“We all must do what Christ did. We must make our experiment. We must live out our own vision of life. And there will be error. If you avoid error you do not live.”   Carl Jung

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”   Carl Jung

One of the objects that I love are words. Words are stepping stones, portals, bread crumbs and more and with these blogs my aim is always to use words to help you on the Temple Path to expand your horizons through not just the way I use words but also through my knowledge and personal experiences on the path – a spiritual teacher, must of necessity, make himself/herself vulnerable in order to help others on the journey of consciousness. I aim to help you to open up and refine your own intuitive powers so that you are able to listen to your own inner voice and your Angels and guides because when we do this – changing lanes becomes a much smoother process.

Most every spiritual teacher you encounter will guide you to begin or to continue a meditation practice throughout your life. For most of us, meditation is a non-negotiable, alongside our gratitude practice. We need to be able to be still, be quiet, in order to hear our Higher Self, Angels, spirit guides, faeries, and all the Light Beings here to assist us at this amazing time on Earth. The ego shouts, the Angels whisper.

We are all moving toward greater expansion. Wholeness. As Dr. Barbara De Angelis says, “we are transforming from the insight out.” Each of us is making a difference as we listen to our Higher Selves. As we shift from our inside insights we realize that we do not have to manage things – we just need to follow our Divine Guidance. If we are trying to control things, Barbara says, we are out of control.

We know we have dissolved old patterns when we no longer have to change our thoughts because we don’t have those thoughts anymore. We are aware that we were all born with collective archetypes imprinted in our souls; however, part of moving out of 3D is to recognize a pattern and if it is keeping us in the ‘old’ matrix then we let it go.

Likely you know what an archetype is – it is a typical example of a certain person or thing. In Jungian psychology (I experienced 5 years of Jungian therapy from 85-90) it is described as “an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic image” derived from “the past collective experience of humanity and is present in the unconscious of the individual.” This pattern organizes our creativity and can have us under a spell.

For example, if you have the Princess archetype you believe that a man will protect and provide for you. This may or may not come true for you in your life; however, chances are high it will prevent you from having many experiences that would lead to expansion and greater empowerment. Most of us are familiar with the playboy archetype. A playboy makes a woman feel very special, conquers her, and then gets bored. Since this is an archetype we see get played out frequently – we cannot take what these playboys do personally because if a woman can understand this archetype she can definitely heal.

So, how can we break the spell of an archetype? Well, first of all we can do some research so we can understand what spell we are under.  Generally most folks feel there are 12 basic archetypal patterns. When we become conscious of repeating patterns we can change them. So, I will ask you today to answer some questions in your journal to mine some insights. Is something repeating in your life? If so, what are the elements? What (if any) spell are you under? Sometimes a spell looks like this: “Certain things such as… happen to others but not to me.”  Another archetypal myth is, “I am entitled.”

Carolyn Myss (pronounced mace) tells us that “no one owes you anything.” Myss helps us to free ourselves from our patterns (apparently she has a quiz on her web-site) by insisting that we own our power and our responsibility and do the deep dive journey of “know thyself” which I believe is written over the Temple of Apollo at Delphi if I remember correctly. Myss says to ask yourself, What do I believe that is truth? What do I replace the previous ‘truth’ with?” Myss says some people have a dependent angry child within. She says, “the road to becoming conscious is a tough one. Do you really want to change or do you just want to talk about it? Myss thinks that we all sit in our minds too much – sitting at our computers and she asks, “do you want to leave your comfortable universe?”

On the Temple Path, over many decades, I have been required to leave my comfortable universe. I interpret comfortable as meaning ‘small.’ These were turning points and I am sure you can relate to this as you have your own turning points where your world expanded. My most recent expansion began with a visit from an E.T., Eularia, and it has taken me well over a year to even digest that experience. It is not that I did not believe that this was possible – but – it never occurred to me that I would experience it – I must have been living under the archetypal myth that says, “certain things such as…(E.T.s) happen to others not me!”

So, I am aware of changing again, and my Angels tell me most of my readers are too! A few days after I posted last week’s blog I was in the betwixt and between time and my guides held up a sign with the word “changeing” on it. Yup.. changeing not changing. One word on a small blackboard like from the old show Little House on the Prairie. A slate. And even though I consider myself a fairly seasoned metaphysician I immediately thought, “Gee, my guide can’t spell properly!” As an English major, I like to see proper spelling. However, later, within the next 24 hours I suddenly realized, what if this is Olde English?  I then lashed myself with a wet noodle for not catching on in the moment! I went to google and typed in changeing and of course it kept telling me I was misspelling the word. However, I persevered and kept trying it and eventually it took me to the DSL (Dictionary of the Scots Language) a dictionary of the “older Scottish Tongue up to 1700.” Other spellings included changeinge & chawngyning which it says meant “the act of altering or transforming ; a change, alteration or substitution.” Some examples of verse was listed: Ib.1469 “In this changynge God made na wroucht na uncouth thynge;” HayII.112/32 “Because that all things mon be as God has ordanyt, but variacioun of mutacion or changeing.”  Needless to say, I laughed out loud at myself as I realized the misspelling? itself meant something. Spirit makes no mistakes. I wanted to pass the message on to you dear ones that you must persevere and play detective in your own life if you want to dis-cover the truth on your path.

Later this week, I will sit down and call in my guides and follow the breadcrumbs. I will ask. Do I have a new guide in Scotland ? Do I have a new guide who lived in Scotland before 1700? Did I have a past life in Scotland before 1700? If so, dates please. Is there an archetype of which I am unaware because my grandfather, John Thomas Hemstock’s lineage goes back to the borders of Scotland and England and he never stopped quoting Robbie Burns? Or, did you just want me to write this blog on Changing Lanes? Or are you playing with me?  he he he

Not all of us are up for another expansion – and that is okay. We go at our own pace on our own timelines. There is no judgment about this at all. When we are ready we will proceed and change lanes. We have an eternity in which to grow. However, if you are receiving messages, signs and omens – it is best to heed the call. Why? Because I have learned that as we grow we receive guides that are at a Higher level to aid us. And, as you know, our Guardian Angels never leave us and love us unconditionally regardless of where we are on our path. Nevertheless, if you are changing lanes ( as I am once again) you must be a detective and follow the clues wherever they may take you and the Higher Guides will appear in your life at just the right time. Divine Timing. When we are ready for the Higher guides we stop telling the stories of suffering and our vibration rises. Guides such as Jesus come in. As Myss says, “Jesus taught us how to manage our own appetite for vengeance .”

As we change lanes we experience, ever more deeply, that our life isn’t about our pettiness or our 3D judgments. We ask ourselves, “What motivates me? What makes me who I am?” We are becoming ever more conscious as we change lanes.

Love & Light,   Monica    www.monicahemstock.ca


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  1. Gillian April 5, 2018 at 4:31 pm Reply

    Yes, I’m definitely changing lanes! I used to write daily then made a conscious decision not to for a year and, guess what? What everyone fears would happen, happened. When I sat down to write again it just didn’t interest me. Coming up for 2 years this September without writing and feeling fine. I remember when I had to stop jogging (nearly 6 years ago)because of plantar fasciitis and it took a couple of years to adjust but I’m fine without jogging too. It turns out there are all sorts of daily practices besides writing and running that I find very satisfying. Good blog!

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