“In spiritual practice there are only two things: you sit and you sweep the garden. And it doesn’t matter how big the garden is.”   Zen saying

“When the moon of your mind becomes clouded over by confusion, you are searching for the light outside.”   Hozoin

“Can it be that the spring is not the spring of old times?”   classical Waka

Attuning to 5D is the topic the Angels gave me for today. Where to begin? Well, from my current perspective, I believe that attuning to 5D begins with the decision and intention to become the best version of ourselves. This means self-love and a dedication and a commitment to a spiritual practice. We, at 3D frequency, are programmed to seek the love and the light outside of ourselves. It is within and when we know this, in our sacred hearts, we claim our sovereign space, we honour and take care of ourselves at the highest level and with courage and confidence we begin commanding our own field.

In 5D we have a direct connection with Spirit. We have this possibility in 3D as well; however, we often buy into the illusion of separation which is perpetuated in 3D by many around us. This illusion is reinforced in 3D by those who tell us that only an intermediary (such as a priest, healer or shaman for example) can connect with Source. This is not true. We all can. However, in order to do this we do need to let go of our blocks. We have everything we need to be divine channels of love and light, there is nothing we need add to ourselves, only things to let go of. Then, we are able to come into alignment with this Source Energy. In alignment we come into attunement with another energy, be it Reiki, an Archangel or ascended master or faery goddess. This is a merging – a beautiful and sacred union between you and the energy you choose to channel.

When I am channeling the Angels or a saint, for example, I am in alignment with that Energy. Source Energy. Working with Angels has greatly elevated my frequency, as has a thirty-two year Yoga practice. However, today, with the ascension upgrades for New Earth – all of us are able ( if we wish) to achieve connections with Spirit that, back in the day, would have taken decades. Fifth dimension is a choice and a way of being that is accessible to everyone. That being said, not all are choosing it.

What is 5D all about? It is about love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and non-judgment. Some call it Christ Consciousness and some call it Unity Consciousness. There are other names; however, if you think about Jesus – you know that he was not 3D! This dimension is about living from the heart. The sacred heart. It is about equality and letting go of control and forgiving the past and letting it go. Turning away from trauma and learning from gratitude (5D) rather than suffering (3D). It is realizing that the Universe has our back and remembering that we are made of light.

How do we know that we are in 5D? One way, of many, is to ask ourselves, “which of these holds my power – fear or love?” If it is fear – you are currently in 3D. Most of us are dimensional travelers. However, we are learning to become conscious of our personal cues/clues to our new landscapes. Do you know what I mean? It takes practice. The dimensions are nested and the higher dimensions are outside of linear time. Play being a detective. Your personal fifth dimensional landscape is as unique as your third – even if there is Unity Consciousness. For example, when I am transiting out of 3D into 4D I have observed that I hear a loud metallic sound. When I am in 5D my clairalience (psychic smelling) is very powerful. Although I experience that in 3D, it is very heightened in 5D. I will smell the flowers on the desk of a person on a you tube video for example who is in the U.K. There are so many ways of knowing, but, you must be curious – follow the clues. Also, ask your Angels. You could also just ask your Angels to please take you to the dimension you wish to explore! It is easier for the Angels to bypass your ego while you are meditating or asleep.

Most of us are still transiting between 3rd, 4th and 5th; however, post-Lion’s Gate, we are spending more time in 5D than before. This is because our acceptance of our upgrades has made it easier to hold a fifth-dimensional frequency for longer periods of time.

If you are having difficulty accessing 5D, you are likely holding onto emotions of which you are unaware. Releasing trapped emotions is important. There is a multitude of ways to do this. I have employed Yoga, psychotherapy, Qi Gong, Reiki, Angels, Tapping and others. The reason we need to release these is so we can be open to love. 5D is all about love. So, we must jettison our emotional baggage. I listened last year to a lecture by Dr. Bradley Nelson (holistic chiropractor and energy psychologist). Dr. Nelson was healed of an incurable disease, by alternative healers, within two weeks of his diagnosis. He has written a book called The Emotion Code which details a method of releasing. I have not read it; however, it is recommended by a spiritual teacher that I respect. She says it is easy to do! Dr. Nelson tells us, “I worked with a woman who had inherited the emotion of terror from her family going back 23 generations. Dr. Nelson worked with her – poof – released – gone! This is why the Zen saying tells us it is important to sweep the garden no matter how big it is.

