“Today I consciously connect with the unlimited power and value of my eternal spirit. I receive guidance, and I listen to my own intuitive voice more and more.”   Sandra Anne Taylor

Tip 10: Living in Spirit

Living in spirit is magnetic to your own Highest Good. Whether you decide to prioritize it or not your spiritual identity is the greatest source of energetic power in your life. Your spiritual self knows that its essence is eternal and therefore that its experience and expression will not end with your current life. This Truth brings a pervasive sense of calm and opens the door to endless help, inspiration and guidance. The more that you live in spirit the more you dis-cover your connection to the vortex of unlimited energy and the well of wisdom and information available to you from your own Higher Self, Angels, guides, ascended masters, saints, and loved ones in other energetic realms.

I just returned from visiting close friends in California. They live in San Juan Capistrano which is famous for what is called there the Old Mission, built in 1776, founded by Father Serra who was canonized recently, September 2015, by Pope Francis. Since I have been visiting the Old Mission, on and off, for 22 years – I feel very close to Saint Serra and am always blissed out when sitting in the historic Serra Chapel. While I can channel, meditate and pray anywhere, it is so special to me when I channel in the Mission Chapel. The energy needs to be felt to be believed!

You may be aware of this wonderful Mission because it is the place where the arrival of cliff swallows to the Mission every March 19th is world renowned. The swallows migrate 15,000 miles from Goya, Argentina, to San Juan Capistrano, California, in large groups. Some cliff swallow colonies number more than 3, 500 nests.  Every Spring visitors from all over the world come to San Juan Capistrano to witness the return of the swallows. When I am in the Old Mission praying –  the legend of the cliff swallows brings tears to my eyes –  so I will share it with you as told by Father O’Sullivan who was the Pastor of the Mission from 1910-1933.  He recounts the story of how the swallows first came to call the Mission their home.

“One day, while walking through the town Father O’Sullivan saw a shopkeeper, broomstick in hand. He was knocking down cone-shaped mud swallow nests under the eaves of his shop. The birds were darting back and forth, shrieking over the destruction of their homes.

“What in the world are you doing?” O’Sullivan asked.

“Why, these dirty little birds are a nuisance and I am getting rid of them!” the shopkeeper responded.

“But where can they go?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” he replied, slashing away with his pole. “But they’ve no business here destroying my property.”

O’Sullivan then said, “Come on swallows, I’ll give you shelter. Come to the Mission. There’s room enough there for all.”

The very next morning, Father O’Sullivan discovered the swallows busy building their nests outside Father Junipero Serra’s Church.”   (CAPISTRANO NIGHTS)

I was not surprised while visiting Father O’Sullivan’s grave to give thanks for his life to read that he was born on March 19th!! The miracle of the swallows takes place each year at the Mission on St. Joseph’s Day.

Peace is found in living in spirit as St. Serra did. St. Serra defined himself according to the expansiveness of his soul rather than the limits of his body/mind. Ask for help from the spirit world. Keep a notebook and jot down your impressions – even your dreams may hold the answers that you seek. When you go to sleep at night direct your Higher Self to move out into the universe on your behalf and put your intentions out there and let your spirit do the work. Trust and open up to the solutions that you are sent.

Last night after returning from my beloved Mission I awoke from a dream this morning that I walked out my front door and the landscape was filled with old growth forest trees that had been chopped down. Every tree was down, roots lying on the ground and nothing but trunks left. This, for me, is a nightmare. Where will the birds and animals make their home? How will we breathe if we cut down the lungs of our planet? The knowledge of our ancestors?  People living in spirit would never do this – because we are connected to everything. Everything is alive and breathing. Trees are sentient beings too.  We may not all be able to be like Saint Serra; however, we can all do something to help save the natural world and its inhabitants. When we live in spirit, we listen to our own intuitive voice and ask ‘how may I serve?’

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian October 13, 2016 at 11:26 pm Reply

    So glad you got to see the Mission and I enjoyed hearing about it. Welcome home!

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