“When attention is perfect, it creates order and clarity out of chaos and confusion.”   Deepak Chopra

“A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”   Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.


The quality of our attention to our lives ultimately determines what we experience. The opposite of quality of attention is those times when we are on automatic pilot. Not living in the moment but rather behaving like a programmed robot. If our attention remains always on our human wholeness we are whole or holy; however, when we are multi-tasking (which some neuroscientists today say is actually humanly impossible – that we are only fooling ourselves) our attention is fragmented which means we are fragmented. Fragmented is not magical. Attention is magical and magnetic.

When we stop playing roles and eschew our habitual behaviours we transcend ‘ordinary reality’ through the power of attention and the wizard within. The power of attention opens the doorway into uncertainty – which initially terrifies the ego – but where pure awareness resides. This is difficult for the ego-personality to accept; however, it is the portal into the wizard’s world. “God made this world,” Merlin said. “So it must be interesting enough to keep His attention. If you find things growing tired or stale or predictable, perhaps it is you who have lost the capacity to be interested.” (THE WAY OF THE WIZARD) The wizard within knows that everything that we are certain of – when our awareness and attention is brought to it – reveals new qualities previously undiscovered. Certainty is loved by the ego which feels safest with boundaries. Attention and awareness can take us way beyond all boundaries and into the realm of the wizard.

When I am in the realm of the wizard I experience that we are not limited by time or space. Our spirit is non-local and unlimited. Boundless. All the work that I do at Awakening Spirit comes from this place beyond Time. It is from there that I receive messages from the Angels, elementals, ascended masters, gods and goddesses, and the various Light Beings that are assisting our planet’s ascension. It takes attention and awareness to enter ‘the zone.’

So, who can give you a ‘leg-up’ so to speak with your attention and awareness? There are legions of angels and helpers always available when we ask.  I asked the Angels and they suggested that I write today about Kuthumi as one of his many specialties is helping us to focus. I became aware of Kuthumi in the early 80s while studying English Literature and Humanities at Concordia University in Montreal. However, at that time, I knew him as Sirdar Thakar Singh Sadhanwali, a teacher of Madame Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society) who met Singh during her numerous travels to India. Madame Blavatsky studied under a number of Eastern spiritual teachers and she channeled messages from them (as did Alice Bailey & Elizabeth Clare Prophet) while helping to keep their identities a secret. Doreen Virtue teaches that “this was the first usage of the term ascended masters.” Some know Kuthumi as Koot Hoomi or simply K.H.

In 2006, soon after my Angel Therapy (R) certification course with Doreen Virtue  and Steven Farmer in California, I began channeling a variety of ascended masters and one of these was Kuthumi. I have moved homes 5 times since then and so my advice from Kuthumi during those times must be in a box in storage; however, I remember how loving and supportive his advice was and how much Kuthumi helped me through some chaotic times. Diana Cooper calls Kuthumi one of the greatest Illumined Masters to have walked this planet.

Since going through a recent faery portal I am connecting once again with Kuthumi and as he is now “World Teacher” I am accepting the opportunity to study at one of his schools on the inner planes. Since I currently do not own a car, I think that going to university on the inner planes is a wonderful option!

All this is to say, if you are having difficulty with awareness and attention and need help to focus on your life purpose you can ask Kuthumi for help at your next meditation session. Ask him to help you to rise above all your ego-based fears and to remove all distractions from your mind and enable you to make your changes peacefully . Always remember to give gratitude.

I asked the Angels what my readers need to know today that will aid them to increase their capacity for attention and to be able to focus on their life purpose and pulled the oracle card Healing the Past. This indicates that you are , right now, dissolving old blockages and limitations and this will have a positive effect on every aspect of your life. Old wounds are healing and negative patterns are dissolving. Strength and clarity arises when we heal our pasts. This oracle card message reminds me of lesson 293 in A COURSE IN MIRACLES – “All fear is past and only love is here.”

Healing our past means healing from our current life and all past lives and this is the time in earth’s history where we are healing our pasts at a rapid rate in order to serve. For the past decade I have had the assistance of the ascended master, El Morya, who helps me to read the Akashic Records for myself and my clients when they make this request. Information is relayed to me as and when appropriate so as to not interfere with the lessons and blessings of karma according to Divine Law. El Morya stepped forward to help me with this aspect of my service and he was first recorded by Madame Blavatsky in the 1880s and although information regarding his history is sketchy, he seems to be Ranbir Singh, the son of the ruler of Kashmir during the 1840s. To me, however, he is the warm and loving spirit who answered my request for help reading the Akashic Records and also helps me to remain grounded under difficult circumstances. El Morya offers me and my clients psychic and energetic protection and after the course with Doreen I took her suggestion and asked El Morya to insert the shields Doreen said would help lightbearers  – so – I asked El Morya to perform his form of psychic surgery on me and protective shields were placed within me and a few of my particularly sensitive clients and we have noticed the benefits. Thank you again El Morya!

Should you wish further information regarding Kuthumi and/or El Morya you can find it through the Theosophical Society. A friend of mine in Victoria, B.C., belongs to this society and it is there that you will find what you are looking for.  If you get information off the internet always check it out with your pendulum or angels and guides.  Some is accurate and some is nonsense.

As lightworkers we need to remain vigilant regarding releasing any remaining issues from this current life or the past lives we experienced. Releasing any lower energies connected to anyone that could interfere with our life purpose and our dreams (one and the same!) By releasing our issues to the Angels and to Heaven we invite in and allow (since there is now space) new love, new opportunities, abundance and healing energy into our lives. As our capacity for awareness and attention expands – we become increasingly magnetic to our desires.

Namaste,   Monica






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  1. Gillian August 11, 2016 at 6:57 pm Reply

    “The world does not suffer from lack of wonders but from lack of wonder.” Kuthumi and El Morya are new to my ears (or, if not, I’m listening now). I’ve had two weird “bugs” this year after 20 years of no bugs at all. Are any of Monica’s other blog followers experiencing stuff besides blurry sight? Till next week, thanks!

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