“…Reiki itself is a form of shamanism.”   Jim PathFinder Ewing

“shaman, Siberian word meaning “one who sees in the dark”; a person who uses earth energy, guides, and power animals for insight, a medicine man or woman.”   Glossary, Reiki Shamanism

“The solution is to turn every detail of your life over to the Inner Shaman and forget about what you think you ought to do. Granted, this is advanced work, and it might sound counterintuitive, but if you want to really accelerate, shamanically speaking, this is what you must do.”   Jose Luis Stevens


The Angels guide me today to encourage you to awaken your inner shaman. The inner shaman, as you likely know, has no exact location. Just like particles in the quantum field, it can be anywhere and everywhere in the universe simultaneously. Shamans believe that our reality is a consensual dream and not at all as fixed and stable as we might surmise. Modern scientists are confirming shamanic beliefs and insights. To understand shamanism you need to understand that “being human” is a temporary state that allows you to have physical experiences and learn lessons.  Since we are now experiencing ourselves as localized in a human body, we can think of shamanism as being the path of the human heart.

We are aware that all the predominant mystical paths speak of the heart as the place of power for awakening. Not the brain. These paths teach that the way to God is the way of the heart. “The Q’ero ‘walk the path of the heart,’ as do the Mayas, as do the Dine (Navajo), as do the Maori.” (Jose Luis Stevens) We know that the list of examples is a long one. Mystical Christianity demonstrates Jesus and Mother Mary and the saints indicating that their hearts are key to the teachings of Christianity. Catholics refer to the Sacred Heart and it is incorporated in sculptures and cathedrals the world over. Remember that the importance of the path of the heart was known to the shamans long before any of the world’s major religions.

So where do we go to contact our inner shaman? You got it! We focus on our physical heart. So, just take a few moments right now to drop into your heart center. Close your eyes if you are in a safe space, take a beautiful deep breath, drop down inside your body to your chest. Now, sense your heart residing inside your ribcage and to the left side of your sternum. Explore for the part of your heart where you ‘sense’ a special feeling and let this become your own sanctuary and power point for your shamanic awakening.

As a metaphysician, you know that your heart has a very powerful magnetic field. Much stronger than that of the brain. In fact, according to the Institute of HeartMath, the heart generates a magnetic field that is five hundred times more powerful than that of the brain. Scientists are now learning that the heart is directly involved with the intuitive process. I experience this whenever I do Angel readings for a client because I connect heart to heart. Because I raise my frequency to such a high degree to do readings, I sometimes forget after a reading to cut my etheric heart cord to my client  (because I am in a state of euphoria due to the Angels’ energy) – and then Archangel Michael reminds me to, always, after a reading. I connect from the heart. Inner shaman to inner shaman.

Although the brain is also able to receive information about future events before they happen, it is the heart that receives the info first. Interestingly, the heart has been reclassified as an endocrine gland, after it was dis-covered that it secretes a special hormone called atrial natriuretic factor that affects, among other organs, large parts of the regulatory system of the brain. So, you can see that keeping an ‘open heart’ is part of being a healthy shaman.

What does your Inner Shaman look like? I first saw my Inner Shaman while performing Reiki drumming to facilitate a healing for a client in another country. The drum, within the Reiki tradition, is an extension of the Reiki healing-hand and I had been guided to use a combination of some of my healing modalities. In this particular session (they are all unique, and guided) I was employing Usui Reiki, New Russian Knowledge, Matrix Energetics(TM), Angel Therapy (R) and Reiki drumming. While drumming I clairvoyantly saw her. A Lakota Medicine Woman ( me, from a past life) rose from within a circle of fire and she was in skins and had rattles and was performing what I surmise, were incantations. She felt very powerful. I was surprised. I had not seen her before this session and I notice she only appears when I perform Reiki drumming – which I am rarely asked to do! However, I can call on her now.

The Spirit world is filled with light, so, you may see your inner shaman as light. Or as a brilliant crystal or gemstone. This, shamans say, is quite usual. You might experience warmth, a tingly chest, or a radiating sense of powerful expansion, a radiance. Whatever you experience it as  – is good. See it that way. Honour your own experience and enjoy it! Remember, you may find some resistance from your ego, in which case this can appear as fearfulness as you approach your own inner power. If you find resistance, bring your attention to your breath and just focus on breathing. Stay open to your experience. Remember that any form your Inner Shaman takes is largely symbolic. Symbols are the language of the Spirit World. Don’t mistake the symbol for the ‘real’ thing.

I do not consider or call myself a shaman.  I am a Reiki Master, although I employ some shamanic tools. Most Shamans are indigenous peoples from an ancestral lineage. There are few genuine Western shamans. Even my teacher, Dr. Stephen Farmer, who did my shamanic release, which I was obligated to go through to become a certified Angel Therapist(R) does not call himself a shaman. He calls himself an Earth Magic Practitioner. However, I am talking about finding our own Inner Shaman. The Inner Shaman that will help us to retrieve and to heal our own soul.

Jose Luis Stevens instructs us on how to cultivate our Inner Shaman. “How do you invite it to emerge from the shadows? Shamanically speaking, where your attention goes, so goes your power. If your attention goes to the Inner Shaman for a part of each day, your power goes there and activates this powerhouse within. All master shamans have fully activated their Inner Shaman, without exception. This is what allows them to do the many extraordinary things they do, such as travelling to other star systems, healing with the power of touch, vanishing into thin air, and leaping over mountains. Knowing they are dreaming their reality, they can become lucid in their dream, which gives them power over the dream. The alternative is to be a victim of the dream – an absurdity to shamans since they know they are dreamers.”   (Awaken the Inner Shaman)

My students of the Angel and faery classes I recently taught found themselves connecting to their Inner Shaman which was exciting for them. A few told me of their dreams and how they had changed in only a few weeks.

Can you move with the energy of a dream, rather than just talking about it? Moving with the energy of a dream will unleash your Inner Shaman.  “Dreams not only show us what the soul wants but also show us where it has gone.” (Robert Moss)

Do you wish to become the shaman of your own soul? Do you wish to learn how to enter past lives, future lives, and the life experiences of parallel selves and bring back the lessons and the gifts? Do you wish to put yourself on the path of soul recovery?  Then, I am not his agent, but, pick up the amazing book Dreaming The Soul Back Home by Robert Moss, do his exercises and let him take you by the hand:

“Returning, you will remember your mission:

To serve the soul’s remembering;

to go among people as dream ambassador

opening ways for soul to be heard and honored.

Let the world be your playground, not your prison.

Starchild, plunge with delight into the warm, loamy earth,

renew the marriage of Earth and Sky,

follow your heart-light, dance your dreams,

commit poetry every day, in every way.

Now you are home.”


Home is where the Soul is.

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian July 26, 2018 at 4:41 pm Reply

    You must be psychic! Am in the middle of listening to Gregg Braden’s talk called “Harmonizing Your Heart and Brain” and moments before coming to the computer to read your blog my partner got a call from his doctor asking him to come in tomorrow to talk about his heart and blood pressure. Thanks for the info.

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