“I am the child of earth and starry heaven but my real race is of heaven.”   (fragment from an ancient Greek text giving instructions for the newly dead soul on how to navigate the afterlife)

“After death a man is nonetheless a man.”   Emanuel Swedenborg

“Childhood is a time when heaven and earth are still essentially united. Later, as we grow older, they move apart – perhaps a little, perhaps a lot. But however far away it seems to get, we get hints and glimpses – and sometimes more – that heaven is still really close at hand.”   Eben Alexander, M.D.


I am finding these days that Heaven is getting even closer at hand. So is Earth. Having worked for so many years through so many conditioned layers of reality (each layer has its own traumas, emotions, wounding and patterns) that cover the awakened state I find myself increasingly more sensitive to the energies of both. Earth and Heaven are closer. I feel as though this most recent transformation is about an awakening to more cosmic energies. However, these are just words I have chosen to describe subtle changes that are ineffable. It is as though I have a stronger sense of being a physical vessel for positive &/or divine energies to shine through.

One thing I am noticing is that Heaven is getting closer in the sense of those who have passed  seeming more in my space. More in my face! A feeling of a lesser degree of separation. As you know, spirits are not new to me so this is difficult to describe but I am aware of my expansion and our ascension.

Sunday I became aware that Russ (one of my daughter’s grandfathers) was giving me signs that he wished to communicate with me from beyond. When I parked my car the car beside me was from Smith’s Falls where Russ grew up as a young boy and then as I walked along the sidewalk I passed someone wearing an RMC t-shirt (in Kingston this means Royal Military College) which are Russ’s initials and he always wore his initials on his custom-made shirts as he was proud of his Scottish clan from whence he came. That evening while eating out I heard someone talking loudly about the AVRO Arrow. Russ was an aeronautical engineer who had been consulted about the AVRO Arrow and firmly believed that Prime Minister Diefenbaker should never have cancelled this fighter jet in 1959 – as it was cutting-edge technology for its time. Up until his death Russ was riled up about his disappointment regarding this huge setback to the Canadian aviation industry.

So, three signs in one day. Bingo! Incoming message from Russ.

Russ was ahead of his time in more ways than aeronautical engineering. He was a man who listened to his intuition and admitted that he did so. Unusual for a North American man to admit in the 50s, especially for a WW11 commando. When Russ married Lilianne, a widow with four sons, it was Russ, not Lilianne, who always knew instinctively when “the boys” were in trouble. In fact, one family story Lilianne always told was that on their week-end honeymoon in the Laurentians Russ suddenly had a feeling that something was wrong and even said to Lilianne, “She’s left them alone.” He started hurriedly packing to Lilianne’s dismay and when they got home to Montreal they found that the woman who was the au pair had up and disappeared and the boys were left unattended. Lilianne never doubted Russ’s gut feelings (intuition) again.

So, when I got the third sign that evening I phoned my ex-husband to tell him that I knew his mother, Lilianne, 97, (residing in an Assisted Living Facility in Vancouver, B.C.) was in some sort of trouble because Russ had given me three signs. He was tired and knowing that his brother Alan spends a good part of the year in Vancouver and handles Lilianne’s affairs he said he would phone the next day.

Next day came. Russ was agitated. His energy was putting me on edge – since my predominant clair is clairsentience (clear feeling) and all day my body was affected. Finally, in the evening I phoned my ex (Dean) again. He had had a long day at work and said he had not called Lilianne but Alan would be keeping an eye on her and he would call on the week-end. I said Russ wants you to call NOW! Russ gave me a sense of urgency that was palpable. So, Dean said O.K. he would call and phone me back when he had news. Late that night Dean phoned me back after many phone calls tracking down his mother. Sunday, (at exactly the time of the first sign – Smith’s Falls car) Lilianne became dizzy (from an undiscovered bacterial infection) and fell and fractured her arm. She was in hospital, Alan was unreachable in Mexico and although Lilianne was in pain (according to the desk nurse) she was being made comfortable with medications and was hooked up to an antibiotic I.V. drip for her infection. There would be no way of speaking with her until tomorrow the nurse said.

Tuesday arrived and Russ was not letting up. I knew he would not rest ( and neither would I!) until I got the message to Lilianne that he is always with her (the love of his life) and always watching over her. (Russ crossed in 1994). Knowing that no family member or friend knew that Lilianne was in hospital, Russ and I were determined now that this would be the day that Lilianne would hear Dean’s voice and know she was not completely abandoned to strangers. It took awhile to get through to the ward and to get a phone by Lilianne’s bedside and a nurse (Angela!) to arrange the call. However, Dean was able to have a 13 minute (13 is his lucky number!) phone call with his mother who did not know what the fuss was about as she said she felt fine (this is a very strong woman who was raising 4 boys on her own in the 50s and simultaneously running her own successful company for years before she married Russ!) However, when Dean told her that we had been alerted into action by Russ – her spirits soared into the stratosphere!  As Russ knew would happen! Lilianne said to Dean, “it is beyond the beyond – this is a miracle! Thank Monica for passing on this message from Heaven.”

Three signs and three days later had led to a happy outcome for this happy medium! Dean said, “your crystal ball worked again.”  A wonderful earthly connection had been facilitated for a hospitalized elderly woman and her son through a relay from Heaven that included a lot of players – especially a nurse, called Angela, who is an earth angel and therefore facilitated the message from Heaven to an elderly woman on her own.

Thankfully, we are never truly alone. Our Angels and guides are always around. Sadly, not every person is aware of this – that is part of my job – testifying to this reality – that our Angels and guides and our loved ones in Heaven are never more than one thought away. Love never dies.

Our spirituality is not something separate or different from physical reality. Our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels all create, balance, integrate and work together. Spiritual experiences are not meant to take us away from this world (we are here on purpose) but rather to allow us to be fully present in this world. Presence. Consciousness aware of itself.

No person on earth can fill the emptiness caused by the death of a loved one; nevertheless, some people do find some comfort through a reading with a psychic medium and receiving a message from beyond. There is also nothing from preventing you from connecting with the Other Side yourself. Perhaps you have already connected? Those who have crossed often come to us in our dreams, they are constantly leaving messages for us, however many times we do not recognize these messages because our conscious mind may not accept them. Perhaps we are in denial, fearful of spirits, busy with everyday tasks or overcome with grief which is a block to celestial communication. Therefore we miss the signs that our loved ones are sending to us. Do not worry they will carry on sending them! They are just as desirous of communication with you as you are with them – often more so.

The ‘new’ children arriving on our planet are born awake. In the ‘old’ days these children would grow up to be adults who would be given a label such as psychotic and delusional and then, these folks, fearful of their own consciousness would literally feel ‘crazy.’ Some of us today are thinking that it may be necessary to have skilled mediums added to the integrative mental health teams, not only to help diagnose and treat people but also to aid folks who are afraid to see aspects of spiritual reality.  “It is safe, dear ones,” say the Angels, “to see love in all its many forms.”

One of Lilianne’s favourite sayings throughout her life is “beyond the beyond.” When she says this she is super-happy. When she says this my daughter, her granddaughter, knows she is well. In Augustine House where she resides and is the current eldest resident – the staff have all picked up this saying and when things are good and running smoothly they chime out , “it is beyond the beyond” as they bustle about their work smiling and laughing.

I sent Angels and St John of God to Lilianne and They are with her now. As is Russ – who came from beyond the beyond to remind her that love is forever. As I write this – he just gave me a thumbs-up! Yay!  Mission accomplished.

Love & Light,  Monica





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