“We are getting cracked in half because our understanding of how life worked has been so small.”   Caroline Myss

“Choose the power of love, not the love of power.”   Lee Harris

Chaos energy is birthing new power and awareness.”   Lee Harris

As a child of the cosmos we are creating our future from where we are NOW.  We can choose to be a child of chaos, reacting only to what is going on around us, or we can choose the perspective that we are a child of the cosmos. The difference is night and day. However, it is the chaos that has shaken us all up and cracked us open so as Leonard Cohen says the light can come in. What do we do with the light? We move toward it –  choosing only what empowers ourselves and others. What would the world look like if we asked ourselves before we acted on anything – “Would this empower me and/or others or would it not?”

As lightworkers we have all either healed our childhood wounds or are dedicated to healing them. For the majority of us, this has been a long and often tedious journey of stops and starts, advances and retreats to eventually reach the higher frequency and perspective where we are able to see our old story of ourselves in a different light. Understanding that we have never been the ‘only one’ to go through any trauma or abuse and using our old story to help others and to create our new story – which ultimately benefits everyone.

Due to our quickly changing times, as a child of the cosmos, it is definitely time to rewrite our story so we create a new future. Each one of us over 20 years old needs to write a new story! It is not a time to remain stuck in old wounds from the past. So, if you need help – do reach out and be willing to receive it, whether that is from the Angels and fairies, ancestors, dragons, Galactics, spiritual guides or coaches,  friends,  counsellors and psychotherapists.  You will find that releasing is no longer the ‘slog’ it was twenty years ago when many of us were plodding along and often feeling like we were in quicksand. No longer. Not only can we release much faster but Lee Harris’s guides tell him that we can manifest 8 times faster than 20 years ago. I believe that. Of course, I am talking about those of us who have an understanding of manifestation and have practiced conscious manifestation previously. Not everyone is yet awake, however, the numbers are greatly increasing. More and more people are coming on-line with their manifestation and intuitive powers.

Lee Harris is currently dividing us into two categories. Those under 20 whom he wants us to guide, teach, mentor and help and those of us over twenty who are essentially part of the ‘old world’ (my terminology).  I love this – it feels so anti-ageist as well as true. The under twenties were born after the year 2000 and are a different breed, so-to-speak. They already know themselves as part of the cosmos. We are still dis-covering this.  We are discovering that the intelligence of the entire Universe lies within us. Those born 2000 and later are born knowing. There are always exceptions.

Born knowing, the under twenties in our world know what the writer D.H. Lawrence knew – that the intelligence within us is the same intelligence that tells the flowers when to bloom and the tides when to come and go. This intelligence is within each of our cells and we have access to the intelligence, wisdom, strength and all the qualities of All That Is. Rebecca Campbell reminds you to ask yourself: “How can you surrender more deeply to the intelligent flow of life?”  The children are doing this NOW.

Within the last day or two I have become aware of two children who are examples of what I will call the new cosmic child. Lylia and Mya are beautiful examples of two Canadian children ( of many) who are demonstrating the flow of the power of love. Lylia’s story came to me through a friend who knows her parents. I decided to consult an article by Jessica Foley entitled “Kingston youth earns thousands for local charity with Gnome for a Home.”  This article said that when Lylia was 10 years old she decided to help support the homeless community in Kingston where I currently live. She began designing and hand-painting greeting cards on mixed-media paper, featuring her “signature tiny gnomes.” (By the way, not that it really matters, but, her gnomes are accurate! – as a clairvoyant I see gnomes.) She sells her cards and donates 100 % of the proceeds to local non-profit charities that help the homeless.  Now, at 12 years old Lylia has expanded her not-for-profit charity, Gnome for a Home and now offers a full line of products with wonderful gnome prints.  Gnome for a Home is also in partnership with Kingston’s Pizza Pizza and has been providing Pizza Fridays for about 70 people in the community who are suffering from food insecurity. Lylia is quoted as saying: “As long as there are homeless people, I hope this will never end… When you travel on the 401, there is a huge sign ‘Welcome to Kingston’ sign with the population number.”  Mya goes on to indicate she would like Kingston to be known, on that sign,  as the city without any homeless people!

Another one of the planet’s ‘new children’ is Mya, young entrepreneur & CEO of Kokum Scrunchies. I watched Mya on CTV National News last night and then read an article on CTV’s website called “Young entrepreneur’s business inspired by Indigenous Women” by Donna Sound & Ross Andersen.  Kokum Scrunchies is a hair accessories company inspired by her grandmother. In Mya’s Algonquin language, kokum means “grandmother.” Mya and her mother, Marcie, initially began designing scrunchies as a way to support her local powwow after it was cancelled due to the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Then, they turned this fundraising initiative into a business enterprise hoping to honour Indigenous women across the country.

These are only two examples, although wonderful ones, of the new sensitive children on the planet who are changing the world. Yet, they aren’t and cannot do it alone. They need the help of wise, empowered and caring adults. I asked my friend about Lylia’s parents and he said “they are the most gentle, kind, positive couple you could wish to know.”  Mya’s mother and family and community support her. She is quick to point this out: “I have a support team. The most challenging thing would have to be finding people to sew, getting material because everything is closed.”

Those of us over 20 are often now following up on the teachings of the young people who are showing us a new, kinder, more peaceful way to live on planet Earth. They are wayshowers and activists. As Caroline Myss teaches: “When someone loves power, their calculations are all about how to disempower others.”  These children come in empowered and with supportive parents, family and community are showing us the power of love to change the world. They came in awakened and ready to do it!

Light & Love,   Monica


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  1. Gillian February 6, 2021 at 3:36 pm Reply

    Coincidentally 😉 in my latest letters to a certain provincial premier who uses the pandemic to sneak anti-conservationist items through on omnibus bills (I know, I know, it sounds so Republican, doesn’t it?) I’ve used the line, “We can’t leave everything to the sixteen year old girls of the world.” Then, Monday night, I watched I Am Greta streamed by my local film club. Highly recommended for Monica’s readers. Thanks for this post.

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