“When you are determined to have something only through a certain source, you cut off all other ways it can come to you.”   Sanaya Roman

Never was the quote above more true. We are aware of the fact that huge changes are occurring on our planet. This is the first time that evolution has happened so quickly and we are all in this together.


Raising our energy into a higher form is necessary for those of us wishing to completely let-go of the ‘old’ 3rd dimensional way of life and awaken the fifth-dimensional blueprint of mastery. Until our frequency is pure, we are likely to be sending out mixed messages to the universe and then wondering why we are not receiving our Higher Good.

Are you actually open to receiving your Higher Good? The degree to which you are open is the degree to which you will receive. You also need to be willing to recognize your request when it arrives.  For example, many of us are very fixed in our ideas and beliefs about how our Good will come to us. However, when we are determined to have something only through a certain source then we are cutting off all the other ways that the universe can deliver our Good to us! When we are stubborn as to how we can receive and lacking in awareness then we may not even notice our Good drifting past us to someone willing to receive from any source that honours their integrity. We also must be willing to receive what we have asked for. Some of us may have adopted the belief that something is “too good to be true.” This belief holds our Good away from us as long as we cling to that particular belief – no matter how much magnetizing we do.

It is our own energy that brings our Good to us – no matter what our Good is. Therefore, it behooves us to keep working on our energy as we simultaneously ask ourselves, “Am I willing to receive from new sources?’

Remember to keep clearing your life of any negative, harsh, or challenging energy so you can pave the way for positive energy in your life. The only way to do this is by cleansing your body, aura and energy and by surrounding yourself with positive people and uplifting environments. I have written many pieces on this – if you have not read them you might wish to start with my blog on the Law of Purification.

One of the laws of the universe is that to get something we need to give something (time, energy, love, money etc.).  So, another question that we can ask ourselves today is, “what do I need to give in order to get what I wish for?”  Giving is an important part of getting because giving affirms that you are learning how to acknowledge and let the infinite supply of abundance that is within you flow out into the universe. Giving and getting are also two parts of the energy exchange.

New Age prophets tell us that by the year 2032, as many of us move into a fifth-dimensional frequency, our entire system of living will have changed (evolved) beyond our current recognition. Diana Cooper says, “all healing will be soul healing.” Therefore, if you are not already working on your energy it is time to begin so that you are ready for fifth-dimensional living.  I am always getting ready with the Archangels.  They are just as available to you – if you ask!  I work on my energy every single day.  I make it a priority. By switching your energy even a tiny bit every day you can emit a new and positive life force that will not only change the direction of your life but attract wonderful results for your future.

One of the many spiritual teachers who have helped me to change my energy and shift my consciousness is best-selling author Sandra Anne Taylor. If you wish to begin changing your energy immediately then I suggest you use her little book that I keep near me every day so that I do not forget to continue working on my energy.  The little handbook I am speaking of is called 28 DAYS TO A  MORE MAGNETIC LIFE.  If you employ all her suggestions, as I do, your energy can shift in one month.  Deeply indoctrinated patterns may take much longer; however, you will experience results. As Sandra says, ” the forces of magnetism aren’t as mystical as you might think.”

Archangel Metatron  (overseeing our Ascension process) just guided me to pull an Energy Card (from Sandra’s oracle deck!) for my readers.   It is “Caring Connections”.  One or more of you reading this will soon receive a new romantic love in your life, others of you will soon welcome the beginning or the deepening of a very fulfilling kindred-spirit friendship or possibly even a formal business partnership and others of you will find already established relationships becoming more intimate, purposeful or present. Notice the opportunity to forge new or deeper bonds. Some of these may be karmic connections. “I open my heart and life to truly caring connections.”

Are you willing to cleanse and work daily on your energy in order to attract your Good and to attain mastery?

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian November 3, 2016 at 12:58 pm Reply

    Lovely! Lately I’ve been asking for my heart to be open so feel this blog speaks to me. For those of your readers who have a scientific bent I’d like to invite them to consider the idea (Bruce Lipton’s, I believe) that since science tells us all matter is made up of atoms and atoms are almost entirely space and energy… why do we so strongly identify with the teeny tiniest percent that isn’t? 🙂

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