“All the secrets for health are in Mother Earth, of course Mother Earth was much cleaner in the past.”   Dr. Richard London

“The heart is the portal to the quantum mind.”   Lauren Galey

People everywhere are hearing the calls of the heart to act on behalf and for New Earth. The fortunate people of the planet have had time to reflect upon their new vision and what they feel they are being called to do. Dr. Richard London, quoted above, feels we have from 2020-2030 (a ten year window) to clean up Mother Earth. He says that each of us lightworkers has two missions. A collective one and an individual one. The mission we share is for each of us to be a “spiritual farmer”. We are called to be unique, special spiritual farmers in the present moment. He asks each of us to take “one great silent action to change the world.” In other words, do it, without looking for credit.

Big changes are happening. London predicts that over 50 per cent of malls will be closing and that 90 per cent of all business will be internet based and only about 10 per cent will be bricks’n’mortar. London has channeled 75 Rules for Living in God’s World and he feels if we follow these rules life can be lived with ease and grace. Rule #1 is “Trust in God always.” Trust, London points out is a very high vibration, and of course we all want to be in a high vibration as often as possible. He says we should trust ourselves and others. He makes it clear that he is not talking about “blind trust” but rather trust from the heart and soul. “Less brain, more heart, soul and intuition.”

There are still many people who do not trust their intuition to guide them. Deidre Sirianni, founder of Radically Aligned, says that many people still cannot tell the difference between intuition and trauma. We need to heal the trauma in order to trust our own intuition. At Awakening Spirit I have done hundreds of Angel readings over the years for folks who cannot hear their own Angels or Higher Selves  because they are caught in fear and/or trauma. Once healed, they are in a far better position to be able to discern intuition from ego. Our ego is one hundred per cent not psychic! I found that Deidre had some interesting takes on healing and intuition and is likely quite an effective coach for people who awaken to the fact that they are not aligned. Deidre was not aligned until she “birthed her purpose from her trauma.” Her body communicated her radical misalignment through 4 auto-immune disorders that she needed to heal. She had also decided that her depression, anxiety and panic attacks were no longer going to be part of her story. She created a new story, but, in order to manifest this she had to end her marriage and her very successful career. She said she took the “path of least resistance.” Many would feel that the path of least resistance would have been staying in the marriage and continuing the career. However, Deidre says that “the path of least resistance often feels like the most resistance.” She was working in radio and tv and doing well, but, the topics she covered were not interesting to her. Her body (the most accurate barometer of truth) was indicating that she needed to shift away from the life she had created and get to her core beliefs in order to write her new story. In other words she had to drop the BS (Belief Systems).

Deidre’s heart revealed to her that she had created abundance blocks. Remember that abundance does not refer only to financial success. Relationships and health and career fulfillment are also very much part of abundance. Deidre asks herself and her clients two questions to help them to move beyond their abundance blocks and open their hearts to their callings.” (1) Tell me something you’d wish you’d done differently. (2) How has this impacted you and others?” She does this 10-15 times with areas such as relationships and money. She says that in her family women were not taken seriously – so she didn’t feel she should earn any more money than she was making. She also realized that you need to have fun with money and also to appreciate it and let it flow in order to have more.

London does something different with his clients. He says that his clients can rewrite their entire life and he will place the new story into the Akashic Records. As the world renowned author of “Laughing with God, The Ultimate Guide to Enlightenment” (I haven’t read it but it sounds interesting) he says you need to know God’s Rules of Life in order to be in alignment. He is aligned, he says, with all 75 rules and Rule#16 is “Live in God’s Light” and Rule #17 is “Live in an infinite existence.” (5D and 6D)  These sound very similar to guidance channeled by many other spiritual teachers. London says God planted these rules into the crystalline DNA of the Lemurians.

What are the calls of your heart right now? I suggest you take time to journal and see what is revealed to you. You might want to visit one of the Golden Temples of Light I wrote about last week tonight while you sleep and bring that question with you. Serapis Bey just told me that was a good idea! In the morning, jot down any dream fragments, impressions, or sensations you remember. I answered a call of the heart yesterday when I received a few more Arcturian transmissions channeled by Gene Ang. Due to my visitation from Eularia, (the Arcturian Priestess) I trust the Arcturian frequencies to resonate with me and they do. They are very gentle frequencies. I love and am very grateful to receive them.

Love & Light,   Monica/Aurora

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  1. Gillian July 17, 2021 at 5:39 pm Reply

    That ten year window is closing fast. Perhaps all the wildfires, tornadoes, floods and heat waves will “help” people to take it seriously enough to insist that those in power change policy. Hope so.

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