“The Arcturians are working with the divine power spots within our bodies.”   Lauren Galey

“ET ships come along grid structures.”  Gene Ang

As I write this I am still absorbing an Arcturian Temple Galactic Transmission from Gene Ang. It was not a long transmission, a few minutes is all. As Lauren Galey said, “a little dose.”  A lovely little dose indeed.  This transmission, or perhaps the effects of it, will continue likely over the next few days. There is a lot of chaos around me during these ‘unprecedented times’ as I am sure you can relate to,  and being an empath I take a lot of it on, however, the loving transmission has brought me back into my peaceful center so I can connect with you today, or whenever you read this.

Have you received a transmission, channeled or otherwise, from an ET? I trust those from the Arcturians because my ET guide, Eularia, is a typical Arcturian as she radiates other-worldly frequencies of love and compassion that I feel as Christ-like.  I also trust Gene Ang as the way he describes the Arcturians aligns with my experiences. As always, Archangel Michael would block any transmission that was not for my Higher Good.

You might be interested in what my experience was during that short two minute transmission? Instant peace.  My Reiki Master hands ‘turned on’ strongly as Reiki poured from my hands and heart. I saw a lovely green planet spinning in the distance that drew closer and radiated green healing light. I was aware that information Eularia wants me to have was being downloaded energetically.

The small paragraph above is talking about my personal experience. The Cosmic Grid System is coming up for a lot of people right now. Listening to Gene talk about it I recognized that some of what Gene was talking about were parts of the missing puzzle I was attempting to discover when I wrote my blog entitled “The Architecture of Light” in August of 2017.  In 2017 I had not long before met Eularia (whom I mistakenly called Euril in that piece).  I knew meeting Eularia was a kind of watershed moment, but not really! (he he, you all know what I mean!).

We have known about these energetic structures within our bodies and in the cosmos since ancient times and they are coming very strongly into our collective consciousness at this time. We know the subtle world underlies our physical world.  (“As above, so below”). These energetic structures are of the body and land and cosmos. Most of you know about ley lines or dragon lines as they are sometimes called.  Gene says that while they were once “fresh and positive, some have become contaminated by things such as nuclear blasts.”  You most likely are aware that some lightworkers are energy and grid workers. One of the most famous ley lines is the Mary-Michael line in Southern England. So many of the crop circles fall on this line.

The land is the energetic piece that energy architects used in their creations. Gene informed us that if you moved any of the great pyramids even ten miles down the road, it would lose all of its power.  I intuitively understand this having felt the energy of the place standing on the steps of the pyramid in Chichen Iza in the Yucatan Peninsula. Apparently Egypt did move some pyramids due to damns, although they were very carefully reconstructed, and while they are still very beautiful, their power is largely gone.  Grids are also within our bodies Gene tells us and grid workers get downloads and uploads to help them do their work.  Some grid workers have known to become ill if they haven’t taken excellent care of their physical bodies.  Running this much energy requires a strong container. Are you sometimes called to travel to distant places where you do not stay long?  Could you be an undercover grid worker? You might be participating in planetary downloads without being fully conscious of that. Of course, your Higher Self knows and directs it.

There appear to be changes in the grid system going on. Although it isn’t static, it is quite consistent and shifts not frequently but with the changing cycles of time informs Gene. He also talks about how there are certain “birth sites” where souls enter and exit that coincide with energetic hubs and portals. Kuai is one and Jerusalem is another as is Tibet. As energy spots shift, things do change. Gene gave the example of the Dali Llama living in exile in India. Where will the next Dalai Lama incarnate?

What I called “The Architecture of Light” (which was the name channeled to me through the Angels) Gene calls the “Ether Net.”  He says, “You could call the Ether Net, the original Internet.”  The Ether Net connects us to the Galactic Grid System that opens us up to Star Beings and also provides a deeper connection to our true selves as well as the Unified Field.  There are hubs and there are portals. Gene explains his definition of both of these. Portals are interconnections between dimensions and hubs are energetic connections on a deeper level. If we wish to hyper-jump Gene says, we use portals.  “We are consciousness.”

Some lightworkers, like myself, assist clients to release personal blocks through channeling Angels. Others release blocks in the grid structure. Arcturians can help you if you are a grid worker.  They can perform transmissions that upgrade your own personal grid in the way that a house can get its Wi Fi upgraded says Gene.  If you connect to your Higher Self, then to your guides and subsequently the Arcturians you can upgrade your communication systems, by either creating a hub and/or strengthening it.

If you live near mountains you might be noticing ET ships coming along the grid structures. When I lived in Victoria I saw my first ET ship, as I have mentioned before, at around 3 a.m. on Cedar Hill Cross Road exiting from what I now realize was a portal at Mount Tolmie and heading toward Mount Doug. Mountains are great portals.

We can help the grid from wherever we are.  You can be a caretaker of your local land. We do not need to travel to exotic places, although that is wonderful.

Love & Light,   Aurora/Monica

p.s. One of my clients asked for a larger font on these blogs – I totally understand. Word Press is constantly changing. My Website Host tried to insert a plugin to put a visual cue on the site, but it broke the site because the theme doesn’t support a high enough version of the scripting language used. However, she suggests “changing your screen resolution or the more simple solution is using the CRL key with the + key and increasing the font size as needed.”  Thank you so much Carol!



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  1. Gillian September 19, 2021 at 7:07 pm Reply

    I have not received a transmission but am open to it! While on a midnight walk during the pandemic, youngest daughter and I saw what we can only describe (for you Star Trek fans) as a fleet of starships switching to warp speed in the northwestern sky from our vantage point on Nottawasaga Bay. BIG lights zooming in steady straight lines then disappearing. Every subsequent walk I have looked for them, of course. Will take another after tomorrow’s election under the full corn moon 🙂 No trouble reading the blog…seems like a 14 point font to me.

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