“Miracles are natural signs of forgiveness. Through miracles you accept God’s forgiveness by extending it to others.”    A Course In Miracles

“Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.”    Ann Lamott

“Easier to climb up, than to just hang on.”    Ronald Harwood


We can learn from our pasts but if we wish to be magnetic to our desires then we need to mine the gold nuggets of our personal history – get the lessons – but not remain attached to that history. If we do not learn from our past we can be held back by it. This is true in every aspect of our lives including our health, relationships, finances, and career. If an attachment to any part of our past blocks us from progress and joy then we know that we are not magnetic to our new desires.

How much of your identity is tied up in your past? Are you tied up in knots? Sometimes I will pull an oracle card for a client and the card will be a picture of a woman tied up in ropes that bind her. These are of our own making and are usually attached to our pasts. Although the past has contributed to who we are today that does not mean that any of us are destined to continually live old mistakes and/or regrets thereby limiting our current and future choices. This does not involve pretending our pasts never happened but rather leaving the past where it belongs – in the past.

Sonia Ricotti, radio host and self-development coach and leader asks her clients at her first session with them, “What does your dream life look like?” After they have described it she follows up with, “Why aren’t you living your dream life today?” The reasons her clients give (and mine give me) always revolve around the trials and traumas of their pasts. Without releasing the past there is no ‘open space’ for the new life you are creating. New love, new jobs, new careers, new friendships etc. No open space in front of you allowing the dreams you are magnetizing to enter.

We cannot let go of the past without awareness of our attachment to it. We are likely swimming in it – consciously or subconsciously. Once we bring it to consciousness, to the light, we can release it and move forward. When we have let go of our pasts – leaving behind our habits, familiar thoughts, behaviours, attitudes and structures, we find ourselves evolving to the next level of our growth. The void. It is from the void that we experience the opportunity to make this place of unlimited opportunity a new best friend. If you summon the courage to enter the void (ask Archangel Michael to accompany you) and to live in the void you can do a great amount of valuable ‘inner work’ there that will help you evolve at a faster pace. It is similar to a bird that has always flown at the same altitude and now wishes to fly higher. It goes up and onto an unknown path. Yes, there may be turbulence. However, the work in the void is priceless beyond measure because when we go higher we expand beyond our old habits and patterns and enter the ‘land of uncertainty’ or ‘the ‘land of un-knowing.’ This land is where your past and your future lie together parallel to each other; however, chances  are you may not be aware of this. Yet. The ‘old’ you and the ‘new’ you exist side by side like kids in a schoolroom. And, Earth is a schoolroom. Do not be surprised if you are quite confused for awhile. Or, longer! As you gradually release the ‘old’ you and embrace the ‘new’ you – the confusion decreases and ultimately disappears.

When we are in the void we sometimes find our sleep patterns changing or interrupted. We also may experience moods that are inconsistent and periods of extreme fatigue followed by intense energy. One moment sloth-like and the next feeling like a racehorse that cannot wait to get out of the starting gate. If we do not listen to our body’s needs and care for our bodies – we can manifest illness in order to rest. Some of us create back pain during this time or a physical injury in order to rest and ponder.

The more intense the ‘inner work’ we do – the more different our mind may feel. I have gone through this a number of times now (therefore I can help my clients!) and what is happening during this intense and confusing time is that we are learning to think in new ways. Creating new paths. We may have difficulty thinking clearly or we may forget things that we knew just yesterday. If we are over 60 we may experience some well-meaning folks telling us that we are having a “senior moment”. One of my close friends calls herself “old” at 66. If she keeps this up for an extended period of time she will manifest a typical, average North American ”old age” as envisioned for her by a society that is youth-oriented and dismissive of mature women. I recommended she read Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book GODDESSES NEVER AGE in order that she does not envision and attain the “old age” planned for her by patriarchy. What does “old” mean to you? To many it means decrepit and confused. To me it means mature and experienced. Whatever your current age, gender, social position, economic status etc. watch the words you use and the way you think and describe yourself while in the fertile void – you are creating your new self so do make sure it is what you wish for yourself not just another identity prescribed for you by those around you. What vision do you hold for yourself? As Ghandi said, “strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Allow yourself to dwell in the land of not-knowing and learn to navigate here. Take it one moment and day at a time. Baby steps. Sifting through the muck looking for the gold. As the daughter of a metallurgist and growing up in a small mining-town – the mining metaphor works for me! But, find your own. Gather your gold nuggets and leave the rest. Let go. It is all good. However, it may not feel that way – you are not your feelings – don’t attach to them but do fully express them. Cry. Grieve the disappearing ‘old’ you and ‘old’ life.

