“It is our divine right to be creators.”   Jen Cunnings

I enjoy listening to many of Lauren Galey’s  (Acoustic Health) guests on her various programmes. One of her guests this month was Jen Cunnings who spoke about the alchemy of manifestation and I thought you would be interested if you didn’t catch it. Jen led us through a particularly lovely meditation employing a light language activation which I found helped me do a bit of a mental reset!

We all know that we are natural creators. We are always creating whether we are conscious of it or not.  We also know that we need to achieve the vibration of what we desire in order to create it. Achieving a vibrational match to what we wish to manifest is an on-going practice and to do this we must be in alignment with our divinity.

Jen had some good tips and reminders for us, particularly if we are empaths who tend to absorb various energies like sponges and sometimes forget to clear or else take so many trips out-of-body that we are not really fully present in our body when we are attempting to manifest. Does this resonate? If so, Jen’s review is helpful. We need to be in an intentional space each day and in alignment with our true self. Our true self is divine. Obviously the more information we can bring into our awareness regarding potential blocking thoughts and beliefs or negative unconscious practices, the easier manifesting our dreams becomes. 98% of Jen’s students are empaths and so she helps them to make sure that they are in their bodies. In order to bring manifestation into form, we need to be in our own form! You can test to make sure that you are in your body by using a pendulum or dowsing. You can also move fully into your body through practices such as Yoga as well as other physical movement and breathing exercises. The majority of people are not fully embodied.  Any fun, playful expression of yourself helps you to be embodied. Art, singing and dancing are wonderful for making us feel free and light, making it easier to detach from any blocking attachment. Of course, we need to be aware of any doubts or fears. As Lauren Galey says: “It’s about awareness, awareness, awareness.” We need to get out of the story of how our limiting thought/s was created and get into our body, leaving all that baggage behind.

Do you connect with the consciousness of your body? Jen gave us an example of how we might wish to manifest a vacation. As we sit with ourselves we consciously ask our body where the doubt/insecurity resides? The thoughts behind the doubts might be something like: “I can’t generate the funds” or “I can’t get the time off.” But, where does the feeling of doubt or insecurity reside? Ask your self to show you where the feeling of that is stored. Then, be with it, acknowledge it and as one of my teachers in California used to say during our Qi Gong classes – add the love and compassion! Where in your body are you not in love with yourself? My teacher used to say: “Give yourself the love you need.” His voice was very soothing, we all relaxed immediately. Jen suggests singing the old Beatles song aloud. “All you need is love…”  Now, go back to your intention and your manifestation. Notice how much freer you feel!

Naturally, if you have a group to manifest with – that is ideal as a lovely container for the intention and energy. However, whether you are manifesting alone or with a group there needs to be a feeling of worthiness and trust in God/Creator/Universe to bring your high frequency desires into physical reality. For some of us there are karmic contracts to tidy up, but the good news is, none of this need take a long time in New Earth.

Angel Blessings,   Monica/Aurora

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  1. Gillian August 28, 2021 at 11:40 pm Reply

    It always annoys me when people say, “I’m not creative.” I want to say, “Of course you are…you’ve just created an uncreative person!” 🙂

    • Monica September 11, 2021 at 8:37 pm Reply

      So true!

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