“If the light of a thousand suns suddenly arose in the sky, that splendor might be compared to the radiance of the Supreme Spirit.”    Bagavadgita 11:12

“Let the Light come into your life, into every cell of your body, into every level of your thinking, into every level of your intellect. You cannot be anything else, someday. Then  be a ray of that Light now.”   Swami Sivananda Radha

“I believe we are very much part of the quantum reality, but kind of in our own 3D fishbowl within it. Thus, we are so smug that we seem to know how our bowl works, and tell everyone that the entire Universe is also a bowl and it works like ours. We then have a “bowl science” and a “bowl God.” ”    Lee Carroll


I believe that each of us is a divine being. Our True Self is divine. That is why I chose that motto for Awakening Spirit. One of my central goals is to help others to awaken to the divinity within and to choose to create from there. I aim to help people when they come to me for an Angel reading/Angel healing to have an experience that deepens their connection to and awareness of the Light. I facilitate it with the Angels; however, that person must be open to allowing it. A true spiritual experience changes us forever. What is one of your spiritual experiences that changed your life forever? Close your eyes for a moment and take some beautiful, slow deep breaths and bring into your mind the remembrance of that profound spiritual experience. It is one you will not be able to recreate, although you will have many, many others on the journey to the Light. Do you think that your experiences are part of the architecture of the Light? I do. Because the Angels asked me today to write about the architecture of Light and I immediately thought of you my dear readers because you are a part of my architecture of Light.

While writing that opening paragraph I heard what I thought was a bird banging up against the bay window where I sit as I write this. I looked up from my paper and pen and broke off writing to run to the window to save the bird, with Archangel Michael, from death. However, as I got close to the window I saw not the hummingbird that has often come with messages in my life but rather a beautiful butterfly the size of a hummingbird! Once I observed it and its beauty – it flew away. This was another spiritual experience – we have them every day don’t we? We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Was this particular experience something that I could recreate? No. Because at the time I was focused on wondering what the Angels meant when they asked me to write this blog about the architecture of Light and also – I was not aware that a butterfly that large existed! So, I ask myself, is the butterfly part of the architecture of Light? Yes, of course it is. Some call God the Great Architect.

As usual I get up from my chair and go to my bookshelf for my book on animal totems. Naturally, I am aware that butterfly means transformation and I am also cognizant of butterfly as being associated with the Faerie Realm. Ted (ANIMAL SPEAK) says that “transmutation and the dance of joy” are the keynotes of butterfly and that no animal or insect has come to represent the process of transformation and shape shifting more than that of butterfly.

Within the last few months I have repeatedly pulled the Blank Rune so I am aware from having pulled this Rune in the past that through working with the Light I have, once again, successfully made myself a blank slate for the Universe to write upon and for me to co-create with Source a new beginning. Empty, expectant, full of faith and open to whatever lies ahead – this time I feel a great ease about this place of nothingness, no-thing-ness, that I have experienced before with transformations past. I am just in a state of being. Expecting miracles to come into my life and yet fine with whatever occurs. Peace.

It is time to say good-bye to the old new life of the last 12 years. It has been disappearing for some time now I realize. I have been seeing 555 sometimes 5 times a day and as we know – this Angel number means “buckle your seatbelt –  a major change ahead.” I am fine with this – I have learned, the hard way, that change is the only constant and have cultivated an acceptance and sometimes a  love of change.

So what is the change? I am going with the flow. Watching for omens and signs and listening for my guidance from the Angels. However, I suspect it has to do with awakening to ETs – which is quite frankly not something I asked for, wished for, or anticipated, but maybe my Higher Self arranged my encounter with Euril my Arcturian visitor who landed in my room in 2016 facilitating a new awakening. An Angel awakened me in 2005 which led me to Doreen Virtue in 2006 and while this was awesome  – having had a strong connection with Jesus my whole life – Angels were not that surprising to me. But, last year, an ET? Yes, that was a more unusual event for me this lifetime. I realize it took me at least a year to process this. What am I supposed to do with this? When an Angel landed in my room in 2005 if you are a regular reader you know I went out to California, as guided, to train with Doreen Virtue, a woman that I had never heard of. I found out from fellow students that some people had waited years for a place on her course. It was meant to be and thanks to Doreen and the Angels I have been an Angel Therapist(R) for 11 or so years and this has been rewarding beyond measure. But ETs? What am I supposed to do with this? Maybe nothing. No thing. Why do we humans, for we are human as well as divine, feel we must do something? There is nothing to do. I will just be me.

There are so many kinds of awakenings and they are all part of the architecture of the Light. Whether it be a Kundalini awakening, shamanic awakening, energetic transmission awakenings (such as Reiki), subtle energy awakenings, channel awakenings, chakra awakenings, multidimensional awakening. There are many more types of awakenings. These are labels that help us help each other through our many, many awakenings from our deep sleep in the Matrix.

