“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”   Ernest Hemingway

“Thank you Angels for surrounding me with people I can trust and love.”   Kyle Gray


Do you realize that your money, job, career, health, relationships etc. arise from the same frequencies? We human beings are often used to compartmentalizing and may believe that these areas of our lives are created from different frequencies. It is true that some of us are ‘higher-functioning’ in one area or another; however, all these areas of abundance are in the same place and created from the same frequencies. Therefore, if you are angry, which is a low and contracted frequency, this is affecting every area of your personal universe.

Also, if you are unforgiving to yourself and/or others you are actually sabotaging your own expansion and prosperity. Once we realize this – many of us are able to let go immediately and feel free. Feeling different inside allows life to change outside. The source of our peace and happiness is our inner world. Many of us wait until we are so sick and tired of the status quo and of ‘holding on’ that we are finally genuinely ready to open up to something new. Ready to stop the self-abandonment and the self-sabotage and ready to open up to the abundance of a friendly universe. Ready to ‘deal ourselves in’ and get our needs met. Ready to choose our words carefully because they are creating our future. We make a decision to trust ourselves and to trust that the Universe has our back and that life itself is supportive. We choose the Universe that God/Source created rather than the one we human beings have created. We can choose to remain in the universe human beings have created or we can shift into the Universe that God/Source created which is of such a Higher Frequency. One of the myriad ways of perceiving the Universe as God created it is to become a lifetime student of A COURSE IN MIRACLES (The Foundation For Inner Peace). I am one of those students as is Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson and so many of my teachers. One of the many priceless gifts of ACIM is that it helps you to change your perspective to such a degree that you are able, eventually, to get off the ‘worry loop’ ,which squanders so much life force, and get onto the ‘trust track.’ This saves so much precious energy.

You must clear out and empty old vibrations that contract you and welcome in new vibrations that expand you. Low level frequencies result in low level outcomes. You need to be aware of the frequencies that you allow into your life in the same way that you choose high-frequency foods and sensible exercise that supports your vibrant health and well-being. You are counseled to explore beyond your comfort zone if you wish to welcome new energy into your life.

Trust is a crucial piece of our energy puzzle. We develop trust with God/Source and with our Higher Self (our 2 most important relationships for manifestation) over time as with any relationship. We need to silence our ego-personality and raise our frequency if we wish to enter the Zone of Divine Intelligence. The eternal NOW where the Illumined Masters live – enlightened Beings such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and so many, many others. Every forward step we take in our awareness moves us closer to them. It gets easier and easier to access our guidance from our Higher Self.

Remember that to effect change you need to trust yourself enough to move your energy around in order to attain a different outcome.  We all remember the definition of insanity which is ” doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Playing with energy will create a new rhythm to your life that currently may be filled with stagnant energy.

If you are completely flummoxed as to how to shift the energy in your life – try something entirely new. Something fun!  Something that you have never tried before. Something non-utilitarian and not necessarily practical in any way. One of the many things I did when my life fell apart was to enroll at one of Kingston’s dance schools and take a course in African-Cuban dance. The last time I had been in a dance studio as a participant was fifty years ago. And that was ballet. I was the eldest in the class of adults, the only beginner, and one of my classmates was a semi-pro ballerina (an elegant woman with silver-fox gray hair and she glided across the room with ease and poise).  The teacher of this female class was a male professional dancer. I was completely out of my comfort zone. When everyone went right, I went left! By the end of the course was I good at African-Cuban dance?  No. But, I had a wonderful time, the music was upbeat and fabulous, I made a new friend, and most of all I was proud of myself for trying something new with gay abandon. It shifted my energy just as I had trusted it would. I trusted the Angels and the Angels had asked me to dance! Years later I was walking down the sidewalk in Kingston when that lovely silver-fox haired ethereal ballerina crossed paths with me. She said to me, “you are such a good dancer, are you coming back?”  Can you believe it?  A definite earth angel is she!

Expansion comes through trusting that we will expand. It may not happen overnight. Although it can when we focus a clear, disciplined mind that focuses on a vision and merges with the Universal Mind.  As we trust our Source and our Higher Self and our own process we raise our frequencies and simultaneously our magnetism. We are only limited by our own beliefs and our own disbelief.  Your own process of healing and expanding is unique. Trust it. Learn to substitute trust for worry and create your best life.

Love & Light, Monica

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  1. Gillian September 1, 2016 at 11:05 am Reply

    “In headaches and in worry/vaguely life leaks away” W.H. Auden. “There is a moment in each day/That Satan cannot find.” William Blake. Actually, there are zillions of moments! Thanks.

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