“Follow the roar of your own authenticity.”   Joanna Ross

New children know they are threaded with God.”   Joanna Ross

Most of us now, being conscious, have softened if not completely dissolved what Eckhart Tolle calls our “pain-body.”  Tolle describes the pain-body in his enlightening book A New Earth.  The pain-body is an energy field of old but still very much alive  emotion that lives in almost every human being on Earth. This pain-body, while individual, is also collective. “It partakes of the pain suffered by countless humans throughout the history of humanity. Tolle describes humanity’s history as a history of “continuous tribal warfare, of enslavement, pillage, rape, torture, and other forms of violence.” This pain is still alive in the collective psyche of humanity and every child born comes into the world carrying a pain-body, although it is more dense in some than others. As the baby’s physical body grows – so too does the pain-body. It may seem strange, but, Tolle says – and I agree – that it is usually those of us with the heavier pain-bodies that have the best chance to spiritually awaken. Whereas some of us remain trapped in our heavy pain-bodies – many of us reach a point where we cannot live with the unhappiness any longer and the motivation to awaken becomes very strong.

Yesterday was Christmas. While for many of us Christmas is a joyous time, there are also quite a lot of people whose pain-bodies are triggered by Christmas. The suffering body of Christ on the cross with his face distorted in agony and bleeding from his many wounds is an image that remains significant in the collective consciousness of humanity. While Christ can be seen as the archetypal human because he embodies both the pain and the possibility of transcendence – before we become conscious – we are more likely to identify with the pain rather than the transcendence aspect of Christ’s humanness.

The pain-body, like all life-forms, needs to eat – needs to take in new energy – and this new energy is energy that vibrates at a similar frequency. Any emotionally painful experience can be used as food for the pain-body.  Hence, this is why those of us with a dense pain-body thrive on negative thinking and drama within relationships because our pain-body is connecting and attracted to the pain-body of another person in our lives. Often a partner. When we are unconscious – we do not realize that there is something within us, sort of like a parasite, that periodically seeks nourishment in the form of emotional negativity. That is why people not yet conscious of their pain-bodies can be taken over by them and desire to make others as miserable as themselves. ‘Misery loves company.’ “The other person’s pain-body wants to awaken yours so that both pain-bodies can mutually energize each other.”

The human pain-body is passed on from generation to generation. Many of us had parents with heavy pain-bodies and Tolle says: “Some couples who may think they have fallen in love are actually feeling drawn to each other because their respective pain-bodies complement each other.” He says, “it would be hard to find a partner who does not carry a pain-body, but, it would perhaps be wise to choose someone whose pain-body is not excessively dense.”

So being conscious, as we are, dear readers, we have been doing extensive work to soften and clear our pain-bodies and we are doing a really good job! So good, in fact, that many of us are now clearing on a cellular level whereas before it was mostly a mental and emotional clearing. We are upgrading ourselves as our bodies convert from carbon to crystalline – getting crystalline light from our Source. Have you noticed that cleansing and purifying no longer wipes you out for a week like it did in the past? Most of us are doing well unhooking from 3D and letting go of all the old programming of fear and lack that was our baggage that anchored us to the old matrix.

We enter 5D through the heart chakra becoming more aware of the Law of Sovereignty and the role boundaries play with regard to protecting our energy and being respectful of the space of ourselves and others. This week I listened to a talk by Meg Benedicte and she raised an issue that has concerned me for awhile – so – I will share it with you. You may or may not be aware that for the last few years or so some spiritual teachers have been inserting ‘codes’ into the energy fields of their clients and others have been doing ‘activations’.  I have chosen not to receive any codes, though I have received many activations – always having confirmed with Archangel Michael that it is for my Highest Good. Meg says she has had to “pull out codes from many of her clients because they did not resonate with who they are.” I have pulled out implants and dark energies and entities and so I tend to be cautious re the implanting of codes – as is Meg.  I tend to feel the same way Meg does, that is – that any codes we need are already within and that we can activate them when the time is right or ask an Archangel to do it. Neither Meg nor I are saying that we are judging those giving and/or receiving codes but rather that we do not discern this to be the optimum choice. Interestingly, I had not heard anyone but Meg express what i was discerning and she says “crystal souls and embodied angels don’t insert codes.” Since I have been told by the Archangels that I am an earth angel – this resonates with me and explains why I am never guided to insert codes myself. However, please do not read this as a judgement about those who do. Everyone’s work is different! Use your own discernment, always.

Living mostly in 5D we have learned how to discern without going into judgement. We are conscious of balancing our physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies and are aware of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine frequencies within. Sensing ourselves as vast and eternal is important for those of us who intend to help to set the path for the new crystalline children. We are outgrowing all our old systems of finance, education, government and other structures that are breaking down as was predicted. We learned that our egos only exist in the past or in our expectations of the future but are gone in the zero point of NOW.  We journal and let our dreams help us to awaken. We experience for ourselves what Joanna Ross calls our “entanglement with the Divine.” Joanna is so entangled that she sends Reiki to all the walls of her house. Purification. She also welcomes the unknown. “The unknown is to be celebrated – because it is exactly where we are supposed to be.”

We need to discipline our mind regarding our ‘new story’ as we leave 2019 in the past. This means leaving our fears behind. When we stop living in fear – we start to move forward. Wanda Vitale has a reminder for us that I feel is so important to who we are becoming. “Return to the divine child within and live from that space.”  Live from wonder. Be curious. Feel the fear, be conscious of it, but remember it is an old 3D programme meant to keep you enslaved. Fear is only supposed to be a tool to keep you physically safe – not to run your life. I find Wanda’s family background fascinating. Her mother used to pile the kids into the car to look for UFOs. That family experience opened her up to other worlds. Once, while in Tunisia with a colleague, they drove through what she describes as a “plasmic wall” and saw a huge crystalline city inhabited by many races – one being an insectoid race. They both saw it so they were able to validate the experience for each other. I have not seen an insectoid race (yet) but I have heard other teachers talk of them. As we continue to awaken to our vastness, we entertain the possibility that we may live in different timelines as part of the ONE.  We are creating together a new pathway for ourselves and others.

Wanda tells us that reality just isn’t real. “What we call reality is really bubbles of experiences and situations held together by magnetics, projections, and expectations. An out-picturing of our predominant beliefs and expectations – a mirror.”  In order to build a new house, we must tear down the old one. She says that some call what we are living through chaos, others call it transition. What do you want to build in 2020? Wanda asks you, “What is your Eden blueprint?”

We as a collective embody the awakening consciousness. We recognize ourselves as consciousness unfolding. Tolle says to us: “A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!”

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian December 27, 2019 at 11:48 am Reply

    Had to read this one twice too 🙂 Hope I get a glimpse of that insectoid world some day!

    • Monica January 2, 2020 at 10:47 am Reply

      Gillian, thank you for telling me that you read it twice – that made me feel good as I try to give substantial content! Angel Blessings, Monica

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