“I gratefully accept my past since it has made me into the person that I am today.  In doing so I release the anchor that has kept me back and connect myself with the insights that I have gained in the course of time.  From now on I am the director of my life.”   Isabelle von Fallois

“A life review today, held at regular intervals, will prove to be of great benefit to you in determining your next station and steps. By reviewing your life along the way, you make your duty that much more enjoyable when you get to the other side.  You’ll already have reviewed the major crossroads, and won’t suffer or have regrets when you admit to yourself that you could have done better.”   Archangel Jeremiel (channeled by Doreen Virtue)

Archangel Jeremiel is one of my guardian angels. (The other two are Archangels Michael and Raziel)  Jeremiel is the Life Review Angel. We all have between 1-3 guardian angels that are with us before we are born and remain with us until and as we cross over. My own guardian angel’s names were revealed to me by a classmate, Joe, during my Angel Therapy(R) Practitioner’s course (2006) and he was as pleased with my revelations for him as I was with his reading of my aura. I will always remember Joe because he revealed to me the names of my guardian angels and I know he will remember me for revealing to him his own many profound psychic gifts. Yet we will never see one another again in this lifetime. For me, this is a demonstration that it is not always the amount of time we spend with another but rather the quality of the time that matters. But that is my reading of it. I do some version of a life review, however minute, on a daily basis. I always have, but, it was not until I took Doreen’s course and learned the names of my angels from Joe that I understood what a profound effect Archangel Jeremiel was having on me and why since childhood I was always concerned with self-development and soul growth. Now I also know why I taught Life-Writing (memoir writing) for eight years at a senior’s centre. Socrates apparently said that an unexamined life was not worth living.  I don’t necessarily think that is true; however, I do think regular reflection is important if we are to allow ourselves to grow and evolve and develop into an understanding of our true self and our divinity and the responsibility that goes with being aware of it. Archangel Jeremiel is the go-to angel for this as well as the angel to call in to help you to forgive yourself and others for your actual and perceived mistakes. The truth shall set you free.

Archangel Jeremiel’s energy is what I can only describe as exquisite. Invoke him and experience for yourself. Angels all have different energy signatures, as do we, and while angels are mentioned in many religions and religious texts they are all non-denominational and help anyone of all religions or no-religion as God has no favourites but Loves us all equally. However, due to the Law of Free Will we must ask for help as the only time an angel can intervene without our asking is if we are in a life-threatening situation before our time is up. Archangel Jeremiel’s name is pronounced Jair-ah-MY-el and means “Mercy of God.” Jeremiel is listed in ancient Judaic texts as one of the 7 core archangels. Archangels are like the ‘manager’ angels of Heaven. They oversee the angels and ensure that they are fulfilling their duties (which, naturally, they always are!). Some Archangels you will be more familiar with than others – Jeremiel is one of these – and so he is not one of the ‘new’ Archangels being created by God during these intense times. Jeremiel is well-known and is the divine representation of God’s Mercy. Jeremiel is known for taking Baruch, a prolific author of apocryphal Judaic texts (first century A.D.) for a tour of the different levels of Heaven. As the Life Review and Forgiveness angel he helps us to deal with our emotions and to make an inventory of our lives so that we may forgive and make plans for positive change. When we have been ‘wronged’ we always have the choice to punish or to seek revenge (low vibration) or to be merciful (high vibration). The Higher choice is mercy – the choice from love and for love. The mercy option allows us to let go of toxic resentment and thoughts that can lead to dis-ease.

You will notice that I use the “he” pronoun when referring to Archangel Jeremiel. Angels, as celestial beings, have no gender; however, their specific specialties and characteristics give them distinct male and female energies and personas so please remember that I am always talking energy (everything is energy) and not gender – these are different subjects and I am not a student or teacher of gender but rather a student and teacher of energy. Most angel specialists read Jeremiel’s energy as masculine ( words are difficult but what we have) ; however, if you read it otherwise  – go with it! Angels may incarnate or show themselves to you as being masculine, feminine or androgynous or  they may take  the shape of an animal  or in any other way that God allows in order to perform their divine assignment.  God is unlimited, so, we are employing words for ultimately what is often ineffable. The main thing to remember is that angels are not human beings!

