You know if you’ve always been privileged, equality begins to look like oppression. That’s part of what you’re seeing in terms of the (white) pessimism, particularly when the system gets defined as a zero-sum game – that you can only gain at somebody else’s expense.”   Carol Anderson

Don’t kid yourself, this was all about race.”   Kamal Al-Solaylee

Shape your world through your light. Illuminate your unique path. Do not live in the shadow of others’ judgments. They are not yours – unless you let them be so.”   Jim PathFinder Ewing

The world is watching as what many are calling the Trump Era begins in a few days. Trump’s campaign was marked by ethnic baiting and blatant misogyny.  Some say that a psychology of wounded ethnic pride and wounded virility has overtaken a large part of the white community in the United States. People losing their jobs to technology and change blame it on trade, immigrants, or any number of minority groups in society. Carol Anderson, an historian at Atlanta’s Emory University recently published a study of this in her book called “White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of our Racial Divide.”  Others are talking of a “whitelash” that is going on after 8 years of the first African-American president in the history of the United States. However, there are numerous theories regarding what is going on and some people are in a fog and others are throwing up their hands and admitting they have no idea as to what is happening. Others say that misogyny played a big role as some people decided to choose the least qualified man ever to run for the presidency rather than the most qualified candidate (according to President Obama) ever to run to be president.  However, the campaign is over and the new administration in the U.S. is still undergoing confirmation hearings in front of the cameras while the world watches in disbelief.

So, this background became part of the discussion I had at lunch time over the week-end with 2 students of Reiki that I am teaching. They are both highly sensitive, caring, compassionate and aware people contributing their many gifts and talents to a world greatly in need of them. They are not old enough to remember the climate of the 1960s as they are only in their thirties, so having been born in the early 50s and remembering the 60s very well (with the go-go boots and Beatles albums to prove it!) I was able to share with them the ‘surreal’ feeling I have at this time as it feels like we have gone back to the sixties. I remember Marianne Williamson saying at a lecture she taught my class as part of an I Can Do It Conference in Toronto many years ago that we Boomers did not finish what we started with our quest for civil rights and that there was much more to be done – to basically get a second wind and do it! As she said, many of the leaders we admired were assassinated  – John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy among many others. Some people today, my fellow Boomers, agree that it does indeed feel like the sixties as they lace up their shoes to attend a rally or a peaceful protest or to start a community organization or to lend a hand as a volunteer in whatever way they are able to serve. One of my colleagues tells us that the planets right now – the celestial alignment – is exactly in the same position as they were during the sixties. However, here is the reason I not only feel optimistic but am also choosing optimism (besides the Law of Attraction!) – it actually is not the sixties! The number of people that have awakened now, across the world, is so much larger  – so not only do we have many more conscious people but we also have had so much light pouring into the planet that we can recognize this period as part of a mass healing crisis (The Law of Cure) as the light brings to the surface everything that needs to be healed. Just as we all have been working so hard to heal on an individual level, uncovering layer upon layer of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional dis-ease, so too is this going on all over the world as the planet goes through its own healing. Everything is being brought to the light for healing, transformation and transmutation – it is difficult (though not impossible) to heal what you cannot see. There are so many things that are being made visible due to the light that is being brought to them. So much so – that all but those still slumbering are able to see at least some of what is happening as we all awaken at our own pace (or not) according to our own unique path. Stay out of judgment, which drags you back into fear, drama and despair and shame and blame and search for your own truth in every moment. Your Higher Self not only knows what is going on – but self-mastery allows us to live from Higher Self more and more each day. The “Course In Miracles” tells us that in every situation, whatever is missing is something that we are not giving. What can we give?

We are living during “the end times” that were predicted. They are rocky. This does not need to mean the end of the world – but – rather – the end of the world as it has been. The end of ego dominance. Our ego sees us as separate from everything. Our ego is fearful and suspicious (because it wants to keep our physical self alive) Our Higher Self knows us as ONE with God/Source and everything that we call The All. Our Higher Self is Love and knows only love. Everything is either love or fear, from love or a call for love. In every moment, as ascending or ascended masters, we ask ourselves, are we coming from love or fear? Then we think, feel, believe and act from our truth. This is staying in integrity. Whole.

Our choices, as you know, determine what we will experience as we move through these times on our way to the New Golden Age of our future. Therefore, choosing optimism makes sense on every level, Due to the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) we will be brought that which we focus upon most frequently. However, this does not necessarily mean that we need to behave like an ostrich and stick our head in the sand so we do not see what is happening in our 3D ‘reality’ nor does it mean we need to become complacent or withdraw to a monastery. Although some are choosing to cross over now and help from Heaven. Others are going to the equivalent of a monastery and serving through prayer. But, it does mean that we allow others to choose their own path, even as we might completely disagree with the path they are choosing. That means living in the fourth or fifth dimension yet recognizing that others have the Free Will to choose to remain firmly 3D, asleep, or to awaken at their own pace. We are being called to pass our ascension tests and keep moving forward as we shine our light in ways meaningful and fulfilling to us. Detachment does not equate to non-engagement and is not the same as denial and is not without compassion, but actually, is compassion. We do not take away the rights of others to learn through their own experiences – even if we feel we know what is right for them! Their soul knows what is right for them. Some have chosen darkness in order that we may choose the light. As difficult as it is to comprehend sometimes, we lightworkers signed up for this time on our planet.  Yes, I know – what were we thinking!

