“Beguiling: agreeably or charmingly attractive or pleasing.”  (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

So we have a powerful full super moon in Libra the astrologers tell us. The Aries equinox is also today and they say that it is happening on the world axis in conjunction with the Super Galactic Centre. This full moon is the third super moon in a row in the third month of a 3 year. Whatever we focus on becomes reality.

It is a time of endings and beginnings. New enterprises. Because it is a super moon there will be an even greater pull on the tides and plates of the Earth and on our emotions. Aries is about new beginnings and Libra is most connected with relationships. Togetherness. Relationships are likely to come to a head, so to speak, during this period.

Astrologer Pam Gregory says we also have a conjunction between Neptune and Mercury, and the creative, poetic and magical energy of Neptune could put us into an altered state inspired by Spirit.

Secrets will come to light at this time. Also dream big because the energies are unbounded until September 2019. Due to Schumann’s Resonance which is causing big shifts – be sure to check in with your own state of being and set your dial to the joy frequency to maximize your inner power.

Pam says there are strong shifts going on this month. I have noticed this. The light is increasing and there is an emphasis on relationships and on truth and non-truth. This is a fascinating and intense time and don’t forget to get out into Nature under the beguiling moon.

I just asked Merlin to give you all a message through the beautiful Oracle deck called Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid. Your card is The Lady of the Mirror. It is card number 44. The Lady of the Mirror is both Challenger and Ally! It is asking you to see yourself in the mirror made by the events in your life. She represents the force of the powerful Law of Attraction. “This isn’t to say that you need to blame yourself for inviting transgressions or if you find yourself a victim of a big-picture event – say, a war. This is a distorted interpretation of this law.” Rather, this message asks you to look at how you have responded to life’s challenges big and small and be aware of what is familiar in the present. It is about releasing all judgment and accepting things the way they are – with love. The message is to honour every part of your story as “essential to your highest unfolding. Can you see yourself as being exactly where you need to be on your path? Do you love what you see in the mirror?”  Journaling would be powerful today.

Despite what things sometimes look like on the outside, we are not going backwards – but we are moving forward – full of faith.

Love & Light,   Monica

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