“Plagues aren’t unique to our species, they are just unique to us.”   Nicholas Christakis

“We will ultimately push back this plague, this vaccine is a miracle.”   Nicholas Christakis

Steve Judd, U.K. astrologer, says that the square from Saturn to Uranus is the big astrological picture for 2021. Other astrologers I checked out seemed to confirm this perspective. Judd says that Uranus is in Taurus for the next 5 years. Uranus brings change which can be sudden and chaotic and dramatic. However, it can also be adventurous and stimulating. Taurus, as we know, is known for fixedness regarding values and material things. So, Uranus in Taurus is changing value systems.

The research I did shows that top astrologers, including Judd, are seeing in the astrological charts – changes in the old attitudes to capitalism and changes to the way money is regulated. Judd and others see a forced shift in the way economies are managed. Financial and government changes are among the themes for 2021.

Judd gave us a brief, general global reading of the months of 2021.  January will be the most action-packed month of the year says Vedic Astrologer, Joni Patry, and Judd agrees specifying the two middle weeks as being “fraught.” He feels those weeks will “send shock waves into the rest of the year.” There will be big changes in perspectives toward government and leadership. Judd predicts after the end of January that things will be easier than 2020. In fact, Judd sees us being in a bit of a “metaphorical daze” in February as we recoup from January and 2020 in general. Vaccines he says will work on a temporary basis and then in the month of March -the long-term projections will likely be determined. The months of April, May, June, July will not be as challenging as 2020, except for perhaps the first week of June which might be a “stinker.” Early August brings startling financial changes and a further shift in what we consider important. September Judd predicts will also bring some startling news regarding isolated personalities and secrets on a personal level. The October New Moon brings some action around the 6-8th and in the first few weeks of November, he predicts will be dangerous. Active. Dynamic. Things coagulate around the New Moon on the 4th of November. December is “quiet.”  Whew eh?

Bracha Goldsmith who is an astrologer currently in New Zealand who channels the Pleiadians predicts from her channeling that 2021-2022 will be very fast paced. We are guided to “keep moving.” There will be “strange happenings” and quick changes. We are awakened to “many new senses.” We will be tuning in to data, messages, dreams and visions. Keep a journal! Our inner worlds are rich. “Laughing and allowing” are recommended. Sing. Raise yourself up say the Pleiadians. “Do not map your life out.” If you have a goal Bracha says – make it something like becoming a peaceful human or learning to relax, or asking how you can connect with Higher forces?  Collaboration is important.

Joni Patry says in this month of January “expect the unexpected.” As an American astrologer she says, “Everything about the United States is going to change dramatically.” She predicts (from her knowledge of Vedic Astrology) this year will see “wars, both external and internal.”  She predicts protests, radical upsets, violence in the streets. She also predicts “medical miracles” this year. How we look at disease will change she says. 2021-2022 Joni predicts more of us – in fact many of us – will have and/or become aware of the revealing of “communications with aliens.”  This may lead to mass hysteria she says. (Obviously, this does not pertain to my readers or others of us lightworkers who channel ETs and/or who know my Arcturian guide Eularia through me and my writings.) Joni advises us to stay grounded and in contact with family and friends receiving and giving unconditional love. “Don’t contribute to the chaos.”  Joni also says: “If you think Donald Trump is going away – think again.” In March she predicts something like “two governments operating at the same time.”

I listened to some predictions this morning from a social epidemiologist, Nicholas Christakis, whom I quoted at the beginning of this piece. Nicholas is a Yale Professor and Physician who directs the Human Nature Laboratory. His recent book he spoke about is called Apollo’s Arrow and he reminded us that the Iliad opened with a plague! Nicholas predicts “beginning in 2022 we will reach herd immunity either by everyone getting it or by vaccination. We are not at the end, but, we are at the end of the beginning.” He says that he is predicting the new “roaring twenties”. All of us have been cooped up so long that he says when our herd immunity is reached and we are post- pandemic we will be out unwinding at rallies, sports, bars, concerts and the like.

2021 is a transition year. We know the drill lightworkers.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian January 2, 2021 at 8:06 pm Reply

    Whew! Hang in there, everybody 🙂 After years of vaguely hoping to see something unusual in the sky, last summer (2020) I finally did! Not at all scary, either, just unusual and beautiful. Good blog.

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