Your fear of entering the void is the fear belonging to your ego. Our egos love certainty and boundaries. It feels safe with these. I have found that the ego, over time, can handle the changes asked of it if asked with LOVE. Send love to your ego and invite it to participate in the grand adventure and thank it for always caring about your physical safety. Tip-toe into the void if you so wish. Stick a toe in the shallow end and test the waters. It takes awhile to get used to not-knowing. When you are ready you will explore further in like the courageous voyageur that you are. Guided, always, by your angels and guides. The Universe has your back.

Our time in the void varies greatly. Some of us stay minutes and some hours and some days and some months. I stay months. Letting layer upon layer of my past lives and current life dissolve. When we identify with any part of our past at any stage of our life  attached to pain and suffering it keeps us bound. Stuck. It is only when we step or leap into the void that we can let go and release any and all past identities and create a new life that is Higher.

Our spirit guides (mine is Josephine, I call her Jo Jo) teach us that while we are in the void it is wise to allow ourselves plenty of time to fantasize and daydream. Trying on possible futures. Like a child. Loving ourselves we realize in the void that we are enough alone (ALL-ONE). We are complete. Whole. Holy.  There is nothing to add to ourselves – only things to let go of.  We are perfect divine beings having a human experience.   When we are unaware of our divinity, we do not act divinely. I found out in the void that my mission is to help others to dis-cover their divinity and to create their best life. The decisions we make in the void have long-term consequences so take your time with your dreams and examine if you can handle what you are asking for. Because, you will receive whatever you create with your most dominant thoughts.  Do allow yourself the luxury of time to daydream without worrying about the how. And, ask that what you create be for the Highest Good of everyone around you and at the end of your request say, “This or something better manifests for me now.” You do not need to know the how. But you do need to completely believe and trust and then follow your guidance. I have been privileged to witness, after a decade as an Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner my clients change either a problematic part of their life or their whole life in a more positive and fulfilling direction. Choose the future of your dreams.

Do not be surprised if after you exit the land of uncertainty parts of your life or most of your life falls apart.

My life fell apart 10 years ago when I entered Dr. Doreen Virtue’s Faery Ring after an Angel landed in my bedroom at 3 a.m one morning and called my name. I was guided to travel from Kingston, Ontario to Laguna Beach, California. I resisted at first. I had never even heard of Doreen! (imagine my surprise when I found out while there that people all over the world had been waiting years to take this course). The angels and guides did everything they could to get my attention. From pulling on my silver cord to throwing a metaphysical book at my feet.  Still I balked. However, after they turned the lights on and off in my house, whispered my name and provided the finances to attend through an unlikely source – I went.  Within the 5 days of entering the Faery Ring my life fell apart. This was predicted in a dream that I had while there.  Currently, it takes somewhat less drama from my guides on the Other Side to get my attention!  I am listening. Are you?

What do you need to release to create your best life?  Who do you need to forgive?  Yourself?  A situation or circumstance? Everything you release leaves space to create the life of your dreams.

Ultimately, our life becomes what we think about most. What we envision and create through thoughts, feelings, actions, determination and persistence. Everything we create begins with a thought. Even a baby! What are your dominant thoughts? What are you clearing? Have you completely forgiven yourself and others for all and any real or perceived mistakes? Non-forgiveness is a limiting condition. Forgiveness is the ultimate release. Call in the Angels of Forgiveness when you are truly ready to fully embody your own magnetism. Only ask, according to the Law of Free Will: “Thank you, Angels of Forgiveness, for helping me to understand the process and the miracle of forgiveness.” The angels are here now – waiting for your permission to bathe you in their Light and Love. Ask them to wrap their wings around you, enfolding you in their warmth. Surrender. Smell the roses on your path. A guide is near me now and the scent of sandalwood fills the air. I have no sandalwood – but my guide obviously does.

All is well. Everything is in Divine Order.

Namaste, Monica



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  1. Gillian August 25, 2016 at 10:31 pm Reply

    A few months ago I went to pay for a swim at our pool and a very young man with spiky blond hair asked me, “Are you an experienced swimmer?” (i.e. over 55) I’ve used the adjective ever since! Great blog, lots to think about. Thanks!

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