If you are waking up or have woken up you may be seeing many angel lights/trails and what you are seeing with your physical eyes when you see these are the friction or energy of the angels as they move across the room (like sparks from fast-moving cars).  White are angels. Bright colours are Archangels. This is the way I saw angels until the angel visitation in 2005.  At least 50 % of people in any metaphysical workshop given today will be seeing these lights before or after attending a spiritual/metaphysical gathering as the light pours in. Things are speeding up, many are having ascension symptoms ( headaches, fatigue, nausea, vertigo etc) so remember to give your body the rest and proper nutrition and movement it needs as we head into another intense period this week-end with what Simone M. Matthews calls “profound celestial shifts.” I am very much feeling these shifts in my body as my predominant clair is clairsentience and I only connected this to the stars today after reading that there is an upcoming full lunar eclipse + Pentagram + Galactic Centre event. This is why I am guided to write about Archangel Jeremiel as it is a perfect time to invoke Jeremiel and ask him to help you to review your past, illuminate your shadow, and chart a course for your future.  We are at a crossroads – full of potential and opportunity for positive change but also the opportunity to act negatively from an unconscious place rapidly illuminated. Knowledge is power (power to, not power over). There is an opportunity here for a re-birth for many of us. Since Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who reviews our life with us once we cross over why not start this process NOW so that he can help us assess our history with love and mercy so we may learn from our pasts and move forward more centered in love. The life review when we cross over is much more in-depth; however, there is no time like the present to call in Jeremiel and get a head-start so to speak!

Here is Doreen Virtue’s invocation should you wish to employ it, although your own will work just as well:

“Archangel Jeremiel, please help me release fears, worries, and tension about my future… and the future of the world …(tell Jeremiel about any situation that is weighing particularly on your mind) I ask for your prophetic insights about the future. Please clearly give me guidance about anything that I may do or change to create the highest and best future for myself and all concerned. Thank you.” (ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS)

So, you can see that no matter who your own guardian angel/s are, we can call in any angel or ascended master to help us at anytime as they only need our permission to help.  Then, remember to observe and listen so you do not miss the guidance as I have found a number of people spend a lot of time giving and not receiving. Allow yourself to receive the messages of your angels.

Forgiveness, essential to the manifestation process, is actually a deconditioning process of the mind. This process takes place when we are willing to let go of fear and choose love. Choosing love breaks down the barriers around our hearts and souls and allows Archangel Jeremiel’s flame of forgiveness to burn away the negative energies and release all that emotional baggage from the past  that is a frequency that does not correspond to our current dreams. When we cleanse and let go of our past then it loses its power over us. If we cling to the ‘old’ energy of our past then due to the Law of Resonance it is impossible to attract something ‘new’ into our lives. For example, many of us have attracted partners and/or friends into our lives through our woundings – however – now we no longer wish to attract people that way but rather through our joy! Ask Archangel Jeremiel to help you to forgive and release the past and I suggest a formal sitting where you bring some paper to your sacred space and write on that paper what you wish to release. Be specific. When finished I suggest you burn the paper and move forward.  If you run into any seeming obstacles in the future remember that they are temporary and that when you get the lesson – you will receive the hidden treasure! The magic of spiritual knowledge and the alchemy of transformation.

This week-end Simone M. Matthews reminds us of the potential available through the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse/Pentagram/ Golden Rectangle/ Galactic Centre alignment to “take our lives outside of the box of the old story of Earth… and align with a greater truth through our hearts… allow LOVE to show you what to do. That doesn’t mean not standing up for what you believe in. That doesn’t mean not marching in support of human rights, or giving a voice to those that are unable to speak up… but rather choosing “sacred activism” that seeks to include, that is not caught up within fighting an old system, but rather creating a new system through the collective heart.”  Amen to that!

Thank you Archangel Jeremiel for helping us to forgive, let go of the past and to align with our hearts and Higher Selves so that we help shift ourselves and the planet into the quantum leap of consciousness we so desire and that the planet needs for its survival.

Light & Love,   Monica


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    Feeling very “jangly” these days. I’ve been putting it down to Post-Trump-Stress-Disorder but whatever the reason I’m sure Jeremiel could help!:)

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