A BBC news report has given us a heads-up on what we might expect to see regarding America’s changing relationship with the rest of the world.  The report published yesterday noted expected shake-ups are expected regarding NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) which has been a cornerstone of American policy over 60 years. This is because Trump has called it “obsolete” and has said countries rely too much on the United States for protection. He wants them to “pay up.” Trump feels the allies of the U.S. are ungrateful and this is happening just as Obama sent thousands of forces to Poland (they are there now) to reassure allies who are worried about what they perceive as Russian aggression. Germany’s foreign minister says that Trump’s comments are causing “worry in the alliance.” Trump is hoping for closer ties with Russia, he admires Vladimir Putin he says and would love to have a strong relationship with him; however, an alleged (and unverified) dossier has surfaced that has raised many concerns that Russia holds compromising material on Trump that may cause Trump to become “Putin’s poodle.”  Trade agreements may be affected in major ways as Trump has threatened to tear up NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and has also suggested he may pull out of the World Trade Organization. A highly publicized change is his suggestion that he may put an end to the United States agreeing to carry on with the One China Policy and he has already broken a 40 year protocol in the U.S. by accepting a call from Taiwan’s President – getting off to a rocky start relating to China. Trump is re-thinking the Iran Nuclear Accord which the Obama administration had described as an “historic understanding.”  Dismantling this deal will hugely impact the Middle East most agree. Trump has suggested that there should be more nuclear weapons in Asia. He says Japan and South Korea rely too heavily on the States and would benefit from having their own nuclear arsenals. Trump is proposing to meet with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and analysts are concerned over a meeting between the most unpredictable president the States has ever had and the most unpredictable state (North Korea) the world has. Lastly, but not least, Trump has talked of canceling the Paris Climate Accord Agreement within his first 100 days in office as he is not convinced by scientists regarding human connections to climate changes. Fortunately, it is considered likely that all other participants will carry on. Trump has expressed disdain for Obama’s Clean Power Plan and has promised to push forward with coal – something that green groups world-wide have condemned.

If you watched CBC National News Tuesday night then you saw a comprehensive report from Paul Hunter. Hunter interviewed the Alt-right leader, Richard Spencer, who said that “Trump’s movement is fundamentally about identity for white people.” Spencer’s ideas (as well as the movement’s) are racist, homophobic and misogynistic. In a clip of him delivering a speech to a group he told them, “we conquered this continent, we get to define what that means. America, at the end of the day belongs to white men.” Spencer said that he likes what he sees in Trump. “Donald Trump’s movement, whether Kellyanne Conway wants to admit it or not, was fundamentally about identity for white people.”

In the days following Trump’s election I watched the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC – where Spencer finished a speech in Washington by raising his hand for a toast and in a Nazi-style salute exclaimed “Hail Trump, Hail our people, Hail victory.” It reminded me, as I watched, the many times my British mother told me about her pre-WW11 experiences while she was a competitive swimmer in Germany in the 30s. Young men she had known and with whom she had been friendly suddenly took on an icy stare and one by one before diving into the pool shouted “Hail Hitler” while giving the Nazi salute. A few years later as an Air Raid Warden during the Blitz on London she was trying to rescue survivors as she waded through the water of the broken sewers as body parts floated around her.

Spencer continued… telling us, in his discussion with Hunter, that the Alt-right was born in Canada. Toronto actually. He wanted Canadian viewers to know that it was birthed during his brief time living in an apartment on Yonge Street. “Fun fact”, he smiled. (Hoping to scare us. Fearful people are easy to control) But for now, Hunter indicated, it is America that the Alt-right has its eyes on. Racially- tinged graffiti began springing up after Trump’s election (it did some places in Canada too – a friend who lives in Ottawa saw it in her neighborhood) as swastikas were drawn on buildings. As Hunter indicates, the Alt-right had felt they had found a champion in Trump due, it seems, to his talk of banning Muslims from the country and walling off Mexicans. Then there was also the appointment of Steve Bannon as senior advisor who will occupy an office near the oval office in the White House. Bannon is known for running Breitbart News which is a web-site filled with anti-Semitic and xenophobic content.

