“Clearly evolution is ‘stacking the deck,’ forcing us to find ways of living beyond the struggle and crush of polarities. Our children, in league with the situation at hand, are arriving with their DNA encoded as if they were mirrors reflecting back to us every nuisance of feeling and relationship imaginable – every aspect of business, culture, politics, religion, entertainment, invention – so we don’t miss a single thing. The end of things we are now witnessing, the ultimate battle between good and evil, is an awakening to what we see in the mirrors our children provide. We have come to this… a chance to start over, to repair and rewrite history.”    P.M. H. Atwater

Before time? Children talk about things like this and about previous incarnations in other bodies in other worlds on other planets, and even once existing as standing waves, comets, bits and pieces of planets and stars – as if everything in the universe is alive and has memory and volition. If you think this is no more than crazy fiction, just wait until children of the Aquarian Generation arrive. ”   P.M.H. Atwater

I believe that all of us are born aware. What do you believe? I have memories back to the crib and was frustrated that I was unable to communicate to my mother how bored I was that I could not talk and walk and that she had no art on the walls of my bedroom. Lying in a crib all day was immensely boring and I still remember it. As if it was yesterday. I amused myself by projecting moving pictures onto the wall involving all sorts of fun things. Colourful things. I stopped doing that when I could walk and when a television was brought into our house when I was four years old.

So, I was born aware. I believe that you too were born aware. You may have forgotten your childhood awareness or repressed it due to religious and cultural and societal values. Many of us had it literally beaten out of us. Today we recognize that as abuse, therefore, a lot of children are being diagnosed and medicated in order to numb them so they fit into North American society. An increasingly fast-paced, impersonal and robotic world. Aware children and adults are easier to ‘handle’ when numbed and dumbed down.

I don’t need to tell you that you have a soul. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were not aware of that! You likely also remember that doctors in the early 1900s weighed some patients immediately before and after death. They found a weight loss of an ounce. Our soul weighs an ounce. That doesn’t seem like much to me. Yet, as P.M. H. Atwater states: “Compare that to what today’s computer chips can hold – almost limitless data at a small fraction of the size – and then ask yourself, How much more could an ounce carry? The realm of the soul and how it functions will become a research priority in the years to come.” (Children of the Fifth World)

Children of the Fifth World is a comprehensive examination of the development and evolution of what we call the “New Child.” The author also offers a preview of a much larger societal transformation that is taking place across the world. Published in 2012 at what Diana Cooper calls “the cosmic moment” it provides a wonderful resource for parents of these New Children as well as the kids themselves. Atwater discusses the changes in consciousness and brain function in these new kids and explains what is happening to our species – from “neurological changes and climate upheavals to the drive to be constantly ‘connected’ through screen-based technology and the unnecessary widespread use of drug therapies.” Atwater masterfully explores timelines for the next few hundred years.

Atwater shares fascinating case histories in her book; however, I decided this week to listen to Lauren Galey interview a couple in the United States who had raised one of the “New Kids” who is now 25 years old. What do they have to teach us?

Michael and Janiece Boardway wrote a book ( Our Family’s Journey) about their experience raising their New Child (they say “New Being”) Tristan. They describe Tristan as having “re-awakened” them. Both Michael and Janiece had abandoned their gifts as they were born into families that didn’t understand them. Once they had Tristan – “everything started to make sense.” Tristan did not go through the Veil of Forgetfulness and so he described the Seventh Dimensional Galaxy he came from and the colours and Beings that he saw around people. His parents noticed that when folks were around Tristan “those with unresolved issues wanted to project things onto Tristan.” Realizing that their child was in danger of being medicated to “deaden his gifts” they decided to home school him. Tristan is now 25 and still makes his parents “stretch their awareness.”

The Boardways confirm that parents really must do their ‘shadow work’ because crystalline children amplify everything! Doing our shadow work helps us to move beyond good and bad and judgment. Michael admits that the cleansing that we do in the Fourth Dimension is unpleasant but that going through “this cleanliness dimension” is crucial. Past-life healing is part of getting off what Michael calls the “karmic hamster wheel.”

Tristan’s parents found that doing their shadow work and past-life healing helped them through their many challenges with Tristan. One of Tristan’s past lives that he was processing at 4 years old was a horrible death at the hands of the Nazis. He had many others to deal with. As Tristan’s Dad says, “What about kids who have no one to speak to?” Stuff gets stuck in their bodies.

“Unfortunately we live in a 3D world where they numb them and dumb them down… I know 70 year olds who have the new energy as well so it’s not just kids and teens,” says Michael. Challenges for these new energy beings include not being believed. So, how do Tristan’s parents recommend helping kids to keep their energy flowing?  Yoga, Qi-Gong, crystals – allowing them to heal their parents and animals. New Children are healers. When it comes to processing energy we must all find what works for us.

As much as possible – Janeice says to stay away from electronics which wreak havoc with our energy fields and our immune systems. They recommend investigating shungite and say some people are even sewing it into their clothing.

While Atwater shuns the labels of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Star children – the Boardways use these terms because “it takes us beyond the 3D labels.” These new terms are “higher dimensional labels.” They see the diagnoses of ADD/ADH, Autism, Asperger’s and ODD as acting out of the dysfunction of the system as it currently is. With the New Beings – we learn to communicate telepathically from the heart. Michael says that there are forces on Earth wishing to robotize both children and adults. He says, “lower beings can’t create – but they sure can replicate!”

New Beings need “down time.” Not however any more time looking down at their phones! Look up. Make eye contact. Get out in nature.

How about energy attachments? The Boardways addressed this. As does Atwater. Atwater talks about angry and mixed-up disincarnates. The Boardways gave suggestions of which most of you are aware . It is imperative to cleanse the house as well as individuals in it. Turn off all Wi Fi while sleeping and keep mirrors out of the bedroom. Avoid eating sugar as this weakens the energy field. Consider using shungite. Ask kids to draw pictures of their dreams and experiences and listen to them! Call in Angels and ascended masters to assist. Make your own affirmations/declarations about what energies you will and will not allow with you or in your home. Empower yourself and your kids. “You’ll never get burned out on self-empowerment!” says Michael.

We are all born aware. It may be, however, with differing degrees of awareness. The New Beings are bringing in light and pure energies to re-awaken us and to assist us in our evolution. Let them teach, heal and awaken you.

Love & Light,   Monica

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