In a past life in Egypt I worked in a temple where cats were pervasive, and as my memories of that lifetime grow stronger I am finding myself, once again, surrounded by cats!  Black cats, white cats, marmalade-coloured cats and smoky grey cats.  Almost every day lately a new cat comes to my deck at the back of my cottage to say hello.

Spirit guides often take the form of animals.  Or, spirit guides may sometimes employ animals or animal imagery to convey a message.  I have received a variety of messages this way.

We know that ancient priests and priestesses used animals to assist them into coming into closer contact with the spirit world.  Native Americans imitated animals in dance and a variety of rituals in order to establish connections with the spirit realm.  Of course, cats have always been predominant in myth.  And, in ancient Egypt they held a position of privilege.  Often, the goddess Bast was depicted as a cat or with the head of a cat.

Folk stories from around the world convey the qualities associated with cats.  These usually include such characteristics as curiosity, unpredictability, and independence .  We often talk of cats as having nine lives.

Some people are afraid of cats, associating them with darkness.  Nighttime is their cycle of power.  Human beings are often afraid of the dark because of what we can’t see and also what we do not wish to see.  Our shadow side lurks in the darkness.

A witch’s pet cat was often regarded as her familiar and some people believed that witches could take the form of cats.   The Nordic goddess, Freyja, travels between Earth and Heaven in a chariot pulled by large cats.

Ted Andrews reminds us that “cats have more rods in the retinas of their eyes, which enhances light perception.”  Hence, cats are able to see effectively in the dark.  He says that anytime a cat becomes predominant in your life, “look for magic and mystery to come alive.”

These cats started arriving on my deck at thanksgiving and keep coming!  The first arrival I named Thanksgiving cat!  She is a gorgeous colour of mixed hues of black, orange, beige, white and has golden eyes .  I adore her as well I should!  Of course, I love all the cats that grace me briefly with their presence, but, Thanksgiving cat is the cat that reminds me to keep an attitude of gratitude – because she first arrived on Thanksgiving .   She brings me blessings.

I send these blessings to you, now, with Love & Light,  Monica


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  1. Gillian November 9, 2013 at 2:23 am Reply

    Curiously, I haven’t had a cat visitation for about 15 years but just last week a kitty showed up on my deck! I will pay more attention to her next time.

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