“No matter how arduously we meditate or how many times we chant Om, the invisible matrix of Spirit seems to elude us.”    Dr. Alberto Villoldo

“When you wake up to the greater reality of Cosmic Consciousness, you will see life and its suffering as a dream.”    Swami Sivananda Radha


Delving into our dreams, daydreams as well as night dreams, helps us to connect to the invisible matrix of Spirit that often eludes us. This is magnetic. However, we each need to do ‘the work’ ourselves. When we wake up might we find that the world itself is a dream? I remember having such an epiphany (or memory?) at around the age of nine when suddenly the thought came to me – “this world is all a dream in the Mind of God.” At that age, this seemed both scary and comforting simultaneously. As I dis-covered the work of Swami Sivananda Radha as an adult a few decades or so later – it seemed ‘truth’ to me and I also believe as she did that our dreams can lead us to mystical realms beyond the imagination and that “truly spiritual dreams will be substantiated in waking life.”  That substantiation will help you to become magnetic to your life purpose as it lights up the path ahead.

The astonishing power of the subconscious mind to playact problems or digest material that is only partially comprehended by the conscious mind is thoroughly documented within scientific fields.  A rather old but useful example is that of physiologist Otto Loewi who dreamed one night of an experiment which might prove his theory of nerve impulses. Loewi set up an experiment in his lab that exactly duplicated the way he had dreamed it and it worked – which subsequently led to him receiving the Nobel Prize. You will also likely recall the much celebrated case of the late 19th c German chemist, Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz  who had a dream wherein he saw a snake eating its tail, thus forming a large ring. This dream inspired him to run tests which led to the discovery that  the atoms in the benzene molecule were arranged in a large – six carbon atoms – ring rather than a straight line arrangement previously visualized. According to research this is considered to be one of the most important sparks of creative work in the entire field of organic chemistry.

Research demonstrates that while there are a myriad of theories as to what shapes the content of our dreams, the experts agree that dreams represent the mental activity that occurs when conscious control is removed. Many decades ago people were speculating that investigating DNA & RNA would show that certain types of dreams that we classify as clairvoyant, precognitive or retro-cognitive are actually locked into our genetic coding through the emotions &/or experiences of our ancestors.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs then you already know that my interest in dreams is life-long. Since time immemorial folks have been interested in their dreams. My mother used to begin each day at the breakfast table when we were young asking, “any dreams last night kids?” Of course I always blathered away, just like I am now, spilling the beans from my subconscious mind as I excitedly reported them to her. For me, it was a ritual which told her all the intimate details she was seeking! I sometimes still share my dreams with my brother and sister; however, all three of us understand this as a sign of absolute trust and intimacy because dreaming belongs to our most intimate experiences. After all, our reactions to our experiences are largely emotional and in our dreams even more emotional as they incorporate an interrelation between the NOW, the past, and future. Space and time have no limits within dreams.

The interpretation of dreams is no different from any other skill in that we become better with practice. It requires journaling consistently.  Essentially you are learning a new language as dream symbols are the language of your subconscious mind. Dreams are made up of an infinite variety of elements; however, when you wake up ask yourself which main fact or feature stands out for you? That is where you begin but you should look at all the other elements as well and add them to your interpretation and do not overlook even what seems to be minor and minute details as they may have a very important significance. If you ever have a dream where you yourself have an illness in the dream – then it is wise to have a medical check-up to be on the safe side. Many individuals who had a potentially life-threatening disease were able to receive early treatment which saved their lives.  If you read my previous blog on dreams then you know that I asked God for a diagnosis for my daughter when she was 9 and losing weight at a rapid rate and very unwell. Her doctor was unable to diagnose her and refused to send her to a specialist.  The diagnosis was given me in a dream – I knew the exact blood test to request, the doctor reluctantly did it saying I was causing my daughter unnecessary pain from the needle, but it came back positive and she was put on the medication in rapid fashion and within 72 hours was finally back to herself.