My Angel awakening caused my life in 2006 to collapse like a house of cards! I came out of Doreen’s Faery Circle and it was gone. I have written about this before – I had a dream while at the Angel Therapy(R) course with Doreen that life as I knew it at that time was over. My marriage of 35 years was gone. Out-of-the-blue, my amazing psychic called for what would be our final communication.  She now works for the U.N. and no longer does readings. Unasked she told me that I had had a spiritual contract with my husband that had been for 35 years. Grace told me that we had fallen in love in Rome over one thousand years ago and he had been killed (military man) before we were able to marry. Grace said that what we came to experience together and share together was fulfilled. For 3D life what seemed like a failure was actually a success story from the place of Higher Self.

Awakenings inevitably involve a letting go of some kind. It is not always a drastic change and there are many kinds of awakenings but to awaken is to know a new reality that is larger than you knew before. My reality since Euril ( see my blog “Walk Like An Arcturian, Jan 5, 2017) has greatly expanded. I have become aware of my “star origins” and am now receiving clients asking about theirs. I am asked to share about this ‘new’ awakening that is still fresh to me – I am still integrating it but I am being asked to share now. Why? It is part of the architecture of Light and sharing our awakening stories helps others to know that they are not alone and not crazy. Maybe someone reading this blog has just met an ET or is about to. The Angels know why I am writing this – that is always sufficient for me.

It was sometime in 2016 when I awakened around 3 am to a feeling of ‘someone in the room’. This never scares me because my bouncer, Archangel Michael, never leaves my side and therefore whomever is there has no negative intentions. The only surprise was that this was a not a human being. She woke me up gently by leaning over me and lightly touching my arm. Her eyes were gentle, wise and absolutely radiating love. She had a large oval-shaped head and very large eyes and was very tall as even bending over she was tall! The other-worldly feeling of love she gave me I have only experienced before from the Angels and Jesus of Nazareth. I bathed in her Love bath after blinking many times to make sure she was ‘real’. She was. She is. Did she give me a transmission of some kind? The Angels say yes. Did she give me an activation of some kind? The Angels say yes, so, it is interesting that I am just digesting this now as I write this for you. I have had an amazing absence of curiosity about this until recently.

The person I am becoming is now open to ETs. Euril most likely has moved me out of the multidimensional closet for a reason. Perhaps so I can help future clients with their multidimensional awakenings. A few clients are asking about their star origins and the information arrives as needed. Divine timing. I remember reading many decades ago, 1972, a book called CHARIOTS OF THE GODS where the case was made for ETs from advanced civilizations having seeded our planet Earth in ancient times in ways we do not yet understand. Are we hybrids? Many think so. When I read the aforementioned book I was a newly minted Registered Nurse and my 3D life left me only so much time for delving into the metaphysical questions that have been a through-line in my life. However, it made great sense to me. Now, having met Euril, it is part of my new reality. Believing is seeing, however, seeing is also believing.

Now, I am in a different place in my life where I am blessed to have the time to meditate and open frequently to understanding more and more about God’s architecture of Light. I hope that you meditate  too. Meditation is the practice that I recommend for befriending your Self. You are a multidimensional divine being having a human experience.

The Solar Eclipse we just experienced has affected each and every one of us. Do not be alarmed if you find yourself silently weeping and do not know why – or bursting into tears – or feeling a sense of nostalgia for days gone by. Even days gone by that were quite frankly not so good! This is purification dear ones. You are cleansing the past. Letting go of what might hold you in the old reality of 3D Earth. Your past is not gone forever but rather has made you into the magnificent person that you are today. It is integrating and creating the new you. This may last a number of months as we release old programming and patterns due to the high frequency Light Codes that are entering us. Our heart is deeply affected – seeing a cat’s footprint on my deck can bring me to tears – sensitivity is not a curse – it is a blessing. Remember that.  Our bodies are becoming more crystalline in nature – enabling us to hold more Light. Simultaneously our chakras are being opened further and upgraded and because they are aligned with our physical endocrine system we may experience some more of our ascension symptoms. We are part of the architecture of Light and in fact conduits of it as it flows through us into the Earth. Changes are ahead for me. I am ready for whatever is involved in leaving the old 3D reality of duality in order to make a breakthrough into something new. Are you?  What kind of new you are you becoming?

While you are transforming with your Angels I hope you are taking extra care of your body. It is your temple of Light.

Angel Blessings,   Monica


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  1. Gillian August 24, 2017 at 8:00 pm Reply

    What an exciting blog! We all are, literally, stardust, as is everything around us. When I meet an ET I’ll certainly let you and other readers know 🙂

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