Now you possess the same secret as Moses – the Sacred Name of God. When you learn how to release its amazing energy in your own life, you’ll discover what the greatest minds in history understood: The power of God is within you, and you can do whatever you want with it.”   James Twyman

Once you learn the Moses Code and practice it, your abundance will reflect your freedom & everything  you’ve ever desired will be yours.”   James Twyman


In 2006, six years before the Cosmic Moment of 2012, people around the world became enthralled with a documentary called “The Secret.” I was one of the enthralled. This film was entertaining while also educating us about a major law of the Universe – the Law of Attraction. My psychic mentor, Grace, had taught me about the Law many years before this movie was released; however, the information did not capture my full imagination until I saw this movie and then began consciously employing the Law of Attraction in my own life on a daily basis. It worked! I was able to manifest the material assets that are required to live a safe and comfortable life in this physical dimension. These basic material objects such as a house and a car as well as appliances and furniture had been stripped away from me following my Angel Awakening of 2005. Using the principles of the Law of Attraction after attending a lecture in Toronto with Esther Hicks led me to where I am today as a Law of Attraction coach certified at the advanced level by Joe Vitale of the inspiring movie mentioned above!

As we are all aware, there is nothing wrong with using the Law of Attraction for our earthly needs. There is nothing inherently spiritual in poverty. In fact, knowing that God wishes us all the Good that we wish for ourselves we use the Law of Attraction to create our own abundance in order to help others attain their desires. Manifesting abundance allows us the opportunity to donate our money, time and energy to various causes close to our hearts. As lightworkers we care deeply about our planet and we are working within our own areas of interest and expertise to do things such as cleaning up the water, air, soil and caring for the plants and animals so that future generations may live a healthy life. Creating abundance through consciously leveraging the Law of Attraction helps each and every one of us because we are all ONE in spiritual truth.

Lightworkers employ the Law of Attraction to create riches way beyond the riches of the material world. We use our understanding of the Law and the principles of manifestation to seek for the riches of Heaven well beyond the material realm. We answer a deeper call that leads to peace and harmony.

Our ‘real’ journey begins when we make the decision to allow ourselves to receive everything that our hearts truly desire. This can feel scary to most of us at the beginning. Also, sometimes fear and excitement are difficult to distinguish from each other. As lightworkers most of us are very familiar with giving. Less so with receiving. Employing the Moses Code we experience in an unique way that giving and receiving are actually one and the same.

I do not remember when I actually heard about the Moses Code. As James Twyman points out in his book of the same name, it was hidden away for thousands of years because it was considered too powerful to be used by any other than a high initiate. I was aware that James, called the Peace Troubadour, had written a book called THE MOSES CODE because I was initiated as a Usui Reiki Master in 2008 when the book was released & one of my teachers is a friend of James and mentioned it to me. However, although I joined, energetically, some of James’s group meditations for peace in war-torn countries, it was only this past October that the Angels asked me to read about the Moses Code so that I could write about it. I would never recommend a spiritual tool that I have not employed myself (even though I greatly respect the work of James Twyman) so I told the Angels that I would read the book if they located it for me – which they did. There was only one in the store. I bought it, read it and practiced all the suggested exercises in the book for two weeks. My goal, using the Code, is to spread love and compassion & so I asked God/Source to help me to share my message with a wider audience than I currently have. Then, as often happens (due to the fact that I spend a lot of time in the Fifth Dimension where there is no time!) I forgot what I had asked for! I carried on as usual with my daily spiritual practices which include other spiritual methodologies for manifestation and told the Angels that when my desire manifested that I would write a blog about the Moses Code.

Within about two weeks or so I realized that I had indeed awakened the Moses Code. I received a lovely email from one of my friends who is the Spiritual CEO of Tryary. He told me that he valued my work and offered me the opportunity of sharing my spiritual knowledge & experiences with the Tryary community. Naturally, I am very excited to now be doing so. It is wonderful to be sharing my love & light with a larger number of lightworkers who share similar interests and purposes as myself. I can now testify to the amazing power of the Moses Code without any hesitation whatsoever.

As you are aware, when we manifest we hold a clear intention. However, we do not specify ‘how’ our goal is to occur. We send out our intention to the Universe and then with complete faith we leave the ‘how’ up to our unlimited Source. When I mobilized the Moses Code last month I had no idea how I would reach a wider audience for my message. I did believe, however, that my opportunity would be revealed to me within Divine Timing. And, it was.

In James’s book he calls the Moses Code “the most powerful tool in the history of the world.” That is quite a claim. He also describes it as being at the heart of the practice and function of the Law of Attraction. I am happy to testify that it worked for me in a way that is miraculous. Over the last five years I have had a strong desire to share my spiritual knowledge and experiences with a greater number of like-minded people. This desire manifested following my solo pilgrimage to Bath, England, where I travelled to “take the waters” and undergo a sacred ceremony attended only by my celestial Angels and facilitated by Archangel Michael & goddess Sulis. In the ancient Roman bath (which I had totally to myself!) I let the ‘old’ Monica take her last breath & then let the ‘new’ Monica return to Canada following a month of visiting the Abbey daily. Since that pilgrimage, I have been guiding others through their transformations with a stronger sense of a mission. Numerous people have come into my life and told me that they wanted to help me to share my message. Though I know that they were well-intentioned – they did not follow through with any action. The Moses Code has made a big difference in my life already & I have mobilized its power only once. The last oracle card that I pulled for myself before being offered the opportunity to reach a wider community said, “Someone wants to help you.” Having heard this from many people many times before –  I said aloud to the Angels, “Please get whomever wants to help me to contact me because I have absolutely no idea who this card refers to!”  Within two days I was contacted out-of-the-blue by my friend & fellow-LOA practitioner, Dave, offering me the honour of writing for his spiritual community.

We each have everything we need within us to create the world of which we dream. James says: “The Moses Code is in our bodies and our minds. Every cell sings the same song, the song of creation, and every heart beats to the rhythm of that melody. It’s an energy that transcends anything our minds can comprehend and unites us with elemental forces that evade the intellect. The most learned scholars on Earth will never be able to dissect the complexity of this secret, yet the most innocent among us resonate with it already. It is who we are, and when we unlock the Code, we’re unlocking the deepest part of our own nature.” (page 49) What it boils down to is that we unlock the Code when we enter into the same conversation with God that Moses did. One of the many ascended masters that I channel for myself and my clients is Moses, and like Solomon, whom I also channel, I find Moses’s advice regarding spiritual matters to be very down-to-earth. With the exception of Archangels Metatron (Enoch) & Sandalphon (Elijah) (who experienced one human life) the celestial Angels have no experience of ego (Angels have no ego) and therefore their advice, while unconditional pure Love, does not have any human first-hand experience behind it. There are times in our lives when we appreciate the kind of advice that comes from a highly spiritual ascended master who knows what it is to wrestle with ego-concerns. Being familiar with the energy of Moses, I believe, helped me to activate the Code. We activate it using our breath and the power of God’s name. There is nothing we need do after that but allow ourselves to receive.

If you are already using the Moses Code then you are letting your blessings flow out to everyone around you with no holding back. Your Soul wants to give the way God gives. Ask your Angels to light the way.

Angel Blessings,   Monica   www.monicahemstock.ca



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  1. Gillian December 14, 2017 at 12:50 pm Reply

    This makes me want to read The Moses Code!

    • Monica December 14, 2017 at 2:13 pm Reply

      I believe that is the Angels’ intent! Also, employing the Code requires contemplation and discernment – and James Twyman beautifully guides us to the point where we choose to activate it or not – as it is such a powerful decision!

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