“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.”   Carol Burnett

“All experience is an arch to build upon.”   Henry Brooks Adams


Are your rational thoughts the culprit to your success? For many of us they are!  We create with our thoughts.  If a long-standing thought ( a belief ) tells us something cannot be done – then this is a limiting belief that needs to be unlearned or discarded.  Joe Vitale (THE SECRET), one of my many teachers regarding the Law of Attraction, tells us that we are sometimes immersed in the cold, logical thinking of late modern society. We need to discard what are often the thought-patterns of others and take a leap of faith with Archangel Chamuel by our side.

People who are magnetic do what they love for their livelihood. They understand that working only for the money is a repelling quality because they understand the Law of Attraction (and how to use its principles with awareness) which is governing the major and minor components of our lives. (I have previously written 100 tips on the LOA) Sometimes when we are thinking rationally we are merely channeling the thoughts of others. The most important aspect of making our livelihood is doing what we love. Doing what we would do even if we did not need the money to pay the rent, utilities, food, transportation, clothes, etc. Not liking what we do with our time and energy drains us and diminishes our flow of abundance; loving what we do brings abundance more effortlessly.

When we love what we do we feel alive and fulfilled – we radiate joy and draw many good things toward us. While we can certainly make money doing work that we do not enjoy – it will take much more effort. People who are magnetic have discovered that they can have fulfilling, satisfying work and also make money in the process. Often these people have taken the time and effort to truly get to know themselves on a deep level. They spend time reflecting, consulting others to get their insights regarding their unique talents and skills, and they spend time in meditation listening to their Higher Self which speaks to them through their feelings, desires, imagination and dreams. These people do not disregard their fantasies as mere wishful thinking but rather honour them as messages from their deepest being.

For some of us lightworkers we are creating ‘new’ jobs because as the ‘old’ world disappears we need to help to create new jobs and structures that support the ‘new’ consciousness I write about in these blogs. In fact, as our enlightenment increases we often feel a stronger desire to be involved with activities and work that challenges us to grow – work that empowers us. We respond to the internal desire to create a ‘new order’ so to speak within our own lives. We wish greater freedom, order and beauty and this leads, eventually, to a new life. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Examine how you spend your time and what you enjoy doing naturally. When Archangel Chamuel and I do career coaching we ask folks to take their focus off the money they do or do not make in order to daydream about what they love and value. Find something in your life, whatever it is, and value it much more. Spend more time valuing your own time and energy and less time doing things you do not like and talking to people whose company you do not enjoy. Start spending more time on a hobby you enjoy. You may find yourself creating a job or career out of a hobby you love. This is what many magnetic people have done.

I know people who needed to keep money flowing in from their current job in order to pay the bills while they figured out a way to make the switch to work they love. They volunteered on week-ends in the field/s they were interested in and built their skills and resumes while doing so. This helped them to also make the mind-shift that is necessary into the reality that it is possible to make money doing what you love to do. Many of us were raised to think otherwise – raised to believe that not only is money evil but it also cannot be made while enjoying yourself but must be made by work that bores you or is drudgery for you. If we believe any of these things – then we are repelling money. If you are not currently making money doing work that you love, then there are numerous ways to employ the Law of Attraction in your favour to shift your energy and raise your frequency.  One of the things to do immediately is to embody the belief that you can earn money doing what you love and what fulfills you.  This is the Universe’s plan for you and it was also your plan when you incarnated.