I checked out Doug Sanders article called “Whitewashed” in the Globe & Mail. Sanders was writing from Florida. He wrote, “the real reason Donald Trump got elected? We have a white extremism problem.” Sanders interviews with Americans discovered that Trump was elected largely due to a platform devoted to themes of “ethnic nationalism and racial and religious intolerance” and was a wake-up call to white people who thought that their ethnic group was largely benign except for a small amount of “pockets of zealotry at the margins.” Sanders showed us graphs conveying the information that more than 90% of the folks who voted for Trump were white. At least 90% of those who did not vote for Trump were non-white. Sanders says, “this was a white riot – an angry, rejectionist turn by a deeply pessimistic majority within the white population against the far more hopeful and inclusive politics of the rest of the country.”  These white Americans whom Sanders has met, scores of them over the period of a year, who voted for Trump are “largely undistinguishable from other white people.” Sanders explains: “They tend to be normal, middle-class; the largest Trump-supporting sub-segment of them are, like me, men over 45 with only high-school educations. With a few exceptions, they are not overt racists or far-right zealots. Many of them are otherwise quite uninterested in politics.” Unfortunately, as Sanders points out, the person who will soon be commander-in-chief has “not seen fit to disavow the phalanx of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan figures who have accompanied and cheered his campaign.”

The world is not only watching the United States but also noting that it was white Britons, Sanders says, who voted to Brexit on what surveys conclude was largely xenophobic grounds and he further writes about how white Dutch, French, and Austrian voters have turned to far-right parties of racial intolerance and are turning those into a significant political force. “It would be naïve to assume that groups of white Canadians are immune to the temptation of extremism, for many of us live in similar communities and circumstances.” Sanders tells us that white extremists are not easy to profile. Contrary to popular opinion they are not distinguished by poverty or unemployment and Sanders discovered that the majority of people with an income below $30,000 voted for Hillary and Donald’s support came from those making between $50-100,000 a year and often much, much more. Disappointing as well is the fact that 42% of women cast their vote for Trump.

Sanders quotes a much discussed survey by the PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute) that found that 72 % of Trump’s voters felt life and culture was better in the 50s – which was a time before civil rights and racial equality and in contrast 70% of Clinton voters felt things had improved since then. Sanders concludes that “the sense of decline and pessimism is strictly a white phenomenon.” Sanders feels that the kind of change Clinton was advocating would have threatened the comfort level of frightened white people who do not find stability and order in, what appears to them, is the erosion of their ethnic identity. In other words, fear of more change toward equality for everyone. Sanders quotes from Professor Kaufman (Professor of Politics at the University of London) who talks of an extremism-tolerant psychology. Kaufman is the author of “The Rise & Fall of Anglo-America: The Decline of Dominant Ethnicity in the United States.”

Trump played to the deepest fears and anxieties of his supporters. He played to their deep sense of loss, their nostalgia for a time in their lives when things felt better, when they felt empowered and  they want to turn around and go back. But, life moves us ever forward. We can time travel back to revel in the ‘good’ times and to get the gold nuggets of the’ bad’ times – but – the river of life keeps  moving us forward. We are finding out that we must listen and try to hear what everyone is saying – no matter who they are. We do not in any way need to agree or support any poor choices; however, Anderson says that although the deep underlying sense of loss of the white community may not be rational and may not be realistic – we must speak to it because “it has become profound enough that it has provoked the most extreme political event of the century.” Anderson says: “If they want to end this nightmare, they will need to find a way to reach 60 million radicalized white people and find words that can bring them back to earth.”

So, it may not be the 60s, but, we are being called to action as though it was the 60s as the gains made then are under threat. And, we do have many, many amazing leaders coming forward as the Democrats in the States re-configure and find a way forward. Leaders like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Diane Feinstein, Cory Booker, John Lewis  and so many, many others who are working with vigor. And, Obama has hinted he is not going to disappear, although he is off for a long rest. As Doreen Virtue always says to us, “if you say to yourself someone should do something about this – that someone is you!” I am choosing to remain optimistic. Let us bring our wisdom from our deepest moments of personal insight into everything we do going forward into the Trump era and beyond. Let us make sure any and all relationships that we create are authentic and honour our true selves. If we feel so guided let us join or create a community that shares our deepest values and aspirations for peace in the world. To do this we need to continue to work on ourselves so that we own our own shadows and bring our own lives into alignment with our spiritual ‘knowing.’ Let us make enlightened choices from our Higher Self rather than reacting from our egos. Obama, in his farewell speech, asked Americans to “get off the couch and lace up your shoes” when you see something needs doing. Canadians need to do the same as we must not miss the red flags that we see already popping up around us. Never forget the power of prayer or that working on the inner planes is also service. Beam love and light.

Don’t self-medicate or fall back to sleep. Stay awake during the shake-up and practice meditation and discernment every day.  Let’s be like Ghandi – effecting change through love and peaceful resistance and through being the change that we wish to see in the world. Keep shining your light. Your angels never leave your side.

Namaste,  Monica








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  1. Gillian January 18, 2017 at 10:32 pm Reply

    Great blog! So glad you chose to address the issue.I’ll be marching in Toronto on the 21st. It’s a start.

  2. Hayley January 20, 2017 at 1:16 pm Reply

    Wow, what an excellent commentary on the bizarre situation unfolding right now! Thank you for also ending on a note of hope and optimism 🙂 This is a much needed antidote going forward if we are to engage in something productive! 🙂

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