“For those with a dream – Beaver comes to support that vision or to give you a nudge not to give up.”    SpiritAnimal.com

“Build your foundations firmly. If the old structure no longer works, walk away and start anew. Change is your friend, as is an adventure with Beaver. Yes, it’s hard work but well worth the effort.” SpiritAnimal.com  

I spend a lot of time these days in the Ottawa Valley in my daughter ‘s small bubble. The landscape is beautiful in all seasons. Yesterday we went for a drive in the country, which we try to do as frequently as we can as part of our pandemic mental health regime. As usual my toddler granddaughter fell asleep in the back in her car seat and we chatted away enjoying the scenery. Winter wonderland pristine newly fallen snow on the ground and trees, no other cars or people. Suddenly, we both simultaneously saw a medium sized animal lumbering into the road ahead of us. We had plenty of time to slow down even more and watch a beautiful large beaver with fur glistening with water cross the road.

Awe is always my reaction when I see a non-domesticated animal in its natural habitat. It is so easy to see and feel Spirit in Earth’s creatures. Hayley and I sat silently, briefly, to honour this moment. Fully present in the eternal Now.

As we carried on with our drive, we were both very aware that Beaver had a message for each of us and we chatted about what that might be. We know that the beaver is a master builder, very industrious and persistent. People with Beaver as an animal totem, never ever give up! Are we being guided to persist with an old structure or to walk away and create a new one? We are both meditating on this, knowing the message is rising to the surface as the veil between worlds continues to thin.

Imagine my surprise today when I started wondering what to talk about for this blog and thought I would write about the full moon coming on the 30th and through researching discovered it is called a “Beaver Moon.”  Wow!  This beaver provided us a foreshadowing of a special Gateway coming soon.

A CTV story I read that was written by Elizabeth Gulino said: “Canadians willing to brave the cold this weekend and head outside will be rewarded with a celestial treat when the Beaver Moon passes through part of the Earth’s shadow. This partial penumbral eclipse begins Sunday when the Beaver Moon starts to rise before it becomes full in the early hours of Monday morning.” This Beaver Moon Eclipse will be the fourth and final such eclipse of 2020 and according to NASA it will occur at 4:42 am ET. Stargazers should try to watch it away from city lights and at a higher elevation if possible. A telescope or at least binoculars are recommended due to the slight dimming of the moon which might make it difficult to see.

Why is this full moon called a Beaver Moon? There are a few interpretations but the one I am choosing is it is simply because beavers are very active animals during this period as they prepare for winter.

As we get closer to this eclipse, we can feel the energies start to build and information and events related to it begin to occur. Narayana Montufar of Astrology.com says the energy surrounding this eclipse is about three times more powerful than a regular full moon. Therefore, this can potentially affect how the rest of 2020 will go. Full moons are usually about letting stuff go so the new can come in. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Research shows that a remarkable transit will occur during this full moon that points to good fortune. According to Montufar, the moon will be conjunct a fixed star named Alderbaran – a special transit that ancient astrologers believed to be favourable for business and public success. If you have an idea you think could propel your career forward – now is the time to go for it! The power of this full moon eclipse will back you up.

See you at the Gateway!

Love & Light,     Monica


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  1. Gillian November 28, 2020 at 7:05 pm Reply

    I was driving home just now and admiring the moon! (Also Mars which is still close to us in the Southern sky). Happy to know it’s a Beaver Moon that I was admiring, thanks!

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