Always be very cautious about superficial &/or quick answers when doing your interpretation. Be sure to accept whatever emerges – whether positive or negative – we must deal with both and this helps us greatly also with discrimination: “Dreams are gentle but they make us work. The Higher Self sends you the dream in a particular way for a reason. You have to find out the reason. This is why dreams have to be carefully worked with. Write down your first impressions without hesitation, but be very careful about superficial, quick answers. Look for the real message in your dream. Otherwise, you may overlook its importance and miss the help that is immediately available. You may receive the help in six months, a year, or two years, but in the meantime the message could have been extremely helpful and it was not.” (REALITIES OF THE DREAMING MIND by Swami Sivananda Radha)   Aristotle said, “the skillful interpretation of dreams is he who has the faculty of observing resemblances.”  If you do not have that faculty then I suggest that you begin to cultivate it and/or borrow the mindset of an ascended master who already possesses it. Ask and you will receive.

“Some yogis do fantastic experiments and practices, … Yet at the same time, they take their dreams very seriously. Why would such people pay attention to dreams? Precisely because dreams can be the thorn that removes the thorn.” (Swami Radha) Yogis adhere to strict spiritual disciplines and ways of eating, drinking and exercise that facilitates them remembering and utilizing their dreams – so – if you are currently clogging up your energy channels with dense foods or drinking alcohol it would be wise to consider all of your lifestyle practices and begin to live in a manner that supports your health. Alcohol is numbing.

If you wish to read one book that will help you then I suggest Swami Radha’s book above. Dr. Henry Reed, author of DREAM SOLUTIONS writes, “This book is both inspiring and practical. It integrates the elevated potential of the spiritual with the nitty-gritty of daily life – where the rubber meets the road! A valuable teaching on dreams.”  Ironically, I have not yet read Swami Radha’s full book but it has been on my shelf since the 90s and I have many stories regarding Swami Radha’s influence on me, energetically, through the over-thirty years since I have been teaching and practicing Hatha Yoga. I had gifted this treasured book to a friend without finishing it as she expressed an interest and was at a loss to explain her dreams and was dependent on me for their analysis and I wanted to empower her to interpret them herself.  The book was unexpectedly sent back to me!  Meant to be. Finally, I will actually read this wonderful book written by someone with more than 30 years experience teaching dream study whom I have admired for so many years.

Swami Radha reminds us that our unconscious will always show us our own potential; however, if we do not follow through and mine our subconscious then our subconscious will offer us whatever is next – which is usually the “generally accepted way of living… you have a divine birthright, but, if you do not claim it, the only one to blame is yourself.”

I have my own personal stories, as I said above, about how Swami Radha’s work has affected my adult life.  I want to share a story from her book on dreams that I love and that may entice you to avail yourself of her Light:

Krishna’s Flute (dream is in italics)

A messenger brought me a beautiful parcel wrapped in paper with little roses on it, and a pink ribbon. There was a card, “To Radha, my beloved.”

The messenger said, I am bringing this message from Lord Krishna. Do you know who he is?”

Yes, I know, ” I was overjoyed. Then I opened the parcel. It was a flute.  “But I can’t play the flute,” I said.

Then the messenger asked, “Would you be given a flute if you couldn’t play it?”

As human beings we are often beset by feelings of inferiority or even sinfulness and inadequacy. My own Guru realized that not only women of the Orient but women all over the world have had little chance to develop self-confidence and determination. That is why when Swami Sivananda initiated me, he said, “Put my name (Sivananda) in front of yours (Radha).” He knew that would give a boost to my self-esteem. When I told Swami Sivananda that I was not perfect enough or holy enough to establish an ashram in the West, he smiled and said, “Just be Lord Krishna’s flute. Let the Divine play the melody. Learn to listen, and all will be well.” (page 280)  Swami Radha established the Yasodhara Ashram in British Columbia.

Mining the gold nuggets of your dreams will help you to broadcast a higher frequency which will result in your greater magnetism.  It is also so much FUN!!  Learn to listen and all will be well.

Namaste, Monica      p.s. I will be off-line for a week and out of country visiting friends & also a Mission I love.  Look forward to our connection again the following week.


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  1. Gillian September 29, 2016 at 4:46 pm Reply

    I used to ask my daughter every day, “Have any interesting dreams?” and she always answered, “Not that I can remember.” Have a wonderful time visiting your friends, Monica!

    • Monica September 30, 2016 at 11:43 am Reply

      Yes, a lot of us do not remember our dreams – so much so that many people actually say they “never dream”. If you wish to avail yourself of the information from your dreams, readers, keep a pen and paper beside your bed and send out the intention to remember them before you go to sleep – this one thing can actually change your life!

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