Speak lovingly from the heart at all times. There are no accusations in ‘this is how I feel.’   Komodo Dragon


To change any situation in our lives we need to work from an energy level. In order to heal we need to release all anger and hurt. We also need to release the desire to be right. We do not have to give up any of our values or sacrifice any of our ideals to do this. We just need to make our inner peace a priority over being right or attempting to control others. However, this does not stop us from lovingly speaking up or peaceful protest – there is a lot of peaceful protest going on in the United States right now as people speak up against what some are calling the “friendly fascism” of the president-elect’s team. They are speaking up on behalf of their values.  Mother Theresa said she would have marched in protest many times if the protests had been for peace rather than against war. Clearly she understood the Law of Attraction.

When we listen to the wisdom of our hearts we open up adjacent doors that can lead to alternate solutions. We leave space for a Higher answer to appear  and we find new ideas that we have previously blocked. Living from the heart means that we do not automatically jump to the conclusion that someone who disagrees with us is against us but rather we engage that person in finding a way to arrive at a solution that leads to a win-win situation.

As we are all aware, the times we now live in, more than ever, are showing us that the old ways no longer work. When we embrace our challenges instead of resisting them we become increasingly magnetic to our Higher Good. If we are willing to live from our hearts and to be open and flexible we will find new solutions to old problems.

The majority of us at this point in our journey together have taken the energy out of our solar plexus (often called our ‘power center’) and moved it into our heart center where all solutions of a Higher truth are found. We have worked on forgiving everyone and everything in our lives in order to purify our energy so we can move forward, ultimately, toward fifth-dimensional living and mastery. It takes longer for some of us than others to ‘let go’ and begin to have truly loving feelings; nevertheless, we are cleaning up our energy and beginning to feel shifts.

As we know our Angels, guides, and ascended masters are always gently and lovingly nudging us into our glorious futures as enlightened masters. They are asking us to expect and visualize a new Golden age ( a new Atlantis) I am seeing much more gold now-a-days in my own aura and that of my clients which indicates to me that we are accepting consciously and unconsciously more and more Light. We need to hold the vision that we as lightworkers have for the world and not be dragged into a lower frequency by those choosing a different path. If we all hold our vision of the future and expect it and visualize it we will create it through our powers of pure intention.

This is the vision that I am holding and lightworkers around the world are holding:

  • We are giving thanks for all we receive.
  • We are treating all of nature – plants, animals, waters, etc. with honour and respect.
  • We love and accept ourselves and therefore we treat our bodies with care.
  • We employ loving, kind and compassionate words.
  • We are seeing that only businesses that co-operate for the Highest Good and serve All without harming Nature are thriving.
  • We are treating children and animals as the beautiful souls that they are and taking care of them.
  • We are all engaged in creative and meaningful work we enjoy.
  • Our spirits are guiding us in everything we do and we have clear communication with Source.
  • We are able to easily and effortlessly communicate with the elementals (including dragons!) Angels, unicorns, our spiritual guides, the ascended masters who preceded us such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Isis, Ishtar, Hathor, Guinevere etc. etc. (so many!!)

Remember that a master takes complete responsibility for everything in their life and lives, always, by the Law of One.




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  1. Gillian November 17, 2016 at 12:37 pm Reply

    “Friendly fascism” has to be the strangest oxymoron since “friendly fire” or “good Nazi”. I’m very glad that our PM Trudeau, even when pressed by our press over the Billy Bush tape, didn’t engage in name calling. Could his dad have resisted? Let’s pray for a spiritual leader the likes of Martin Luther King to surface in the United States. Perhaps she already has? Michele, ma belle. Good blog.

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