I have an acquaintance in the States, let’s call her Cindy, who is a single Mom raising her daughter alone while doing what she loves.  Cindy’s partner deserted her while her daughter, let’s call her Ashley, was just getting ready to start grade 1. Carl (not his name) disappeared and suddenly  Cindy, a stay-at-home Mom,  needed a job to support herself and Ashley.  Cindy was fearful and flummoxed as to how she was going to support her daughter as she had married at an early age and did not have a profession to return to. She was also in shock, of course. Fortunately, Cindy had a close friend from high school, Tara, who came to the rescue of her chum. She assured Cindy, whose self-esteem was rock-bottom, that Cindy would be able to overcome her fears and lack of confidence in herself once she had a workable plan to solve the main problem of making her livelihood; however, Tara coached Cindy to find something that would not only make money but would be enjoyable and would also allow Cindy plenty of time to spend with Ashley enjoying Ashley’s childhood. Tara asked Cindy the types of questions that coaches ask . What do you love to do? What are your hobbies? What community activities do you do because you love them? Do you have an interest in singing, dancing or the arts? Are you interested in bodywork, writing, channeling or counseling? Which of your daily activities bring you the most joy?  When do you feel most alive? Do you like to teach? heal? or empower others? Do you like organizing, leading, managing, networking? Are you drawn to money management? business skills? scientific skills? research skills? art production? cooking? Do you wish to work with equipment? computers? machines? Do you enjoy working with numbers &/or statistics? Do you like working with your hands? voice? Do you like to communicate in person or on the phone? Do you want room to be creative or do you prefer work that is more logical and straightforward? Do you wish to work indoors or outdoors? Tara encouraged Cindy to answer these questions and more and to answer from her heart. Our minds have often been programmed, but, our hearts know our truth. Our heart knows what we love. The times that Cindy had enjoyed most while married to Carl were their vacations in Mexico where Carl was most relaxed and where Cindy loved the people, sun and beaches. Cindy often spent time alone cruising the shops for unique silver jewellery and small knick-knacks. This gave her pleasure. Cindy made the decision to open an on-line business selling jewellery from Mexico that she operates from home. This requires frequent trips to Mexico, makes a good income that is growing, and allows for plenty of time to spend with Ashley. Today, she could not be happier.

The Angel that will help you open your heart to what you love is Archangel Chamuel (pronounced SHAM-you-el). He will help you with your career if you ask. He is the leader of the Angelic realm known as the “Powers.” Archangel Chamuel is one of the ten Sephiroth archangels of the Kabbalah, which means that He governs a pathway of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Some call Him “Gatekeeper of the World.” He was with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. He helps with peace, both global and personal. Currently, He is helping with the initial phases of our ascension. Opening our hearts to what we love to do, if we ask. I have worked with Archangel Chamuel for the past 10 years as He assists me and my clients with our ascension. He wears a bright, ruby robe and has white hair. His name means “He who sees God.” He helps us to see love in ourselves and all others and is very kind and sweet and known for helping us to find our soulmates, strengthen our relationships and for assisting us to find lost items. Nothing is lost in the Mind of God. You can invoke Archangel Chamuel to help you to recover anything that is lost. As I write this I am reminded of time spent in North Carolina 5 years ago visiting a friend. I had been telling my friend about my communications with Angels – she believes in them and was fascinated; however, her husband was somewhat skeptical. My friend and I were just leaving the house for some sight-seeing when he called out to me, “is there an Angel who can help me find my glasses? – they have been missing a week!”  I yelled back, “Yes! I will send you Archangel Chamuel right now.” I did. Ten minutes later my friend’s cellphone rang. Her husband was excited and wanted to tell me he had found his glasses.  He also requested an Angel reading before I went home. If you feel that you have lost your sense of purpose invoke Archangel Chamuel’s help and ask Him to remove any barriers around your heart that may be preventing you from having and doing what you love. “Thank you, Archangel Chamuel, for removing any barriers around my heart.”  And so it is. And it is so.

Your lightworker work will involve making a contribution to humanity, plants, animals, or the earth itself. Your work will be something that you think about and already feel connected to and are familiar with and something you would do ‘just for fun’ if you had the time and money.  Our contribution is needed – even if we help one person, plant or animal (trees are sentient beings) – we do what we came to do.  If one person reads this blog, invokes Archangel Chamuel, and starts to follow his/her heart then I have done what I came to do – which is to inspire and help people to live from the heart and to live & enjoy their divinity. That one person is likely to help more people, plants or animals then I will ever reach or they may touch the life of a person who becomes empowered to be in a position to change the lives of many, many, for the better. Always ask yourself, “how may I serve?”  One way to serve is to earn your livelihood helping others to get what they want. Whether that is an education, food, health, medicine, beauty,  etc.  The Universe will support you doing what you love.  So start now doing what you love (or start now loving what you do). This makes you magnetic to your dreams.  Follow your heart to love and inner peace. We are all ONE, when we help one of us we help all of us.

Light & Love,  Monica




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  1. Gillian September 22, 2016 at 2:49 pm Reply

    I’m going to make “Thank you, Archangel Chamuel, for removing any barriers around my heart” a mantra for this week. 🙂

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