“We are masters of light – and we have the potential to ignite the start of a whole new decade.”   Lauren Galey

“Earth is a ruthless training programme so you can remember your full power and sovereignty as a soul.”   Alicia Power

Last night I went through the 12/12/12 Portal with two traveling companions and Archangel Michael for protection. We set our intentions. My intention was that the three of us remain safe and protected and that we receive a light transmission from the Elohim. I first became conscious of the Elohim during a course I gave on communicating with Angels and dis-covered for one of my students that the Elohim were with her and helping her ascend. At that time I was not familiar, consciously, with the Elohim, but later found out that they are described as powerful creator Angels or builders of form. They implement God’s Will as do all Angels. They have the power (some call this “authority”) to dissolve karma and vows and oaths.

In Genesis 6 we find some quotes about them: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply upon the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, ‘the sons of God (Elohim) saw daughters of men that they were fair; and they took unto them wives of all which they chose…There were giants in the earth in those days; and also that when the sons of God (Elohim) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children of them, the same became mighty men of old, men of renown.”  Research reveals that there are references to the Elohim in a few verses in the same book to Seth, Methuselah and others – living to the ages of 800-900 years which perhaps might suggest the life span of these mighty beings of light.

So, me and my companions, living in different places in Canada – woke up this morning after traveling through the portal – each with a headache. Not unusual after experiencing a light transmission of this high frequency. Two of my companions received the 555 Angel message of coming change – before going through this portal I received a card from Merlin saying “new life.”  Light from high level Creator Beings cleans up our lives. The light we are receiving since December 21, 2012, is of a different kind. Much higher frequency.

I am sure by now if you are a regular reader you are working frequently with your spirit mentors. Building light. Beaming out light. Just like all of God’s Angels – the Elohim are very available to those who are committed to their ascension pathway. Consciously working with your Angels, the Elohim, the ascended masters, Arcturians (I work with E.T. Eularia) Pleiadians likely is becoming a weekly if not daily activity.  As a lightworker we keep building our light quotient. As Lisa T. Brown always says “we can hold a ridiculous amount of light.” This changes us. Letting ourselves be re-patterned by the masters of light waves, partnering consciously with these High frequency beings, can help us avoid the long periods of brain fog sometimes experienced by less conscious humans who are undergoing transformations.

Forming a close partnership with the Elohim increases your light quotient. Some spirit beings do interact with shadow – do not partner with these. Recognize the characteristics of those who work with shadow. I always travel with Archangel Michael although I am very familiar with shadow. We all have the ability to discern and to avoid being controlled by our own shadow side and the shadow energy on Earth and elsewhere.  As spiritual intuitive Alicia Power cautions us: ” How can you make a free will choice caked in shadow?”  The answer is – you cannot! Freeing your auric field from shadow means you have a higher internal platform to work with.

The shadow wants to keep you in a state of fear. That way you can be easily manipulated. Lots of time in Nature and plenty of meditation can keep you, as Alicia says, “from becoming atrophied in a state of fear.” Ask Archangel Michael to give you courage and confidence and Archangel Jophiel to raise your thoughts to thoughts of love and light and beauty.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe. The healing prescription is love and light.

You are the one  (Higher Self) controlling your ascension. If you want to get more clarity on the pathway of building your light then ask for some indicators of change. If it feels too fast – ask for it to be slowed down – if it is too slow then ask for it to be accelerated. Your spirit mentors are committed to helping you and for every step you take they will match you with a level of help difficult to fathom – their dedication is beyond our imagining because of their devotion to their mission and to the Light. As Alicia says: “The teachers have arrived on the playground to keep you safe!” I have certainly found that to be true and I am very grateful and say thank you frequently.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian December 12, 2019 at 8:54 pm Reply

    In the past month four men of my acquaintance have had massive health issues (two brain, two heart) and my automatic reaction is to thank Archangel Michael for being with them and their loved ones. I also visualize this. Whether you “believe” in angels or not, this gives you something you can “do” in any situation, especially those where you feel helpless. Years ago Monica taught me to send these helpers whenever I hear an ambulance or other emergency vehicle and I’ve taught my daughter to do it. At the very least it calms my own nervous system and if you believe we’re all connected (and we are)it actually helps the recipient. Thank you from a fellow traveller!

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