How confident are you feeling about your ascension path? Are you calling in all the help available to you? I am finding that some of my clients are still forgetting to ask for help. Archangel Michael helps us with courage and confidence and remember that you can borrow the confidence of an ascended master on your own path to mastery.

Yesterday I listened to a conversation between Lauren Galey and Alieta Grace. Alieta Grace is the Higher Self of Deborah Reyes, an attorney in a metropolitan police department  who is focused on Divine Law and creating peace and harmony on the planet. Deborah channels Alieta. A conscious “walk-in” she also remembers her origins in the Orion star system and is here on Earth to assist in the release of war trauma from Gaia. Deborah has been channeling Alieta for nearly 40 years and works with clients to help them step into their own power. Her book By Decree, The Musings of a Light Lawyer is released this year.

Are you familiar with the term “walk-in”? In all my years as an Angel Therapist(R) – to date – I have only had one client who is a “walk-in.” I think I probably first heard the term from the work of Ruth Montgomery; however, it wasn’t until around 2007 that I was conscious of meeting a walk-in due to the fact that she came for an Angel reading with me. Wikipedia defines walk-in: “A walk-in is a new-age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new, generally more advanced, soul.”  The original soul usually departs due to an accident or trauma or intense personal problems and the other soul walks into his/her body and retains the memories of the original personality, although, the abilities and personality changes to become oriented towards helping humanity. It allows the more advanced soul to carry out its mission without a couple of decades of maturing into an adult.

Alieta receives higher dimensional guidance from the Galactic realm as well as other realms. She likes to help people with their ascension journey. She points out that many of us are exhausted right now and reminds us about radical self-care. She says that after we have committed to raising our frequency, as we have, that we must stop thinking that we are not doing enough. We have stopped thinking we are not enough and now we stop thinking that we are not doing enough. Alieta ask us, “What do you need to do to lift your spirits?” It may not be something you identify as spiritual. Do it. Breathe deeply and bring in your light. Go into your ethereal heart and feel the truth – this gives you confidence.

Alieta recommends that you give yourself permission to be both ascended and human. Some of us who have been on this journey for decades are exhausted. Some feel numb. “Why do I feel numb?” and “How do I get more sleep?” are questions to consider writing about in your journal. Take more breaks and go into your “happy place” says Alieta. Ask for help with confidence that all is in Divine Order and all is well. Remember to transmute negative energy using the Violet Flame (I wrote a blog about it, maybe re-read it).

There are people here now in our spiritual/ascension communities who are welcoming grandchildren, nieces and nephews, says Alieta, who come from the multiverse through star gates mostly unknown to us and they were in a “state of preparation” before coming here to this planet. They have not been to earth before and were in prep to learn about our customs, our ways. These new 5D beings are here to bring in modalities which we (yes you!) have planted in our intentions as we used our imagination to co-create and they will materialize that – but with a bit more extravagance says Alieta. For example – how they heal the physical body – without cutting the body open and removing organs.

These new 5D beings will be experts of the new modalities of healing. They work with light. This rings true for me. I remember a few years ago when one of my clients abroad developed leukemia. She had the conventional medical treatments and asked me what she could do daily to heal herself. I asked Apollo (an ascended master of great power who has helped me pull out energetic implants in the past from clients) and he told me to ask her to imagine drinking glasses of light every day. Three times a day to drink glasses of light. She did it. However, at a certain point – having battled for a long time – she felt ready to let go and cross over. She stopped medical treatments. She stopped drinking light. She crossed over peacefully at the time of her choosing. She visited me afterwards in spirit form and gave me a message for her family which I passed on.

These new kids we speak of will work with ancient healing modalities, yes – Reiki is one of them – and they are incarnating all over the globe. Some of them come from planets where there is no gender identification – they come from planets where they do not have the duality of gender – planets where it is homogenous and beings look very much alike. We need to welcome these beings with love, respect and patience.

Instead of medicating some of these excitable children we need to provide them with a fast-tracked education, says Alieta, as they are coming in with advanced science and technology. They will know how to use lasers to purify the land and water and that this will occur as it is a part of the ascension process.

The new beings will be almost completely incompatible with diseases that are still here such as cancer, diabetes, and liver, heart and brain problems. When these young beings reach their teens and high teens and 20s and 30s they will bring in the light worker alternative modalities, such as Reiki, and different combinations of sound and light healing which they will introduce into the body while taking account of the whole body – physical, emotional, mental and ethereal and the vibratory rate of the being and Alieta says this will be interesting to witness. They will use light to correct what is out of alignment. Alieta reminds us that Jesus studied and learned these techniques with the Essenes. There will be the return of these ancient healing techniques and new plants and new soil adjustment processes.

Continue to have confidence in your ascension process. Everything is in Divine Order. All is well.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian May 29, 2019 at 11:42 pm Reply

    There’s so much in this post that’s completely new to me! Love the concept of a Light Lawyer and must get Deborah Reyes’ book. 🙂

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