“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein

A few years ago I wrote a blog called Beyond the Beyond. I have been writing a weekly blog since the summer of 2013 and this blog had the largest favourable response. In this blog you were introduced to my mother-in-law Lilianne and my stepfather-in-law Russell who was on the Other Side. Russell, at that time, was communicating through me to get help for his beloved Lilianne who was in her late 90s and in an Assisted Living institution. If you wish to refresh your memory, you can go back to that blog that I wrote while helping Russ get help for Lilianne.

Lilianne joined Russ on the Other Side on July 6, 2019 @ 99 years young. She checked out because she was moved from Assisted Living where she was living in her own suite and largely independent and put into an old-style extended care where even though she could walk without a walker or cane she was confined to a wheelchair. I told one of her sons she would choose to leave her body within 6 weeks. It was 5 weeks when she passed away with one of her 4 sons by her side as they listened to her favourite composer Mozart.

My relationship with Lilianne and Russ was complicated, as the kids say nowadays. But, when I look back, I find that what we all had in common was an understanding that the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. Our ego-personalities often clashed and there was the generational divide but I admired Lilianne for running a business in Montreal in the early fifties to provide for her 4 sons when she was left widowed at 30 years of age and respected Russ for taking on four sons who for many years resented him for replacing their biological father. Russ was loyal to them all until, and after, he crossed over.

So, skip now to the Spring of 2021. We are all feeling that Lilianne is best in Heaven for Covid-19, including her only granddaughter, Hayley, my daughter. Had Covid ravaged through that old-style warehousing extended care Lilianne spent five weeks in, her son, Alan, would not have been allowed by her side and she might have experienced the cruelty of passing away dehydrated and unattended as so many of the elders we say we care so much about have experienced in Canada.

Lilianne has a great-grandaughter, Alice, she never met, in the physical, although she knew of her birth and saw her on Skype video! We had planned a big celebration of four generations when Lilianne turned 100. It was not to be. However, both Lilianne and Russ use their powers on the Other Side to help from Beyond the Beyond. The Angels help them connect with us and us with them.

My granddaughter, Alice, is two years old and is in my bubble. She has a verbal mannerism that is identical to one of ┬áLilianne’s and makes us laugh because it must be in the DNA. Like all families today we are struggling to cope with the ordinary every day stresses of life while also being hampered by the new way of doing things which is largely in isolation. As Hayley says, “I am tired of dealing with all these faceless portals.” And, she’s a millenial used to having to be online.

So what is helping to keep us going through these challenging times we are facing on a global scale? (Yes, I know our challenges are small compared to so so many others) For us it is staying connected to family and friends as best we can, and receiving messages from Angels and ancestors.

As it turned midnight on New Year’s Eve Hayley and her husband heard many knocks on the door. They opened it. No one was there. (It was Lilianne) When I stayed up on my birthday for some quiet, reflective time alone, I felt someone join me on the couch. (It was Lilianne, who also loved to sit at night alone on the couch with a cup of tea!) Yesterday during Alice’s favourite show, Little Baby Bum, Lilianne turned it off (the remote was on the kitchen counter, so it wasn’t a bum dial) and put on the HOME page. Lilianne is back Home, not far away.

As Alice and I played in the living room last week while her parents worked remotely upstairs and downstairs, I saw she had picked up something from the floor. I went to check immediately as she can still put things in her mouth. It was the tiniest white feather. An Angel feather. I have seen them on the Angel that awoke me in 2005. I also see them when the Angels want to let me know they are near and helping. I sat with Alice while for about ten minutes (long for a toddler eh?) she put the feather in the air and watched it float to earth, she did this over and over again with a pensive, other-worldly expression as I sat in awe watching. I said, “It is so beautiful isn’t it Alice? It’s an Angel feather.” But, of course she knew. Only two years away from Heaven, she has not forgotten the beauty. Beyond the Beyond.

Love & Light, Monica

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  1. Gillian March 27, 2021 at 3:17 pm Reply

    How lovely! This blog reminds me of the animated movie Paranorman. Norman is a boy who sees all spirits but especially his grandmother who is hanging around to watch over him. Needless to say that until the end (no spoilers) no one much approves of Norman’s sightings ­čÖé

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