As we shed our layers and toxins of fear and inadequacy, we realize that some of these are from our ancestral lineage – these feelings of worthlessness have kept us trapped in 3D consciousness. Even small shifts can make a difference. Ask yourself right now. “Where is an emotion showing up in my body?” Be kind with yourself. Understand yourself. One of the first steps to lasting change is awareness.

Attuning to 5D requires surrendering control, cultivating patience and letting go of pressure. Trying too hard is a common block. Fear is a common block. Holding specific expectations is also a block. Everything you need to assist you is here. As more and more star gates open up more hearts are opening further and our thoughts, words and deeds are affected. It can feel intense, but, it is all for our Good.

You will know when you are in 5D. If you are in 5D you are having fun! In fact, spiritual teachers tend to agree, if you are not having fun – then you cannot stay there. So, a quick way into 5D is to commune with the elementals. This is an easy fifth-dimensional expression. If you have been to even one faery class of mine then you already have a connection with the faeries. At my most recent class we called in Queen Maeve, Oonagh and Cordelia and put on some Celtic music and danced into 5D effortlessly! If you haven’t tried it – why not today! What could be simpler? Channel their playful, magical energy. Affirm your belief in faeries thrice. “I believe in faeries! I do, I do, I do.” Call them in. Crank up the music and dance into 5D. “We had a ball,” as my mother, Audrey, always said! Faeries love a party.

When we are ‘doing’ and ‘trying’ we are in our mind. It was one of my many teachers, Doreen Virtue, who taught me not to try or do. I just raise my frequency and become a channel for Higher frequency energy. I do not leave my body or let another being occupy it, (I will never do that) but rather I move my ego aside. I am always conscious. I am not a trance medium, although I am a medium.  We can become, should we wish to, a channel of Divine Energy if we surrender, intend, ask and allow. This is some of what I teach. The easiest way to enter 5D, I have dis-covered, is to ask for the Angels to render you a channel of only light & love. Light and love is the healing equation.

Meditation, for most of us, is essential. A regular practice. It need not be long. If you do not have a practice – there are so many beautiful guided meditations for free on the internet if you do not wish to purchase a CD. Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper both have beautiful meditations. Always be discerning. Also, you will benefit by becoming familiar with all of the 12 main chakras we are working with now. For this information and guidance on how to live in the fifth dimension I would recommend a book that sits on my shelf in a prominent position. Diana Cooper and Tim Whild’s The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment & Mastery. It is for those of us who wish to become a walking master.

Remember, channeling comes about in spite of our mind not because of it. Our mind is frequently the tool of our ego. Not, however, when it is connected to Universal Mind. Our heart opens us up into the state of love which connects us to our Source. The more time we spend in 5D the more we acclimate and find ourselves there more frequently. I talk more often now about channeling because I have been using it as an avenue of ascension as I communicate daily with the Angels. At 3D ego is the master. At 5D & 6D ego serves – becoming a vessel for light.

Some of us, myself included, have changed again since Lion’s Gate. This can be disconcerting. I am looking around my home – once again! he he and wondering who chose it?  I like it well enough, but, I am no longer the person who chose it about 5 years or so ago.  So, your shift may not be quite as strong as mine currently is, nevertheless, it might be in your near future. Go with the Flow and if you need a shortcut to spiritual clarity Elizabeth McCullough has one for you that she employs. She says, “ask yourself, does this energy separate me from the Energy of Source?”

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian August 23, 2018 at 8:36 pm Reply

    I must check out Emotion Code! Once again you’ve introduced me to someone I’ve never heard of but it sounds like something I would like to try 🙂

    • Monica August 23, 2018 at 9:45 pm Reply

      Cool! Let me know how you like it!

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