“Weird is becoming the new normal.”   Lee Harris

In 2020 the ground is being shaken across the globe.”   Lee Harris

As you awaken you manifest faster and it becomes a more normal super power.”   Lee Harris

This week I listened to international speaker, Eesha Patel, talk about her awakening. She said that she awakened immediately after a break-up and basically the next day was suddenly able to channel! Those of you who know me are aware that I awakened in 2005 after my visitation from an Angel and I too was immediately able to channel Angels and Ascended Masters and Elementals. Things that are now second nature to me and to Eesha.

All over the globe people are awakening to themselves at this chaotic time. Due to our Covid-19 bubble here in Ontario I am helping my daughter care for my granddaughter who is 22 months old. At the night of our latest Full Moon, October 1st, while we were getting Alice ready for bed – she looked at my daughter and suddenly said: “I am me.”  We were very surprised!  Then, she repeated this sentence twice more, very clearly, “I am me.”  She is awakening to herself. Hopefully, with the progress we are making toward New Earth she will grow up in a world where being herself is not only accepted but encouraged.

It hasn’t always been encouraged for you to be yourself, has it?  In fact, anything but for many of us! The journey back to ourselves has been a struggle with usually more than one night of the dark soul. Our sense of Self has been hard fought. And, for this reason, highly prized. “The pearl of great price.” As we live through this pandemic we see more and more of us awakening and supporting others through this process of dis-covery. To their own “I am me.”

Growing up I resonated with and kept on my bedside table this poem of e.e. cummings:

“To be nobody but yourself

in a world which is doing

its best, night and day,

to make you everybody

else means to fight the

hardest battle which any

human being can fight;

and never stop fighting.”

It was ever thus, as my British grandmother, Sarah, (Alice’s Great-Great Grandmother) would say.

Hopefully, Alice will grow up in a healing, if not healed, Earth. Lee Harris says that lots of healing is coming up now and will continue for decades as the ground beneath us shakes across the world and we experience the ripple effects of pain and grief. He says – “people are clinging to life rafts and solutions need to be for the whole world.” What does Lee ask us to do?  Speak your truth. Speak your truth – not so that you are understood – you often won’t be (even by those close to you) but speak your truth to add your frequency to the mix. This is a time, as we lightworkers know, when we have the opportunity to become more and more conscious of ourselves and our values. As old systems change and/or collapse we can participate in what Lee calls “energy activism”. Creating what we want to see.

Lee observes and senses that the paranormal, supernatural and the absurd is rising. Does this mean that people such as myself who have been called “weird” our whole lives are coming into our own? Yes. It does. Weird is becoming the new normal.

Discord, chaos, power and the defense of power and truth and the denial and the disclosure of truth are themes from now until the end of this tumultuous year of 2020. Lee adds “heart-quake” as a theme. Our hearts are being broken open if they were not already open are they not? We are watching struggle, challenge and shock across the globe. Personally, I am already seeing the effects on children of this pandemic who are being taught (of necessity) that to come closer than six feet to another person is very dangerous. Simultaneously, I am also seeing children who follow public health protocols with greater vigilance and caring than their elders. As Lee says: “Everyone’s affected, it’s only a matter of degree.”

2020 is crazy right now on multiple levels say astrologers I checked out. Our realities are really being turned upside down at this dawn of the Age of Aquarius. The good news is that this is a wonderful time for releasing! The Full Moon energy is a great help for the releasing of old energies and the harvesting of new energies. In fact the suction energy of this Full Moon which is continuing can be very painful if you resist the release. It is possible now to actually release lifetimes of old stuff.

Mars comes very close to the Earth on October 6th. Mars is strong, yang and fiery energy and will not come this close again for the next 15 years say astrologers. 3D reality becomes even more dramatic and noisier. Heat and drama. Good time to purge. We are coming to 2 big timelines: 3D drama and Fork-in-the-Road.  Let’s choose to move into a higher and more beautiful vibration so we can work our frequency. If we focus on duality – we will draw more of it into our future.

We need to go beyond our limitations on a physical, mental and spiritual level as we clear out all old identities and move into new spaces. Remember we heal ourselves and others when we visualize Earth as already 5D. This does not mean denying 3D, but rather choosing 5D. Hold the feeling in your body.

Stay grounded and say along with Alice – who is one of the new humans – “I am me.”  You are enough.

Love & Light,   Monica



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