhere else along the space-time continuum.

Ariel is pronounced AHR-ee-el.  Call upon her if you come upon a wounded animal or bird, especially a seabird, although she will help all birds.  She will also help you manifest supplies for animals and also for yourself.

Thank you so much, Archangel Ariel, for your presence and your help.

Blessings,      Monica                          p.s. Archangel Ariel approved the content of this piece!

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  1. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 2:49 pm Reply

    I remember commenting on this, too, when you were still having technical difficulties. Very interesting! Love the appearance of the lion.

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